Government/Industry Meeting

January 22-24, 2020 │ Washington, District of Columbia, USA

Be a Pivotal Part of the Discussion

By participating in our technical session discussions, you can have an impact on future vehicle development. Our program provides the most relevant information to industry and government attendees.

Exploring topics from how government regulations affect future vehicle development, design, and deployment. This technical program is comprised of the key players driving automotive advancements, fuel technologies, and pending legislation.


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Event Programming


Wednesday Joint Luncheon with WANADA

Disruption in Dealerships: A Roundtable Conversation

Gone are the days of consumers custom ordering cars, or are they?  Have consumers replaced the one-on-one customer experience with a menu option on an App?  Do consumers truly understand technology nomenclature and usability?  Dealerships are now facing a myriad of factors that are impacting the vehicle transaction experience from technology advancements to services and from purchasing options to MaaS. This roundtable conversation will discuss new business models, technology challenges, the potential role of OEMs and the needed evolution of dealerships to enhance, educate and ultimately improve the vehicle transaction experience.

Moderator: Michelle Krebs, Autotrader
John L. Campbell, Exponent Inc.
Bill Cariss, Holman Strategic Ventures
Anthony A. Frangiosa, Installernet Inc.
Glenn Mercer, Glenn Mercer Automotive LLC




Thursday Plenary Roundtable Discussion

The Future of Mobility

Mobility is defined as the quality or state of being mobile or movable.  So, what is the future of mobility and how is Regulation, Legislation, global socio-economics  and customer expectation impacting the mobility industry? How are next generation and the traditional automotive industry looking at moving people, goods and services over the next 10 years?  How are they planning for a future with so much uncertainty?  Come hear our panel talk about these and other critical issues such as business models, Technology and alternate modes of mobility.

Moderator: Carla Bailo, Center For Automotive Research
Robert Brown, TuSimple
Donald E. Crone, U S Postal Service
Britta Gross, Rocky Mountain Institute
Edwin Olson, May Mobility Inc.
Bradley A. Stertz, Audi