Government/Industry Meeting

January 22-24, 2020 │ Washington, District of Columbia, USA

Justify Your Attendance

You recognize the value of attending the Government/Industry Meeting, but how do you communicate that when attempting to gain attendance approval from your manager?

Below you will find several helpful tips and documents for you to demonstrate that your attendance at the Government/Industry Meeting is a valuable investment.

Write a Letter to Management

Download our customizable Dear Boss letter to submit a memo to your supervisor about the value you and your organization would receive from your attendance.

Be Money Conscious

In today’s challenging economic environment, it’s important to save money where you can. The lower your expected expenses are, the greater the chance your trip to the Government/Industry Meeting will be approved by management.

Book your room in the official Government/Industry Meeting hotel block to take advantage of specially negotiated rates and be sure to register by January 6, 2020 to secure an early registration discount of $100.

Attend as Many Content and Networking Sessions as Possible

Attendees will have access to sessions ranging in a variety of topics including:

Light Duty CAFE/GHG Emerging Personal Mobility Options The Benefits of Electric Powertrains in Autonomous Cars
Electric Drive Models, Markets, Technology and Infrastructure Chemical Activities Impacting the Automotive Industry Government Mandated Electrification: Pros & Cons
Heavy Duty Session:  Vehicles, Technologies, Policies and Fuels 2nd life of batteries /end of life /recycling /alternative uses The Future of Micromobility
Potential Impacts from Autonomous Vehicle Deployment Will All Autonomous Vehicles Be Electric Vehicles? eVTOL and City Development
How Are Traditional Car Manufacturers Preparing for AVs? How Micromobility Systems, eVTOL & AVs Fit Together Partial Automation of Vehicles – Challenges to reach Levels 2 and 3
How Are Car Dealerships Positioning Themselves to Thrive in the AV World? How Micromobility, eVTOL & AVs Affect Public Transportation Automated Driving Systems
How Do Drones & Scooters Fit Into our Autonomous Future? How Will Drones Reshape Our Cities? Non-conventional Restraints Seating for Autonomous Vehicles
How Safe Can AVs Truly Be? How Will AVs Affect Driving, Parking & Road Use? Rear seat safety
How Will AVs Affect Property Values? Connected Vehicles – Communicating with Vehicles and Communities Privacy & Cybersecurity Regulation from Around the World
AVs and Infotainment: Who Owns the Data? Biomechanics What Are the Latest Cybersecurity Trends in AV Deployment?
Is 5G a Necessary Prerequisite for Full Autonomy? Crashworthiness Safety related to Powertrains How Long Can VC Prop Up Ridesharing?
The Future of DSRC Pedestrians, Bicyclists, Motorcyclists, and other Vulnerable Road Users Overview of Current Regulatory Trends (Domestic and/or Abroad)
The Human Factors - Driver Monitoring and Impairment Real-Word Data Collection What Are the States’ Roles in AV Development & Deployment?
Driver Assistance Technologies Cybersecurity / Privacy Commercial Vehicle Safety


Attendees can participate in the ample networking opportunities with individuals representing regulatory makers and the auto industry. Learn from leading experts and bring back ideas to your organization for immediate implementation.

Create a Trip Report After the Government/Industry Meeting

Once your manager sees the number of new business contacts you made, what you have learned and how that knowledge can be applied across your company, they will be more inclined to send you to the Government/Industry Meeting again, or even join you next year. Download a sample trip report here.

Share Your Knowledge with Your Coworkers

Bring your Government/Industry Meeting materials back to the office to share with your coworkers and offer to present your learnings at a future staff meeting.