Government/Industry Meeting

January 16 - 18, 2024│ Washington, District of Columbia

Have Your Say in Tomorrow's Innovations

Whether you're involved in designing the vehicles of the future or shaping the regulatory landscape, you need to be part of the discussions that will take place at the 2024 Government/Industry Meeting. The conversations between government agency leaders, OEMs, and suppliers will have a profound impact on both private and public sectors. The meeting is an opportunity for all stakeholders to influence the industry’s direction.

Who Attends

Government Agencies

Meet industry leaders to gain an understanding of their long-term business strategies.

Mobility Professionals

Gain critical insights into the regulation roadmap and join discussions on new and existing regulations.

OEMs and Suppliers

Showcase how your latest solutions can integrate into product design to increase sustainability, boost performance, and comply with the latest regulations.

Past Participating Companies Include:

Alison Transmission | Honda Motor Co. | Apple | BMW | Continental | Cummins | Denso | U.S. DOT | U.S. DOE | Environmental Protection Agency | Federal Highway Administration | Federal Transit Administration | Ford Motor Company | General Motors | Hyundai Motor Group | Kia Motor Corp | Mazda | Mercedes Benz | Mitsubishi Motors Corp | National Highway Traffic Safety Administration | National Transportation Safety Board | National Highway Traffic Safety Admin | Nissan | Subaru | Tesla | Toyota | Volkswagen | Volvo

How Attendees Describe the Government/Industry Meeting

It's a place for engineering policymakers and researchers to convene together to develop a better product, safe product for the future.
– Dr. Steve Kan, Professor, Director of Center for Collision Safety and Analysis, George Mason University

Energizing, informed, with the right people coming together — and there’s a diverse group of people with different backgrounds.
– Colson Armacost, Environmental Products Trader, ACT Commodities

It is unique where you actually get to meet both industry and government folks at the same time and look at issues that are at this intersection of technology and regulations. I don't think there are other conferences that do that as much.
– Ameya Joshi, Manager, Emerging Technologies and Regulations, Corning Inc.