Government/Industry Meeting

January 18-20, 2022 │ Washington, District of Columbia & On-Demand

2022 Government Industry General Chair

Nat Beuse

Head of Safety, Aurora

Mr. Nat Beuse is Head of Safety at Aurora, the self-driving technology company that recently acquired Uber Advanced Technologies Group (ATG). His safety team leads the development and implementation of Aurora’s approach to safety. His team also oversees organizational and product engineering safety. Prior to Aurora and Uber ATG, Nat worked as the Associate Administrator for Vehicle Safety Research at the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). In that role, he was responsible for directing NHTSA’s vehicle safety research activities i n many areas i ncluding: vehicle automation, cybersecurity, driver i nformation systems, occupant protection, and accommodation of drivers and occupants with disabilities and other special needs.

2022 Government Industry General Committee

General Chair

Nat Beuse, Aurora

Special Sessions Chair

Jennifer Morrison, Mazda

Promotion Chair

Jim Alvis, Kia

SAE Washington, DC Section Chair

Emily Reichard, Kinetic Metrics LLC

Technical Sector Chairs:

Environment & Energy

  • Arman Tanman, U.S. EPA

  • Siddiq Khan, U.S. DOE


  • William Chernicoff, Toyota

  • Julia Rege, Alliance for Automotive Innovation

Government: Peter Martin, NHTSA
Industry: Jessica Jermakian, IIHS

Technical Program Chairs:


  • Steve Summers, NHTSA

  • Paul Machiele, U.S. EPA


  • Derek Rinehardt, BMW

  • Jim Kliesch, Honda

Committee Members


Saeed Barbat, Ford

Andy Koblenz, NADA

Paul Scullion, Alliance for Automotive Innovation

Chris Bonanti, The Baluster Group

Amy Lilly, Daimler

Dan Selke, Mercedes-Benz

Doug Campbell, Automotive Safety Council

David Liu, Honda

Steven Siko, FCA

John Eichberger, Fuels Inst

Leigh Merino, MEMA

Karl Simon, US EPA

Jason Gainey, Volkswagen

Ana Meuwissen, Bosch

Jeff Skvarce, Continental

Doug Greenhaus, NADA

Randa Radwan, UNC Highway Safety Res Ctr

Scott Sluder, ORNL

Tom Hollowell, WTH Consulting, LLC

Brian Routhier, U.S. DOT

Dan Smith, Waymo

Matt Jerinsky, GM

Dan Ryan, Mazda

Hiro Tanji, Mitsubishi

Julie Kang, NTSB

Puneet Saxena, Delphi

Wayne Wen, Nissan

Ken Katz, NHTSA

Allen Schaeffer, Diesel Technology Forum

Bob Wimmer, Toyota

Patrick Kelly, API

Scott Schmidt, Alliance for Automotive Innovation

Kevin Wolford, AMECA