Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Technologies Symposium

January 28-30, 2020 │ Pasadena, CA, USA

Technical Program


Hybrid provides high-quality technical content based on leading industry research and the latest technology applications with a focus on furthering the hybridization/electrification of the automotive industry.

This year’s program will be compiled from the new and emerging advancements in energy charging and storage, systems/components efficiency, systems architecture, and infrastructure.

Our technical program is currently being meticulously developed by industry experts representing leading companies within the industry.


Technology Focus at Hybrid


High voltage systems

Vehicle Networking

Energy storage systems

Lithium-ion batteries

Nickel-metal hydride batteries

Battery Packs

Power Electronics

Battery cell chemistry

Hydrogen storage

Ultracapacitors and supercapacitors

Vehicle charging

Charge couplers

Charging stations

Off-board vehicle charging systems

On-board vehicle charging systems

Electric power grid

Smart grid

Vehicle to grid (V2G)

Vehicle to vehicle (V2V)

Electric power

Hydrogen Fuel

Fuel Cells

Hybrid power

Electric hybrid power

Hydraulic / Pneumatic hybrid power

Hydrostatic transmissions

Electrically variable transmissions

Electric motors

Electric vehicles

Hybrid electric vehicles

Electric drives

Motor-in-wheel drives

Stop/start technology

Fuel cell vehicles

Hybrid engines

Hydrogen engines

Mechanical hybrid power



Coatings, colorants, and finishes


Lightweight materials