Hybrid and EV Technologies Symposium

an SAE Sustainability Event

September 13 - 15, 2022Garden Grove, California

Keynote Speakers

Dr. Daniel Sperling

Founding Director, Institute of Transportation Studies at the University of California, Davis

Dr. Daniel Sperling is Distinguished Blue Planet Prize Professor of Civil Engineering and Environmental Science and Policy, and founding Director of the Institute of Transportation Studies at the University of California, Davis (ITS-Davis). He holds the transportation seat on the California Air Resources Board and served as Chair of the Transportation Research Board (TRB) of the National Academies in 2015-16.  Among his many prizes and awards are election to the National Academy of Engineering in 2022, the 2018 Roy W. Crum award from TRB, its highest research award; and the 2013 Blue Planet Prize from the Asahi Glass Foundation Prize for being “a pioneer in opening up new fields of study to create more efficient, low-carbon, and environmentally beneficial transportation systems.” He served twice as lead author for the IPCC (sharing the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize), and testified 8 times to the US Congress.  He has authored or co-authored over 250 technical papers and 13 books, including Three Revolutions: Steering Automated, Shared, and Electric Vehicles to a Better Future (Island Press, 2018), is widely cited in leading newspapers, been interviewed many times on NPR radio, including Science Friday, Talk of the Nation, Marketplace, and Fresh Air, and in 2009 was featured on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. 

Peter Savagian

Principal and Founder, Electrified Future Inc. 

Peter Savagian is the Principal of Electrified Future, Inc. an EV, transport and mobility advisory company. He is a pioneer in automotive electrification, with a broad spectrum of expertise in the technology, development, and production of electric vehicles. In 1990 Mr. Savagian began work on the General Motors EV1 - the first modern electric vehicle, and as Chief Engineer and then General Director, he built and led teams to innovate, engineer and industrialize the full range of electrified vehicle propulsion systems for 13 electrified vehicle models brought to production. Notably, these include the EV1, the first plug-in hybrid - Chevy Volt, and the Chevy Bolt. More recently, Mr. Savagian has led the engineering activities at EV startup Faraday Future and at EV aircraft company Ampaire, and was later CTO at EV startup Canoo. Pete authored 44 patents and 17 technical publications in the fields of electrification. He holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Wisconsin, an MS in Operations Research Engineering from the University of Southern California and an MBA from Duke University.

Shinichi Abe

Chief Professional Engineer, Electric Powertrain Control Function Development Division, Powertrain Company, Toyota Motor Corporation

Shinichi Abe is Chief Professional Engineer working in the Electric Powertrain Control Function Development Division of Toyota’s Powertrain Company in Japan. 
He joined Toyota in 1981 as Engineer in charge of development of engine controls in the company’s Engine Development Division.  In 1991, he served as Manager and Coordinator in charge of exhaust emissions related government affairs at Toyota Technical Center, U.S.A., Inc. in Gardena, California.  He returned to Japan in 1994 as Manager in charge of advanced development of LEV exhaust system at the Higashifuji Technical Center, Powertrain Control Development Division.  In March of 1996, he was named Manager in charge of the development of the engine control system for the Toyota Prius.  In September of that year, his responsibilities were expanded to include the system control and development of driving force control for the Prius. In 2000, he was appointed General Manager of the Hybrid Vehicle Control Development Department, with the responsibility for development of engine control, system control and driving force control for all Toyota hybrid vehicles.  In 2003, he was appointed General Manager of Hybrid System Management Department and in 2006 his responsibilities were expanded to include development of electric battery control. In 2018, he was appointed Chief Professional Engineer in the division he works today, where his responsibilities are focused on negotiation of Toyota’s environmental regulatory affairs for electrified vehicles. 
Abe has both an undergraduate and master’s degree in mechanical engineering from Nagoya University. He is a member of the Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers and the Society of Automotive Engineers of Japan. Abe is married and has two grown children, four grandchildren. He was born on April 20, 1956.