International Conference on Icing of Aircraft, Engines, and Structures

June 20 - 22, 2023 │ Vienna, Austria

Technical Program

The Foremost Conference for Icing Knowledge

Attend SAE’s International Conference on Icing of Aircraft, Engines, and Structures to access the latest technical knowledge, research, and science on icing, including icing models, ice formation, and ice prevention methods. A wealth of technical presentations enhanced by keynote addresses and interactive panel discussions, with industry leaders and innovators from across the global community, cover virtually every aspect of icing. 

The technical program boasts presentations on the following key topics: 

  • Aircraft & Engine Inflight Icing and Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) – including future aircraft icing solutions, icing challenges of new configurations (UAM, UAS, hybrid/electric propulsion) 
  • Icing Measurement Techniques and Test Facilities - icing instrumentation and measurement techniques, icing test facilities
  • Ice Sensors – ice detection, future methods for detecting ice locally and in flight including SENS4ICE program
  • Icing Regulations & Requirements systems and operation of systems included
  • Icing of Structures, Vehicles, and Aircraft wind turbines, rail, power lines, cables, heating pavement, and more
  • Surface Modification & Low Ice Adhesion (Surface) and Icing Physics – aerodynamics, roughness, ice adhesion tests and methods, ice shedding and runback
  • Icing Simulation – 2D and 3D ice accretion, computational methods (ice prediction), models, code validation, code comparison, uncertainty quantification, ICE GENESIS, MUSIC-haic
  • Environmental Icing Meteorology, SLD, and Ice Crystals - environmental icing meteorology, supercooled large drops, crystal and snow simulations, environmental tests, and SLD sensors (in alignment with Sensors track)
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