Innovations in Mobility
Aerospace Digital Summit

May 18-20, 2021 │ Online

Connect to Every Level of the Industry

There are countless challenges along the way from idea to innovation. Whether you’re navigating global issues such as supply chain efficiency and international regulations or managing complexities specific to modern mobility, it’s imperative that the industry meet regularly to solve problems, share ideas and develop strategic partnerships.

Brought to you by SAE International®, Innovations in Mobility: Aerospace Digital Summit evolves regional meetups into a global event where you can discuss universal challenges, local issues and future-forward solutions, including:

  • Lightweight materials
  • Cybersecurity, sensors and AI
  • Electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL)
  • Air taxis and delivery drones
  • Managing burn rate
  • Business and government partnerships
  • Developing sustainable urban policies
  • Conforming to government regulations
  • Diversifying markets for long-term growth

What Sessions Can I Expect?

  • Flight Paths to Success: Career Insights From Women Leaders in Aerospace, by authors Rhonda Walthall and Brenda Mitchell (via Sherry Nigam, SAE)
  • Impacting Policy: Data Analysis and Risk Calculation
  • Design of a Flying V Subsonic Transport, by Roelof Vos, assistant professor at Delft University of Technology
  • Spectrum Policy Enabling UAM
  • Unsettled Issues on the Viability and Cost-Effectiveness of Automation in Aerospace Manufacturing, by Phillip Webb, professor, Cranfield University
  • Flying Cars and Futuristic Aircraft As Seen in Pop Culture, by Chris Cummins
  • Unveiling SAE MobilityRxiv,™ by Kimberly Martin, SAE

What You’ll Gain

Business Executives

  • Manage burn rate
  • Reach hard-to-reach decision makers
  • Collaborate on how to create demand, expand markets and diversity revenue
  • Form partnerships with governments on how to enhance and implement mobility of tomorrow

Technical Professionals

  • Keep pace with new research, advancements and standards
  • Quickly develop new features and fix bugs
  • Share information on how to design and code new vehicles and software
  • Network with peers to share insights and ideas

Government Officials and Planners

  • Meet with private stakeholders
  • Keep up with rapidly-evolving industry developments
  • Integrate new suppliers through partnerships
  • Demonstrate accreditation process to gain buy-in from industry
  • Build camaraderie with decision-makers and private businesses