Innovations in Mobility
Aerospace Digital Summit

May 18-20, 2021 │ Online

Flight Paths to Success: Career Insights from Women Leaders in Aerospace

by Rhonda Walthall and Brenda Mitchell

Hear several of the unique journeys of 33 women who area leaders in aviation, space, and academia, showing there’s not one single path to success.

Real-World Testing of Multi-Sensor Detect-and-Avoid Systems

by Kraettli Epperson, Vigilant Aerospace Systems

Let’s discuss the available technologies, technical standards, emerging industry consensus and regulatory direction around detect-and-avoid systems.

Aerospace Platform Electrical Systems Change

by Steve Caravella, Siemens Digital Industries Software – Integrated Electrical Systems: Aerospace & Defense

Learn about Siemens' new change management platform.

Spectrum Policy Enabling UAM

by Anna Gomez, Partner, Wiley Rein LLP, Joseph Cramer, Director of Regulatory Affairs, The Boeing Company, Amit Ganjoo, Founder and CEO, ANRA Technologies

Join panelists as they discuss spectrum policy and the underlying challenges associated with spectrum interference and allocation.

How to Get Engaged and Connected at SAE

by Donna Edenhart, SAE International

Learn how students and mobility professionals can achieve their personal and professional aspirations through SAE Membership and Volunteerism.

Next-Generation Tactical UAVs: Platforms and Payloads

by Mark Russell, Director of International Sales, Martin UAV and Eric Waldo, Senior Program Manager -- Unmanned Systems, Persistent Systems

Join Martin UAV, whose V-BAT was selected by the US Navy for its Mi2 program, & Persistent Systems, leading mobile ad hoc network provider for unmanned systems.

Electric Vertical Take Off and Landing (eVTOL) Safety

by Jim Sherman, Michael Armstrong, and Scott Drennan

Explore the levels of safety being implemented in Electric Vertical Take Off and Landing (eVTOL) vehicles to ensure they provide safe and reliable operation.

Airspeeder - Flying Car Racing in 2021

by Jack Withinshaw, Airspeeder
Meet the Airspeeder, the world's first flying car racing league. Gain perspective on the UAM/AAM market and what to expect from Airspeeders first races in 2021.

The Path to Certifying AI and Enabling Autonomy in Aviation

by Mark Roboff of SkyThread

This presentation outlines the process of certification for autonomous fliers reliant upon artificial intelligence.

Design of a Flying-V Subsonic Transport

by Roelof Vos, Assistant Professor at Delft University of Technology

Learn about the Flying V design rationale along with the implications this new configuration has on passenger comfort, airport integration, and flying qualities.

We Don't Need Roads: Pop Culture's Highest Flying Vehicles

by Chris Cummins, Den of Geek

A wacky glimpse into how flying cars & futuristic vehicles have been portrayed in pop culture; celebrate the airborne automobiles we’ve loved in entertainment!

Future Trends in Unmanned Aircraft Systems: A Glimpse into Current Research and Development Efforts Towards Integration

by Tom Haritos, Kansas State University

Gain insight into R&D considerations of the integration of unmanned aircraft systems into the NAS and how this research will influence the future of UAM.

Unsettled Issues on the Viability and Cost-Effectiveness of Automation in Aerospace Manufacturing

by Prof. Phillip Webb, Cranfield University

A look at conventional approaches to automation, as many of the business drivers, shortcomings, and barriers overlap with human-robot collaborative approaches.

Opportunities and Challenges to Achieving Operational Supersonic Commercial Flights

by Ben Murphy, Boom Supersonic, Robbie Cowart, Molly Harrison, and Scott Kalister

This panel dives into the specifics of what it takes to make supersonic commercial flights a reality.

Unveling SAE MobilityRxiv™

by Kimberly Martin, SAE International

Learn about SAE MobilityRxiv™, SAE’s new preprint server for authors to post their early works and for users to browse and download content for free.

Panel: Hydrogen in Aviation

Panelists: Val Miftakhov of ZeroAvia and Olivier Savin of Dassault Aviation
Moderator: Pascal Thalin of SAE

This session examines the latest opportunities and hurdles of wider adoption of hydrogen within aviation.

Innovation is not Enough: Supply Chain Resilience

by Ethan Plotkin, Daniel DiMase, Tania Scroggie

Learn the ongoing efforts to ensure supply chain resilience to support and sustain innovation in a world that has become dependent on microelectronics devices.

Certifiable Detect and Avoid Solutions

by Tom Furey, Sagetech Avionics

Learn the state of FAA/RTCA specs & descriptions of certifiable ACAS-based Detect & Avoid systems, for UAS & unmanned rotorcraft, including UAM/AAM vehicles.

Certification Challenges of Electric Aircraft

by Anna Mracek Dietrich and Ravi Rajamani

A look at certification challenges faced by both small and large (transport) electric aircraft manufacturers, including technical, business, and process issues.

Safety and Trust in Autonomous Air Transport

by Michael McNair, SAE International

As we move to closer to having multiple aircraft flying at low altitudes on a regular basis, what changes are needed to our thinking of safety and trust?

Aviation Automation Building Blocks

by Ivan Makarov, Catalyst Aerospace Technologies

The presentation highlights cost effective engineering of the cyber-physics systems using a certifiable set of universal hardware and software building blocks.