Our Audience Is Your Customer

SAE’s primary focus is and always has been the mobility engineer, mobility engineering managers, and those who are integral to what they do—in other words, your customers. Whether it is the decision makers, the industry leaders or the innovators, our customers are at the heart of our mission to provide today’s practitioners, and future generations, with the information they need to ensure their success.


Your Partnership with SAE

With an extensive network of global members and customers and increasing collaborations within the worldwide mobility industry, we are a logical partner to provide the very best in knowledge sharing within our industry. One key way we do this is through exhibits and sponsorships, which offer numerous benefits including:

  • Highly targeted audience engagement
  • Quality networking
  • Valuable opportunities for showcasing your expertise

“We have a long history with SAE and their events. They help to connect us to the industry, and ultimately to our customers. By exhibiting, we initiate first contact with future customers, and meet up with existing customers to better understand their needs. It’s an amazing opportunity, and we look forward to participating in many shows to come”

- Sales & Marketing Director, Leading Aerospace Technology Company