Auto-Tech Market Trends in Light of COVID-19

November 19, 2020

SAE is partnering with the Israeli company Spotam, to host a new series of quarterly meet-ups that convene local industry experts to discuss the latest automated and connected vehicle technology from the burgeoning mobility community in Israel but with implications worldwide.

Our final meetup of 2020 will convene on November 19 at 10 AM EST, 5 PM IST and 3 PM GMT. We’ve moved our meetups online and its completely free for you to join. Join us from anywhere for the webcast with speakers from Strategy Analytics and Spotam.


5:00 p.m. IST


Eran Singer, Business Development Manager, Spotam

5:10 p.m. IST

Capitalizing On COVID-19: The Auto Industry Response

Roger Lanctot, Director, Automotive Connected Mobility, Global Automotive Practice at Strategy Analytics

5:40 p.m. IST

The Shaping Trends and the Role of AI in the Fleet Telematics Space

Israel Ronn, President, Spotam
David (Dudy) Markus, CEO Markutek

6:10 p.m. IST


Eran Singer, Business Development Manager, Spotam


Keynote Presentations

Capitalizing On COVID-19: The Auto Industry Response

This presentation will consider the immediate and long-term impacts of COVID-19 on the automotive industry and consumer transportation decision-making in general. The focus will be on identifying emerging opportunities and adaptations in a post-COVID marketplace.

The Shaping Trends and the Role of AI in the Fleet Telematics Space

In this presentation, you will explore the ways service providers and technology vendors in the Aftermarket Telematics domain are harnessing artificial intelligence (AI) technologies in order to deliver the next generation of Fleet Management and smart Transportation solutions.

Meet the Speakers

Roger Lanctot

Director, Automotive Connected Mobility, Global Automotive Practice at Strategy Analytics

As a Director in the Global Automotive Practice at Strategy Analytics, Roger Lanctot has a powerful voice in the definition of future trends in automotive safety, powertrain, and infotainment systems.

Roger draws on more than 30 years’ experience in the technology industry as an analyst, journalist, and consultant. Roger has conducted and participated in major industry studies, created new research products and services, and advised clients on strategy and competitive issues throughout his career.

Roger is a prolific blogger and frequent keynote speaker at industry events.  He is on the advisory boards of AutomobilityLA, MaaS America, the Car Sharing Association, and the ITU’s Future Networked Car event. Roger’s industry leadership has been recognized by induction in the TU-Auto Hall of Fame. 

Israel Ronn

President, Spotam

Israel Ronn, founder and owner of Spotam brings a personal touch backed by years of vast business experience to the business and market analytics table.  Mr. Ronn's background includes over thirty years of industry and management experience, leading local and multinational technology companies in the areas of Auto-tech, Vehicle Telematics, Telecommunication, Wireless and IOT. Mr. Ronn is a former President of Telrad Inc. (NY/USA), a former CEO of Telrad Connegy Limited; a former CEO of Cellmax-Systems Limited and a former GM of Cellocator, a division of Pointer Telocation Limited (NASDAQ:PNTR). He is also currently VP for Aftermarket at Eyesight technologies LTD.

David (Dudy) Markus

CEO, Markutek

For over 15 years Dudy Markus has been serving as technology and business executive in Commercial Telematics, Internet of Things and smart mobility global companies. Dudy has been involved with both service providers and technology vendors, including as CTO & CPO in Pointer Telocation and CEO in Micronet. Since late 2019 Dudy has been active as an independent consultant, helping technology vendors, TSPs and auto-tech startups to improve their performance and market success through versatile services including product strategy analysis, product lines definition, multidisciplinary projects management, business development and bespoke market research.

Hotbed of Automotive Start-Ups


Connected and automated vehicle development is happening across the world, and one of the areas seeing the most advancement in Israel. Israel has built a development hotbed for automotive start-ups with 17 researchers per 1,000 employees in Israel. This is more than South Korea, Japan, the United States, or Germany. Four-and-a-half percent of the Israel GDP is invested in R&D which leads all countries aside from South Korea.  This has led to exponential growth in automotive development in the region, especially in the areas of cybersecurity and artificial intelligence. This provides an opportunity to engage with a workforce on the leading edge of technology and innovation.

SAE is the premier organization to provide engagement between automotive companies in Israel along with the rest of the industry on a global scale. This forum will provide the opportunity for these companies to interact and ensure there is consensus on vehicle development strategies, as well as facilitate discussions with thought leaders across the industry.

SAE International Partners with Spotam


SAE is partnering with the Israeli company Spotam, to host the series of quarterly meet-up events in Tel Aviv, Israel, that convene local industry experts to discuss the latest automated and connected vehicle technology topics and trends impacting the region.  Join us throughout 2020 for these convenient short-form sessions that address cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, and V2X communication. These events promote the accelerated advancement and development of next-generation vehicles, their supporting technologies, and infrastructure through collaboration and conversations among attendees.