Noise and Vibration Conference & Exhibition

June 10-13, 2019 │ Grand Rapids, MI, USA

Special Events

Student Paper Competition—The Noise and Vibration Conference and Exhibition will be hosting a Student Paper Competition for all currently enrolled full-time graduate and undergraduate university students as well as those who have graduated from a university within the past six months.


Science Fair - The Science Fair displays are hands-on, video demonstrations, and a collection of acoustical materials and instrumentation demonstrating a multitude of engineering efforts being used in the field of acoustics. Science Fair displays will be available on the exhibit floor on Tuesday and Wednesday during show hours.  All displays will be beneficial to the overall atmosphere of the conference.  Displays will be voted on by attendees for “Best of Show” award. Click here to view a full listing of science fair displays.


Chat with the Experts - Subject-matter experts will lead discussions on the critical technology listed below that will advance the design, deployment and development of future vehicles.  The goal of the chat with the experts is to get your questions addressed and to help problem solve issues you are having in a casual environment.

Come prepared with your questions on the given subject matter or learn how this technology will shape the future of mobility. Visit the experts Tuesday and Wednesday from 1:30 – 2:30 pm in the Networking Lounge on the Exhibit Floor.


  • Thomas Lagö, Qirra Sound Technologies Europe: Signal Processing for NVH  Applications.
  • Dan Maguire, Qirra Sound Technologies Europe: Coordinating Effective Vehicle Passive and Active Noise Control.
  • Jim Thompson, JKT Enterprises: Technical versus Management/Administration Career Paths.
  • Pranab Saha, Kolano and Saha Engineers: Sound Package Performance Evaluation – Where we are Heading?


  • Wade Bray, HEAD Acoustics: Sound quality, its relationships and applications.
  • Patricia Davies, Purdue University: Noise & Vibration – Connecting Experiment and Models.
  • Greg Goetchius: Considerations for Electric Vehicle NVH  Development.
  • Peter Jonson, University of Washington: Seated Vehicles Operator Exposure to Vibration: Current and Future Solutions.