SAE On-Board Diagnostics Symposium

September 11-13, 2018 │ Indianapolis, IN, USA

Why Attend:

  • Get the latest information first hand on regulatory happenings and positions
  • Meet with standards developers to gain better understanding on the proposed changes to both SAE and ISO standards.  SAE standards include J2012, J1979, J1930, J1699, as previously noted.
  • Share experiences and potential solutions with other participants
  • Have an open forum to discuss concerns with regulators from CARB and the European Commission
  • Learn, understand and apply new strategies for OBD 
  • Network and interact with individuals representing customers, partners, suppliers, regulators, and competitors

Who Attends:

Engineers from the automotive and commercial (on- and off-highway) vehicle industries with a focus on…

  • On-Board Diagnostics
  • Alternative fuel engines
  • Computer software/Hardware/Electronics
  • Diesel fuels
  • Drivetrain
  • Emissions/Emission Control
  • Engine control systems
  • Environmental regulations and standards
  • Exhaust systems
  • Hybrid Power/Power Systems/Propulsion
  • Reliability, Maintainability, Supportability
  • Research & Development
  • Software/Software Engineering
  • Total Life Cycle management

Emergency Procedures During This SAE Event

During this SAE event attendees are to follow the established emergency guidelines of the facility where the emergency occurs. Based on the location of the incident, report emergencies to the nearest venue representative and/or security personnel if available, or report to the SAE operations office onsite.

Should a catastrophic event occur, attendees should follow the safety and security instructions issued by the facility at the time of the event. This includes listening for instructions provided through the public-address system and following posted evacuation routes if required.

In case of an emergency, or a major disruption to the schedule of the event, attendees and exhibitors may call the below number to receive updated information on the status of the event. Updates will also be provided via the SAE website at and event mobile app.

SAE Emergency Hotline