Powertrains, Fuels & Lubricants Meeting

September 28-30, 2021│ Online & On-Demand


Emerging Powertrain Technologies Geared Towards Meeting Regulations


Our Powertrains, Fuels and Lubricants Meeting (PF&L) will remain a digital summit in 2021 – saving you valuable time away from the office as well as travel expenses, while still providing the same high-caliber discussions from influential speakers that you have come to expect at our face-to-face events.

By attending the PF&L Digital Summit, September 28-30, 2021, you’ll join the world’s top engineers and industry-leading companies online as they delve into new and emerging powertrain technologies related to engine design, fuels, lubricants, combustion, and emissions control for the light-, medium-, and heavy-duty segments.

Expect a close look at near future and long-term solutions for powering and enabling mobility through live and on-demand speaker presentations, panel discussions, and much more. You’ll connect with fellow industry professionals, network with organizations from around the globe, and help shape next-generation solutions.

Check back regularly for speaker announcements, technical program details and more! 

This is one of the best powertrain/fuels/and lubes related conferences world-wide.    - 2020 Past Attendee

This event is one of the most efficient. It allows our organization to keep up with emerging trends and analysis.    - 2020 Past Attendee

Meet our Keynote Speakers

Dr. John C. Wall

Chair of the Board of Directors, Achates Power

Presentation Title: Whither the internal combustion engine in a deeply-decarbonized transportation world?
Abstract: The talk will focus on commercial applications and begin with a look back at how engine and fuel technologies evolved significantly to meet the challenge of criteria pollution reduction, especially for diesel health effects.  It will continue with  how future internal combustion engines and fuels can play a useful complementary role alongside emerging battery and hydrogen fuel cell technologies.  This to meet the challenge of deep decarbonization of ground transportation, while also meeting the wide range of customer requirements. 

Dr. John C. Wall has more than 40 years of industry experience in internal combustion engine technology, fuels and emissions, and in global engineering organization development. From 2000-2015, John served as Chief Technical Officer of Cummins Inc., the world's largest independent manufacturer of diesel engines and related technologies, retiring in 2015. As he progressed from research and product engineering into engineering leadership, John remained directly involved in the most critical technology programs for low emissions, powertrain efficiency and alternative fuels. He also led the growth of Cummins technical organization from 1000 engineers, mostly centered in the U.S., to more than 6000 engineers globally, establishing new technical centers in India and China. 

Prior to joining Cummins in 1986, John led Diesel and Aviation Fuels Research for Chevron, where his team was first to discover the important contribution of fuel sulfur to diesel particulate emissions. 

He is currently an advisor to the DOE Joint BioEnergy Institute and Co-Optima Program, the Cyclotron Road/Activate clean energy technology incubators in Berkeley and Boston, the International Council of Clean Transportation and the Institute of Transportation Studies at the University of California – Davis, and a member of the California South Coast Air Quality Management District Clean Fuels Advisory Group. He is active in a number of roles with the National Academies, including the Boards on Energy and Environmental Systems and on Science, Technology and Economic Policy, is chair of the Board of Directors of Achates Power and is a director of ClearFlame Engine Technologies.

He has been recognized for his technical contributions by election to the National Academy of Engineering and as a Fellow of the Society of Automotive Engineers. He has received the SAE Horning Memorial Award and Arch T. Colwell Merit Award for research in the area of diesel fuel effects on emissions, the SAE Franz F. Pischinger Powertrain Innovation Award, the ASME Soichiro Honda Medal for significant engineering contributions in the field of personal transportation, and the California Air Resources Board Haagen-Smit Clean Air Award and US EPA Thomas W. Zosel Individual Achievement Award for career accomplishments in diesel emission control.

John studied mechanical engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where he received his SB and SM degrees from the Mechanical Engineering Honors Program in 1975 and ScD in 1978. And he was scrum half for MIT’s 1974 New England Champion rugby team.


Koichi Nakata

General Manager of Advanced Powertrain Planning & Management Division, Toyota

Presentation Title: The Future Mobility Towards Carbon Neutral
Abstract: The automobile industry is also required to achieve carbon neutrality. For this purpose, the utilization of renewable energy is essential. However, since uneven distribution of renewable energy exists, some options should be considered along with the utilization of electricity. This talk focuses on the pathways towards carbon neutral, and introduces some engine technologies for near future to reduce CO2.

Koichi Nakata is currently the General Manager of Advanced Powertrain Planning & Management Div for Toyota.  His responsibilities include Advanced powertrain planning and Engine thermal efficiency enhancement and future fuels.  He joined Toyota Motor Corporation in 1990 and has held numerous positions within the organization.  Nakata-san has a bachelor’s degree in Physics engineering, Kyoto University,1990.



Apr. 1990

Joined Toyota Motor Corporation

Apr. 1990 - Dec. 1998

Engineer of combustion and ignition system development

Jan. 1999 - Dec. 2004

Assistant Manager of engine thermal efficiency enhancement

Jan. 2005 - Dec. 2010

Group Manager of engine development for HVs

Jan. 2011 - Dec. 2017

Project General Manager of new engine development TNGA engines, ESTEC engines

Jan. 2018 - Dec. 2019

General Manager of Advanced Powertrain Function Development Division

Jan. 2020 - Present

General Manager of Advanced Powertrain Planning & Management Division


Craig Segall

Deputy Executive Officer - Mobile Sources & Incentives California Air Resources Board

Presentation Title: Governing the Transition: A Regulator’s Perspectives on the Path to Zero
Abstract: The California Air Resources Board (CARB) regularly sets the pace for vehicle policy, and is now developing regulations to drive all classes of vehicle to zero emissions on an accelerated timeline. It is also directing programs, including billions in incentive funding, to help turn-over the existing fleet, and to explore structural connections (such as vehicle-to-grid tools) between vehicle and grid decarbonization. This talk focuses on developments ahead in these efforts, key challenges, and areas where the collective creativity of everyone in the field is needed to help governments steer towards a livable climate future.

Craig Segall was appointed Deputy Executive Officer, Mobile Sources and Incentives in May 2021. He plays a key role in creating a zero-emission transportation sector and addressing long-standing transportation inequities to achieve California’s clean air, community protection, and climate goals. Mr. Segall’s responsibilities include all facets of new and emerging air pollution control programs and policies related to mobile emissions sources. In addition, he oversees the incentive programs in the Sustainable Transportation and Communities Division and the Mobile Source Control Division.

Ultimately, the work of his divisions will help Californians move around in ways that are safe, clean, and fair, in communities that are thriving and equitable.

He started with CARB in the Legal Office in 2013. In his role as Assistant Chief Counsel, Mr. Segall helped create CARB’s defense against Trump-era rollbacks that threatened California’s air pollution and climate change work; played a role in reauthorizing Cap-and-Trade; guided the implementation of AB 617 and other environmental justice efforts; and, oversaw the Aliso Canyon settlement. He is also a member of CARB’s Diversity and Racial Equity (DaRE) task force. 

Prior to joining CARB, Mr. Segall was a public interest and government lawyer, working on a wide array of regulatory and statutory challenges and litigation efforts intended to protect public health and the environment.

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