Baja SAE California

May 16-19, 2019 │ Gorman, CA, USA


There are limited hotel accommodations in the immediate area of the dynamic event site, in Gorman and Lebec, CA. Many more hotels are available to the south, in Castaic and Valencia.


There is camping available at the Hungry Valley area if teams are interested. However, there is no overnight camping in the paddocks/Quail Canyon. Please note that some Hungry Valley sites do not have water, so please call the campsite to confirm. There are also camp sites and cabins in the Pyramid Lake and Fort Tejon Areas about 20 minutes away from the event site.

Hungry Valley

5301 Ralphs Ranch Road
Gorman, CA 93243

Fort Tejon State Historic Park

4201 Fort Tejon Road
Lebec, CA 93243

Pyramid Lake Los Alamos Campground

Hard Luck Road
Lebec, CA 93243

Pyramid Lake RV Resort–Cabin Rentals

45100 Copco Ave.
Gorman, CA 93243


Expect cool temperatures in Gorman, CA, in May. Highs are typically in the mid-to-high 60°F range and lows are typically in the mid-to-high 40°F range. Rain is unlikely but possible in May. Expect strong winds in the event area. Bring tie-downs for your pop-ups; 20-25 mph wind is common, and 30-40+ mph wind is possible. Strong winds with cool temperatures and low humidity make for an extra chilly environment—plan clothing accordingly. The sun can be extremely bright, and sunburns can happen quickly. Bring sunscreen!