Staying Informed About Competition News

As per the rule set, it is required that all team members are informed about competition news.


​By affiliating as soon as possible, you will begin receiving all official email communication.  These emails contain critical information and must be read. All registered team members will receive these emails.

Rules & Important Documents

Rules change on an annual basis, and current-year documents will be labeled as such.  Watch the individual competition rules pages for updated documents as competitions approach.


All major competition news will be included on this News Feed.  It is critical to keep up with this webpage.

Social Media

Regularly checking our social media puts your team at an advantage.  It’s the first place we announce many things, tips, changes, etc.

Creating an Account on Competition Website

Within 72 hours, your team information will be transmitted from to the individual competition website.  If your team has not competed since 2012 (or ever), you will need to use your Confirmation/Invoice Number to access your team information.

  1. Navigate to:
  2. Enter your information.  Choose Team Captain / Team Advisor (Authorization Number Required) or Team Member (non-Captain).
  3. Click the Next button.
  4. Select your University from the School List.  If your University begins with “University of…,” it may be listed as “University of…” or “Univ of….“
  5. Select your Team.
  6. Enter your Display Name.  This is the name that will be displayed instead of your account username in the team-related areas of the site.  This should be a name by which others will easily recognize you.
  7. This will create a request that will be sent to the Team Captain / Advisor for approval.  If that person does not yet have an account, encourage them to sign up here and choose the "Team Captain / Advisor" option so that your team can start using this site.  Once your request has been approved (or rejected) you will be notified via email.

Transferring Captainship

After the season ends for the following competitions, captainship must be transferred on the individual competition website.  This ensures the team’s ability to ask rules questions and submit documents the next year will not be hindered.

Previous Captain

  1. Log in at :
  2. Enter your information to login.
  3. Under the Team Captain menu, click My Team Members.
  4. If you’re leaving the team as Team Captain, click Transfer Captain next to the new Captain’s name.
  5. If you’re staying as Team Captain and just adding another member as Co-Captain, click Make Captain next to the new Co-Captain’s name.

Submitting Required Documents

All documents must be submitted via the individual competition websites listed below. Each submission box includes file requirements including file types and size requirements.

  1. Navigate to:
  2. Log in and click My Team's Report & Document Submissions.
  3. Scroll to the Submission box that you wish to upload.
  4. Click the Browse button and select your file.
  5. Enter any comments (optional).
  6. Click Upload Now.
  7. Successful submission is indicated by the submission box turning green.

Documents that Require Approval

These documents do not need to be approved prior to the deadline to avoid removal from the competition.  As long as you submit your first legitimate submission prior to the deadline, you will satisfy the submission requirement.  You may upload a new version at any point prior to the absolute deadline.

Documents that Do Not Require Approval

You may upload a new version at any point prior to the deadline without penalty.  However, after the deadline, you will receive a penalty for every day after the deadline it is submitted up to the maximum allowance for dismissal from competition.

Asking a Rules Question

All rules questions must be submitted via the individual competition websites listed below.  Teams are encouraged to print out any rules questions they’ve asked over the competition year to bring to competition.

  1. Navigate to:
  2. Click Ask a Rules Question.
  3. Enter your Subject & Rule Number(s).  Click Next Step.
  4. Type your question.
  5. If you have documents to attach, use the Browse button to select the file and click Upload Now.
  6. Click Post Question.
  7. You will be notified when a Reviewer responds to your question by email.
  8. To review your current Rules Questions, click My Team's Rules Questions.
  9. To see an individual question, click View.
  10. To close an individual question, click Close

Accessing the Rules FAQ

When our Reviewers see the same questions coming in over and over again, they will create an FAQ.  You can browse all FAQs or search by keyword or Rule Number to see if any FAQs have been written about the topic you’re searching for.

Browse All Rules FAQs

  1. Navigate to:
  2. Click Browse All Rules FAQs.
  3. Click View next to any FAQ to review it.

Search All Rules FAQs

  1. Navigate to:
  2. Click Search All Rules FAQs.
  3. Enter the keywords and click the Search Keyword button or enter the Rule Number and click the Search by Rule Numbers button.
  4. Click the FAQ number next to any FAQ to review the full text.


A cooperative program of SAE International’s Education Board and Technical Standards Board is making some of SAE International’s Technical Standards available to teams registered for any North American Collegiate Design Series (CDS) competition at no cost. The Technical Standards referenced in the CDS rules, along with other standards with reference value, will be accessible online to registered teams, team members and faculty advisors.

To access the standards (1) your team must be registered for a competition in North America and (2) the individual team member or faculty advisor wanting access must be affiliated to the team on SAE International’s website (

In 2016, the SAE Digital Library became SAE MOBILUS.  A list of accessible SAE Technical Standards can be found in the rules.

  1. Navigate to your profile.
  2. Click on your Team Name.
  3. Click the SAE MOBILUS link.
  4. Search standards either by J-number assigned or topic of interest such as brake light.

Adding Team Websites & Social Media

We often use the Registered Team list to create social media lists to use during competition.  Be sure to update your Team Websites & Social Media URLs as soon as you register.

  1. Navigate to your profile.
  2. Click on your Team Name.
  3. Enter your Team’s Web Address.
  4. Enter your Team’s Facebook Address.
  5. Enter your Team’s Twitter Address.