Formula SAE® Lincoln

June 19-22, 2019 │ Lincoln, NE, USA │ Lincoln Airpark

Understanding the Cancellation Process

Please be advised that NO REFUNDS will be given if your team withdraws from a competition. Non-Refundable Registration Fees Policy still applies to teams withdrawing from active Registered Team List.

If you add your team to any waitlists and register for another, registration fees WILL NOT be transferable. We will also not transfer teams or registration fees between competitions. If your team has the option to become active on the registered team list for the competition, you will be required to pay a second registration fee and vice versa.

Should your team decide to withdraw OR to be taken off the waitlist for any competition, please notify at least six weeks prior to competition date.  Notifying us allows another team on the Wait List to be offered your spot.

United States Visas

Teams requiring visas to enter to the United States are advised to apply at least sixty (60) days prior to the competition. Although most visa applications seem to go through without an extended delay, occasionally teams have had difficulties and in several instances visas were not issued prior to the start of competition.

After your team has registered for an SAE International-organized competition, then SAE  can provide an acknowledgement for your registration on the registration profile page. We do not issue letters of invitation.

Neither SAE staff nor any competition organizers are permitted to give advice on visas, customs regulations, or vehicle shipping regulations concerning the United States or any other country.