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June 19-22, 2019 │ Lincoln, NE, USA │ Lincoln Airpark

Vehicle Shipping Procedures

Formula SAE Lincoln & Electric
Lincoln Airpark 

Note - The following procedures apply specifically to shipments to Lincoln Airpark, but they include items that should be considered for all FSAE vehicle shipments.

These procedures are only a starting point - Check with your shipper or freight forwarder to make sure your shipment meets their requirements. Also be sure the shipment complies with any and all relevant US Customs regulations.

Shipping any car may be considered hazardous by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), may be inspected and must be signed off by someone trained in HazMat shipping to be properly shipped. Please make sure you fully inform your shipper/freight forwarder of the contents of your shipment to avoid any issues.

Recommendation - Ship early to be sure your vehicle arrives in time for the competition.

SAE staff cannot give advice on shipping, customs regulations or visas.

Incoming Shipments

Earliest Delivery Date—Contact

Receiving Organization—All labels and documents associated with the shipment must show the team or university as the receiving party. Do not ship your vehicle with either the organizer or competition site listed as the receiving party. SAE and Lincoln Airpark will not execute any customs or shipping documents of any type.

Shipping Address
Name of University
c/o Formula SAE
Lincoln Airpark
3401 W Luke
Lincoln, NE 68524

Customs & Shipping Paperwork—All paperwork, documentation and/or forms required for inbound/outbound shipping or customs clearance must be completed and supplied by the school/university. Lincoln Airpark staff cannot prepare any shipping documents for inbound or outbound shipments. Paperwork is the sole responsibility of the team.

Customs Regulations—It is the responsibility of the team to adhere to all US Customs regulations. All inbound shipments are subject to U.S. Customs inspections.

Team Contact—To provide support services for inbound / outbound shipments, and especially to resolve any problems that might arise, each team must provide the names and cell phone numbers of two (2) contact people - preferably the team captain and the faculty advisor. Section 5 of this document must be completed.

Damaged Shipments—Inspecting shipments and reporting and documenting damage to the shipment is the sole responsibility of the receiving team. Neither Lincoln Airpark nor SAE is responsible for damage to your shipment from any cause including negligence.

Outgoing Shipments

General—All shipments must be packed and the crates properly sealed and labeled before the team leaves the site on Saturday.

It is each university's responsibility to schedule the pick-up of your outgoing shipment and prepare all the paperwork required for the shipment. All shipping and customs forms must be filled out by team/university representatives.

Lincoln Airpark/SAE personnel are not allowed to make arrangements for import or export shipping and scheduling.

Pick up Date—Contact

Lincoln Airpark Important Notice—If your shipment is not removed from Lincoln Airpark by the date and time specified above you will be charged for storage and handling. Fees assessed will be applied by Lincoln Airpark.

Outgoing Carrier—Teams must provide the name of the carrier that will pick up their outgoing shipment. See Sections 4 and 5 below for details.

Lincoln Airpark Expedited Shipments—Any shipment expedited from Lincoln Airpark at the request of a school must be accompanied by the team's chargeable account number (Fed Express/ DHL).

Shipping Crates/Containers

Shipping Crates/Containers—Shipping crates/containers must have hi-low fork lift access from ends and sides.

The shipping crate/container must fully enclose the car.

The base of the crate/container must be strong enough to support the entire weight of the shipment when it is being picked up, rotated and moved by a fork lift or similar equipment.

Weatherproof—Be aware that crates are likely to be stored outside and should be weatherproof.

Wood Crates/Containers—Wood crates/containers must be of insect resistant or treated materials suitable for international transportation. Wood crates, containers and pallets should be screwed together.

Crate/Container Marking—All shipping containers must have the school's name permanently and clearly marked.

Crating & Uncrating—Crating and uncrating is the sole responsibility of the team.

Important Reminder—Do not pack the tools you need to open the crate inside the crate itself.

Unloading & Loading—Loading and unloading is the responsibility of the teams. Lincoln Airpark/Formula SAE Organizers have limited forklift/dock capability.

Required Information for Incoming Shipments

You must email the information outlined in Section 5, below, to at least one (1) week before the FSAE Lincoln competition opens:

Contact Information—The names and cell phone numbers of two (2) team members or advisors who can be contacted concerning the shipment.

Outgoing Shipment Carrier—The name of the carrier picking up your outgoing shipment and the carrier's phone number.

Consequence—If you do not provide this information we will be unable to contact you if any questions or issues arise concerning your shipment. And your shipment may be refused.

Shipment Information—Required

University Name
Team Captain Name
Captain's Cell Number & Email
Faculty Advisor Name
Faculty Advisor's Cell Number & Email

Inbound Shipment
Shipping company
Shipping company contact name
Phone number & Email
Scheduled arrival date/time for inbound shipment:
Shipment/shipper identification number:

Outbound Shipment
Shipping company
[] Same as inbound shipment
Shipping company contact name
Phone number & Email
Scheduled date/time for outbound pick-up:
Shipment/shipper identification number:

Action—Email this form to: