SAE Aero Design Knowledge

Equipment Suppliers

Companies may become involved in Collegiate Competition Events at the competitor's level by registering as an Equipment Supplier. The following companies are supplying parts to competing teams for free, at cost or discounted from retail.

Please email Brandie Sberna for details and pricing of becoming an Equipment Supplier.

MathWorks Inc

Items Available: MathWorks is offering complimentary software and video tutorials to all teams participating in this year’s events. You can find more information and request software at

Discount Offer: Free

Discount Amount: 100%

Additional Information: The Student Tutorials and Videos page is a one stop shop for tutorials and videos for student projects. Learn the basics of MATLAB and Simulink, see how you can improve your race car, and discover how successful team use MATLAB and Simulink in their race car development. Join the MATLAB and Simulink Racing Lounge Facebook Group to stay informed and ask questions, Learn more about best practices and teamwork for student competitions in the Student Lounge Blog