SAE Clean Snowmobile Challenge Knowledge

2021 SAE Clean Snowmobile Challenge Event Structure

SAE International will operate the 2021 competition as 100% virtual.

SAE Clean Snowmobile Challenge Knowledge Event: Registration will open for this virtual event the week of October 12.

This event will include the following:

  • Written Design Paper
  • Oral Design Presentation
  • Dynamic Event Modeling Submissions
  • Dynamic Event Modeling Judging
  • Educational online workshop(s)


Registration Fee Structure

Knowledge Event fee – student teams who register during the week of October 12th will be required to make payment of $650.00 within 48 hours of confirming registration online. *Registration fees are non-refundable.

Operating the 2021 competition season using the virtual model will allow for any international team to participate in the competition by participating in the SAE Clean Snowmobile Knowledge Event if travel bans and closed borders remain an issue.