SAE Clean Snowmobile Challenge

March 5-10, 2018 │ Houghton, MI USA │ KRC Keweenaw Research Center

Registering for the Wait List

If you are in the process of registering your team when the competition sells out, you will be informed that registration is closed and asked if you would like to be added to the waitlist. Response is required; teams will not automatically be added to the waitlist.

Teams that accept the offer will continue through the standard online registration process so SAE can capture needed information. However, the registration fee will not be charged to their credit card until the team is moved off the waitlist onto the participating registered team list.

Teams registered on the waitlist will be sequentially assigned a team number starting with the next number after the last team on the "Registered Teams" list. This number will be the cars number when and if the team advances to the "Registered Teams" list. Teams are to use this number with all required submissions.

The only exception to this rule is if a team was preassigned a number due to top finishing from last year. That number will then be the cars number when and if the team advances to the "Registered Teams" list. Teams are to use this number with all required submissions.

Waitlisted teams are required to submit all required documents by the deadlines in order to be considered serious participants and any team that does not submit all required documents will be removed from the waitlist.

As registered teams notify SAE that they are withdrawing from the competition, we will contact by email the individual who registered the team to the waitlist in the sequential order assigned and give them the option to advance. Once a team passes on the opportunity they will be removed from the list. Once a team accepts the opportunity they will be moved to the Registered Teams list. Teams will have 24 hours (excluding weekends) to make the decision to accept or reject the spot. If no response is received, it will be assumed the spot was rejected, and the team will be removed from the Wait List. Teams will have an additional 48 hours (excluding weekends) after invoice generation to make payment or prove that payment initiation has started.

Four weeks out from the competition, we will close the Registered Teams list. No more waitlist teams will be offered spots even if teams withdraw. Waitlist teams will be notified by email that the Registered Teams list has closed.

Things to Consider about the Wait List

    Please be advised that if your team chooses to build, you accept full responsibility that you are building at your own risk. There is no assurance your team will be pulled from the waitlist onto the "Registered Teams" list to compete.
    If you add your team to any competition waitlists and register for another event, registration fees WILL NOT be transferable. In other words, we will also not transfer registration fees between competitions. If your team has the option to become active on the registered team list for the competition, you will be required to pay a second registration fee and vice versa.
    Teams will be required to meet all report deadlines for submission online at the time reports are due.
    Should your team decide to withdrawal OR to be taken off the waitlist for any competition please notify Non-Refundable Registration Fees Policy still applies to teams withdrawing from active Registered Team List.