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SAE Clean Snowmobile Challenge®

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For all inquiries, please contact:

SAE Customer Service
724-776-5970 (outside the U.S. or Canada)

Chris Ciuca
Director of Pre-Professional Education

Kaley Zundel
Program Manager of Formula SAE, SAE Clean Snowmobile Challenge, SAE Supermileage

Sam Barill
Program Manager of Baja SAE and SAE Aero Design

Allison Hostetler
Program Manager of the AutoDrive Challenge

Martha Tress
Collegiate Design Series Sponsorship Manager

Victoria Ewing
Collegiate Design Series Sponsorship Coordinator

Amanda Paciorkowski
University Programs Developer

Sara Guffey
University Programs Coordinator of Baja SAE and SAE Aero Design

Jamie Knauff
University Programs Coordinator of the AutoDrive Challenge