SAE Supermileage

June 7-8, 2018 │ Marshall, MI USA │ Eaton Corp. Marshall Proving Grounds

Action Deadlines




Team Registration

October 5, 2017, at 10:00 AM EDT

November 13, 2017, at 10:00 AM EST

Engine Order Deadline


December 19, 2017, at 11:59 PM EDT

Design Reports


March 31, 2018, at 11:59 PM EDT

Fast Track Roster Affiliation


May 23, 2018, at 11:59 PM EDT

Online Submission Actions Actions

Complete Program Submission

Affiliate those Submitting Documents

Update Team Website & Social Media

Affiliate those Asking Rules Questions

Pay Your Team Invoice

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Affiliate all members through Team Profile

Submit Required Documents

Reprint your Team Invoice


Print Registration Confirmation Letter


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Understanding the Cancellation Process

Please be advised that NO REFUNDS will be given if your team withdraws from a competition. Non-Refundable Registration Fees Policy still applies to teams withdrawing from active Registered Team List.

If you add your team to any waitlists and register for another, registration fees WILL NOT be transferable. We will also not transfer teams or registration fees between competitions. If your team has the option to become active on the registered team list for the competition, you will be required to pay a second registration fee and vice versa.

Should your team decide to withdraw OR to be taken off the waitlist for any competition, please notify at least six weeks prior to competition date.  Notifying us allows another team on the Wait List to be offered your spot.

Tentative Schedule


8:15 a.m. Eaton Vehicle Group Proving Grounds opens for SAE Supermileage Participants
8:45 a.m. Student registration opens; Sign-up for Verbal Presentation times
Verbal Presentations will only be done on Thursday 10:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m.
9:15 a.m. Technical Inspection opens in Track Garage
Verbal Design Presentations Start at 10:00
1:00 p.m. Track opens for practice for vehicles; Walking inspection of track by teams allowed
– Only Technical Inspection Approved Vehicles may practice on track
– Timing Transponders Available at track Start/Finish Area for Approved Vehicles
3:30 p.m. Track closes. Practice and track walking inspections stop.
4:00 p.m. Registration closes: Team Registration will only be done on Thursday
4:00 p.m. Technical Inspection closes
4:15 p.m.

Meeting for Team Captains & All Drivers in Track Garage: All others welcome to attend

4:45 p.m. Track Garage closes for evening meal setup
6:00 p.m. Catered meal; Award Presentations for Design (1st, 2nd, and 3rd places)
8:30 p.m. All Team Participants are required to leave Proving Grounds. Equipment may remain. Supermileage vehicles can be stored in Track Garage after meal clean-up.


7:45 a.m. Eaton Corp. opens for SAE Supermileage Participants
8:15 a.m. Technical Inspection opens in Track Garage
8:20 a.m. Timing Transponder distribution begins at Track Start/Finish Tent
9:00 a.m. Vehicle Fuel Economy runs begin on track
4:30 p.m. Technical Inspection closes; Banquet setup begins
4:45 p.m. Last Vehicle Enters Fuel Bottle Building and Door Closes:
Event Organizers determine which vehicles will have opportunity to run on track.
5:00 p.m. Last Fuel Economy run begins on track.
5:40 p.m. Last Fuel Economy run ends.
6:00 p.m. Proving Grounds Truck Testing resumes on track;
No Supermileage Participants Allowed on Track
6:30 p.m. Banquet & Awards Ceremony begins in Truck Garage Door Prizes, Pizza, Soft Drinks, Cookies, and Awards (Must be present to win)
8:30 p.m. All Team Participants and equipment are required to leave Proving Grounds. No vehicles are allowed on the track after the completion of the event.


Engine Information

All the CAD files for both the M20 (old Baja SAE engine), M19 (new Baja SAE engine), and Junior 206 (Supermileage engine) can access with the following link and info below.  

​To download files via web browser:

(Note: If your using IE for Windows please check "Enable Folder View for FTP Sites" under the Advanced tab of the Internet Options)

To download files via FTP Software, Briggs & Stratton recommends:

Windows—Core FTP


Host: (username: bsracing, password: bs90f457)

Student Information

Vehicle Shipping

Teams that wish to ship their vehicles to Eaton Proving Grounds must contact in advance.

Team Pits

As you enter the paddock area with your team vehicle, please follow instructions of the Pit Marshall about vehicle parking. Team paddocks are located outside without cover in a parking lot.  Electricity is limited.  If you will require power, be prepared to bring your own generator.


When using the SAE Supermileage word mark please adhere to the guidelines that are in the folder.

SAE Supermileage Word Mark & Guidelines

Any questions please email


Student Career Center

SAE International has built the SAE Student Career Center, just for you!  Visit to begin utilizing this job board that provides helpful career resources and connections for SAE students.  To get started, click on the “Interns” tab to set up your account, conduct internship searches, upload your resume, create alerts and utilize the resources.  For assistance, click on the “HELP” link under the Interns tab.  Sponsors of Formula SAE, Baja SAE, SAE Aero Design, SAE Supermileage and SAE Clean Snowmobile Challenge will be posting internships and entry level positions. Get noticed! Post your resume today.


When using the SAE International Logo and the Collegiate Design Series word marks (i.e.: SAE Supermileage) please adhere to the Guidelines that are in each folder. If your team has any questions please contact Thank you.

SAE Supermileage Word Mark & Guidelines

For questions, please contact

Marshall, MI, Hotels

Hampton Inn

325 Sam Hill Drive
Marshall, MI 49068

Holiday Inn Express

329 Sam Hill Drive
Marshall, MI 49068

Quality Inn

204 Winston Drive
Marshall, MI 49068

Arbor Inn

15435 West Michigan Ave.
Marshall, MI 49068

Battle Creek, MI, Hotels

Quality Inn

2590 Capital Ave. SW
Battle Creek, MI 49015

Fairfield Inn Battle Creek

4665 Beckley Road
Battle Creek, MI 49015

Holiday Inn Battle Creek

12812 Harper Village Drive
Battle Creek, MI 49014

Quality Inn & Suites

11081 East Michigan
Battle Creek, MI 49014

Best Western Executive Inn

5090 Beckley Road
Battle Creek, MI 49015

Baymont Inn & Suites Battle Creek

4725 Beckley Road
Battle Creek, MI 49017

Travelodge Battle Creek

5395 Beckley Road
Battle Creek, MI 49015


Camp Turkeyville

18935 15-1/2 Mile Road
Battle Creek, MI 49068

Quality Camping

5775 US Highway 27 S
Battle Creek, MI 49068

Visa Requests

Affiliated CDS Student Team Members will have the ability to print out a Registration Confirmation Letter for the individual event(s) that they are attending. Once a student team member affiliates themselves to their teams profile page under their individual edit section. They will have the opportunity to print out their personalized letter with the following information: Student's Name, the School's Name, the SAE Event Name, Official Dates and Location(s).

Please be advised that SAE International cannot intervene with, or call or send personal letters to, the State Departments, Embassies or Consulates of the United States or other governments on behalf of any meeting or event participant.

Spectator Policies and Procedures

Competition Venue is not open to General Public.

Drone use is prohibited at all SAE Collegiate competitions unless under contract with SAE International

Spectator Policy

"Spectator" - A "spectator" is defined as anyone who is not (a) a volunteer with event operating responsibilities, or (b) a member of a team with the proper credentials/identification. Family members of competing team members wishing to spectate are welcomed. Family members will be required to register with team onsite and sign liability waivers.

Spectators are welcome to observe CDS competitions from within the designated spectator areas and other parts of the site to which they are granted access. Spectators may not enter the course area. Spectators must obey the spectator rules and site use rules at all times and follow the instructions of the competition organizers and marshals.

Permitted Access - Spectators may enter:

1. Designated spectator areas - Spectator areas are always outside the course.

2. Team paddocks

3. Parking lots, food vendor areas, rest rooms and connecting walkways, roads or paths, etc.

Restricted Access - Spectators may not enter:

1. Technical Inspection Area including practice and testing sites

2. Static Event Areas

3. Courses

4. Any area with signs indicating "Restricted Access" or "No Access"

Spectators may not sit or stand on any barriers or fences.

No Exceptions—There are no exceptions to the spectator rules. If a spectator does not follow the rules then he/she can be asked to leave the site. Also spectators that violate rules may lead to penalties for their associated team which could include disqualification from the present year’s event as well as exclusion from future competitions.

Photographer Policy—Except for credentialed press photographers all photography must be done from within the designated spectator areas. Credentialed press photographers may be granted access to a designated photographer area under the terms of the separate Photographer Policy. Credentialed press photographers must identify themselves to the organizers and/or CDS staff in the registration area and comply with the photographer rules in effect at the event. Photographers who wander outside the spectator and photographer areas will be asked to leave.

Spectator Maps—Maps showing the general layout of the competition site and the location of the Spectator Areas may be available to spectators in the registration area.