SAE Supermileage

June 7-8, 2018 │ Marshall, MI USA │ Eaton Corp. Marshall Proving Grounds

Eaton’s Bussmann Division to provide electrical supplies

Once again this year, Supermileage teams will have the opportunity to receive up to $500 worth of electrical supplies from Eaton’s Bussmann Division.

Eaton’s Bussmann Division is the driving force in circuit protection. Bussmann is a worldwide company that leads in developing circuit protection technology. With more than 50,000 different products across the entire fuse portfolio, Bussmann offers the broadest market coverage in the industry.

To receive your electrical supplies, please follow these steps:

1. Use this link to view the catalog of products being offered.

2. Download this spreadsheet to create your order.

  • Be sure to complete the top section of the spreadsheet with your contact information. This information is required to ensure that you receive your order. 
  • Products can only be shipped to addresses in North America. However, you can collect the supplies at the Supermileage event and take them home with you. If you wish to collect the supplies in June at the event, enter the following as your “Ship To” address:

Attn.: Jim Gluys, Supermileage
C/O University Name
13100 E. Michigan Ave.
Galesburg, MI  49053

3. Enter the quantity of each part number you wish to order in the ”QTY” column.

  • The “Extended Cost” for each line will automatically calculate.
  • The TOTAL Cost will auto calculate at the top of the spreadsheet. DO NOT EXCEED a TOTAL of $500 or Bussmann will delete products to make sure it does not exceed $500.

4. Save the file as your version by adding your school name to the front of the file name. For example: “University of Gluys 2018 Bussmann Supermileage Challenge Price Sheet.xlsx”.  Send your file to

Jeff Glaeser is the Director, Sales Support, Eaton’s Bussmann Division, and he developed this opportunity for Supermileage teams. Glaeser will be your direct contact for this program. Except for the issue of not having a North America shipping address noted above, Glaeser will support all questions about the program.

5. A few other regulations about this program:

  • You may only submit one order per team for the 2018 event. Make sure your order is complete before submitting. You may order up until May 4, 2018, as noted on the order form spreadsheet. Hopefully, you will order far in advance so that you may use the supplies in building your vehicle.
  • Most items in the online catalog are readily available and will ship fairly quickly once the order is processed. If items are not available, the Bussmann organization will provide you information.
  • By accepting these goods from Eaton’s Bussmann Division, your team accepts the responsibility to place a sponsor sticker on the vehicle. The sticker will come with your ordered parts. Placement of the sticker will be in the same fashion as outlined in the Supermileage rules for other sponsor stickers. The Bussmann sticker is in addition to the space required for other sponsor stickers. The EATON corporate logo sticker is separate from the Bussmann sticker. Technical Inspectors will not issue vehicle numbers to teams that have accepted the Bussmann products but do not have the sticker in place. Be sure to place the sticker as required.

Learn more about Eaton’s Bussmann Division at\bussmannseries.