Sustainable Careers in New Mobility: Transforming the Workforce for Sustainability

A free digital event preparing professionals for careers in a transforming industry. 

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Find Your Place in Sustainable Mobility

What are hiring managers looking for today? Hear directly from recruiters and former managers working at the forefront of advanced mobility, plus guidance from SAE experts on industry trends, certifications, and career tools.

A career in mobility today has a dramatically different trajectory than it did a few short years ago. Dial in your path with this free, day-long skill-building event.  With sustainability at the center, companies large and small are adapting. Whether you’re looking for your first job or are a seasoned professional, now is the time to explore how to grow and thrive amidst these transformational changes.

Join SAE’s Sustainable Mobility Career Center for a free online conference covering everything from recruiters’ and hiring manager perspectives to new opportunities to learn, find jobs, and position yourself as a candidate. 


See What You Missed!

Couldn’t attend our 2024 event? Don’t worry, we’ve captured all the sessions and valuable conversations for you. Click on any of the session titles below to watch the presentation free on-demand.

Introduction to Sustainable Mobility

The mobility industry is changing at breathtaking speed. Therefore, this session will provide you with an overview of the latest industry trends and direction so you can understand where the newest employment opportunities may be found.

What New Mobility Employers Want

While some skills are timeless, times have changed and new mobility companies now seek candidates with different attributes and abilities. Hear first-hand exactly what recruiters now look for in potential employees.

SAE’s Sustainable Mobility Career Center

In late 2023, SAE launched a new Career Center that serves more than 128,000 mobility professionals, including engineers, technicians, business professionals, government workers, and technical experts in the aerospace, automotive and commercial vehicle industries. A one-stop-shop for career development, the new center allows job seekers to easily connect with industry while providing employers with access to a diverse pool of qualified candidates. In addition to job postings, the career center offers industry-specific career advice and research, career development tools for professionals, hubs to enable industry employers to elevate their brand, and job matching powered by innovative AI technology. In this session, learn about the innumerable career opportunities in new mobility and what skills and/or experience they require. This new site is accessible to both SAE International members and non-members. 

Training and Education Programs for Sustainable Mobility: University Programs & PD

Learn about SAE's rich array of training and courses covering numerous topics that will allow to update your skills to make you ready for the new mobility workforce.

SAE EVSE Technician Certification

Current EV chargers across the United States need constant repairs and upgrades, and with tens of thousands more being installed over the coming years, the demand for repairs and maintenance will grow exponentially - and so will the demand for certified technicians who can do the work. This session examines several options whether you're looking to establish basic knowledge of EV charging station operations and maintenance or looking to reskill to maintain our EV infrastructure. Regardless if you have no experience or years of work in the field.

How to Grow your Career in New Mobility

Learn practical advice from a former hiring manager about distinguishing your work performance, visible job assignments, and the role of salary