Thermal Management Systems Symposium

October 15-17, 2019 │ Plymouth, MI

Benefits of Attending

Technical Expertise

Acquire practical knowledge about the latest thermal management technologies and regulations in the industry.

Peer-to-Peer Networking

Interact with your colleagues—key players and experts in the field—through networking opportunities designed to foster professional collaboration.

Industry Insight

Gain new skills through interactive presentations and demonstrations from industry thought leaders.

Why Should You Attend?

Attendees—ranging from engineers to industry executives—learn valuable solutions and strategies on how to navigate current and future thermal management challenges and needs related to the following examples and much more:

  • Regulations dictating changes to vehicle performance and emission release.
  • HEV’s, EV’s PHEV’s, FCV’s and automated vehicles.
  • Industry standards to define increased load on the engine of a vehicle due to air conditioner usage, which reduces fuel efficiency and increases CO2 emissions.

Event Venue

The Inn at St. John's

44045 Five Mile Road
Plymouth, MI 48170



Significant research and development capital is being invested by this industry as the stakes are high when it comes to emissions and direct energy consumption by vehicles. The symposium will cover specific topics including:

  • Autonomous and Connected Vehicle
  • Thermal Management
  • Alternative Refrigerants
    • New Developments in R744, R1234yf, blend refrigerants, and other alternative refrigerant systems
  • Human Factors including Thermal Comfort and Cabin Air Quality
  • Powertrain Energy Management
  • Thermal System and Components
  • Thermal Systems for Hybrid and Electric Vehicles
  • Thermal Systems for Commercial and Off-Road Vehicles
  • Thermal Simulation/Analysis/Modeling
  • Regulatory Topics
  • Vehicle Climate Control and Cabin Comfort
  • Vehicle Underhood Thermal Management
  • Waste Heat Recovery

Promotional Toolkit


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Justification Toolkit


You recognize the value of attending the Thermal Management Systems Symposium, but how do you communicate that to management? We encourage you to review the materials in this section to gain a greater understanding of this event and how to communicate the value it can provide when attempting to gain attendance approval from your manager.


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