Thermal Management Systems Symposium

October 3-4, 2023 | Plymouth, Michigan

Explore the Future of Thermal Management

The TMSS technical program – created for engineers, by engineers – provides attendees with a wholistic look at the vehicle heating and cooling topics for all automotive thermal aspects, including autonomous and connected vehicles, commercial and off-road vehicles, and hybrid and electric vehicles.  The program will focus real-world challenges and solutions on a global scale.

Technical program highlights:

  • Latest and most pertinent topics in the field of ground vehicle thermal systems technology and thermal systems management
  • Ground vehicles: commercial, heavy-duty, off-road
  • Climate, air conditioning, refrigerant, thermal management: engine, cabin, battery
  • Environmental regulatory requirements
  • Emerging and supporting technologies

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Please note due to situations beyond our control - content and speakers are subject to cancelations and changes.



Panel Discussion

Application of Machine Learning in Thermal Management

Machine learning is being applied to all aspects of vehicle design and development. Come hear the critical conversation that SMEs are having on the application of ML to thermal management strategies. Gain a better understanding of how Machine learning works in speeding up engineering of systems, uncovering insights and relationships in large sets of data and improving predictions by combining both simulation and test data. Come prepared to ask your questions from our assembled experts.

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