On-Demand Presentation: The Digital Summit will feature over 30 pre-recorded presentations on the following topics that can be accessed for up to one year after the event:

Aerospace Operations

The future of Aerospace Operations modeling and simulation requires the development of new technologies and concepts, and the capability to integrate complex systems to satisfy the needs of future aerospace operations. Presentations are solicited in Aerospace Modeling and Simulation. These sessions will provide a forum for international discussion and information on leading-edge research and development associated with insights of future concept elements and technologies in aerospace operations.

Aerospace Fastening

This technical track explores the advancements of portable drilling and fastening technologies; large aircraft assembly; advanced methods of assembly for structures including determinant assembly, jigless assembly, automated positioning, and moving assembly lines; human-machine interaction with automated fastening systems; fastening and joining of composite structures; and robotic applications in drilling, fastening.


The avionics industry has been working to the DO-254 standard for FPGAs, ASICs, PLDs and Hardware designs for systems, avionics LRUs and IMA hardware applications. There are many areas of this standard which are in flux due to the complexities of the technology as well as the changes in the certification policies in commercial and military programs.

Flight Engineering

This session will cover flight vehicle performance and sizing, conceptual/preliminary design, MDO, aero-propulsion integration, design education.

Urban Air Mobility

Single and dual-mode personal transportation vehicles, focusing on VTOL configurations, and driving & flying capabilities. Required technologies, alternative system configurations, designs under development, prototype hardware, and in-flight performance of remote controlled models and full size prototypes will be presented.


This technical track explores the latest advancements in manufacturing, materials, and structural design. Manufacturing technologies explored are Industry 4.0, mixed reality tools, reduced cycle times, tooling development and processes associated with detail part fabrication and assembly, additive manufacturing (3-D printing), and robotics and automation. Materials advancements covered include advancements to composite materials and composites part manufacturing.

Power Systems

This session aims to bring together perspectives, highlighting past and future research efforts in the integration of conventional and more electric aircraft systems.   It is intended to discuss the importance of energy optimization at the vehicle level when designing integrated aircraft systems.  This vehicle level optimization is critical when defining future military and commercial more electric aircraft applications. This session intends to include both airframer and aircraft systems supplier perspectives.


This session will focus on the development and implementation aspects associated with assuring system safety. The use in industry practices, guidance documentation and systems safety lessons learned are important considerations given today’s rapidly developing technologies.

Unmanned Aerial Systems

This session addresses all aspects of Unmanned Aerial Systems including Aerodynamics, Materials, Structures and Manufacturing, Propulsion Systems,  Guidance, Navigation and Control, Flight Sciences and Operations, Remote Sensing & Payloads, Cognitive Human-Machine Interface, Safety, Certification and Standards, UAS Traffic Management and Trusted Autonomy, and System Integration.  The applications are across the industry from military, commercial, business and general aircraft to spacecraft.

Vehicle Systems/Systems Engineering

For vehicle system design and validation, modeling and estimation are of great significance. For upcoming and future aircraft programs, current research interests include more system autonomy and reliability. This can be achieved through advanced modeling and estimation.