Brake Colloquium Digital Summit


New Brake Technology. The Latest Regulatory Information.

The 2020 Brake Colloquium Digital Summit focuses on two critical trends impacting the industry today and in the future: the advancement of today’s brake technology integrated with ADAS and other advanced safety features, and the development on brake technology requirements for electric and the automated mobility of tomorrow.

Executive panel discussions, leading keynotes, and state-of-the-art technology presentations will cover both the science and technology of brakes.

Panel discussion topics include:

  • Voice of the OEM
  • Quality Assurance Strategy in Light of Continuously Changing Properties of Disc Pads and Discs
  • Requirements and Braking Strategy for Autonomous Vehicle
  • Innovations in Wheel Bearing and Seals and Their Impact on Brake Corners
  • Brake Standards

The technical program will cover topics across industry segments, including:

  • Cars, trucks, and SUVs
  • Commercial Vehicles
  • Performance and Aftermarket Vehicles
  • Motorcycles
  • Aerospace
  • Wind Turbines
  • Railways

Two Free On-Demand Webcasts

Part one of our two-part webcast series dives into the techniques and principles for effectively measuring brake emissions. For part two, leaders in the industry will have a roundtable discussion about ADAS, electrification, and regulation and how they are shaping the future of braking.

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Day One

Morning Panel Discussion: Voice of the OEM

A distinguished panel of brake engineering leaders from the OEM community will discuss brake related topics. Come prepared to ask your questions and make comments in what is meant to be a direct and open discussion between the OEMs and the brake industry.

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Morning Panel Discussion: Requirements and Braking Strategy for Autonomous Vehicle

This panel will first provide brief presentations that will share panelist's viewpoints on electric vehicle and brake system/components, design readiness and technology gaps for future vehicle development. This will be followed by a Q&A session with the moderators.  The program concludes by providing conversations with the audience on  the “Requirements and Braking Strategy – from component to system, for Autonomous Vehicle."

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Morning Panel Discussion: Brake Standards

Each of the panelists has provided a pre-recorded presentation updating the critical brake-related standards work currently underdeveloped by each of the SAE Brake Standards Committees. This year the panel will also have SAE Commercial Vehicle committee representation. Areas to be covered include NVH, Linings, Hydraulics, Fluids, Stopping distance, and dynamometer. The audience should come prepared to engage in a Q&A period to address issues and questions around standards development.

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Day Two


Morning Panel Discussion: Quality Assurance Strategy in Light of Continuously Changing Properties of Disc Pads and Discs

Brake discs and brake pads tend to change their physical properties over time, either during storage or during brake testing. These changes are caused by internal residual stress relief in the case of discs, and by internal residual stress relief/cross linking of the resin in the case of pads, in addition to dimensional changes. This causes needs for revised quality assurance strategies. Panel participants will present their suggestions and discussed future directions for your consideration.

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Morning Panel Discussion: Innovations in Wheel Bearing and Seals and Their Impact on Brake Corners

This session will focus on innovations in wheel bearings and their integration to the vehicle. Individuals will address topics such as mass optimization, drag reduction, enterprise cost, warranty reduction, Brinelling, sealing, corner splash protection, lateral stiffness, lubrication, validation, coatings and new technology. Additionally, it is a great place to meet people in the wheel bearing industry and a have an open dialog about the multiple challenges facing our industry.

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Morning Technical Keynote Presentations: 3, 20-Minute talks from the highest rated papers

While you have access to over 50 pre-recorded presentation, we felt that based upon peer-reviewed scoring, that three individuals should be invited to present the results of their papers live and provide you an opportunity to engage with them in our Q&A session.

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The Brake Colloquium Digital Summit features more than 55 on-demand presentations on the following topics.

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