On-Board Diagnostics Digital Summit


The 90-Minute OBD Primer: Terminology, Technology and Standards Webcast Replay

Are you new to on-board diagnostics or just need a refresher? Watch the replay of our previously held webcast for a compact but comprehensive OBD session for dummies that sets the starting point for a working understanding of on-board diagnostics.

During the The 90-Minute OBD Primer: Terminology, Technology and Standards webcast you’ll hear from experts across the OBD field from industry stalwarts GM, Ford and Roben Automotive impart their years of experience across foundational topics, including:

  • An overview of CARB regulatory requirements, as well as a summary of worldwide regulations
  • The basic operation of the OBD system and real-world examples of how it is used in the field
  • A look at the history of standardization, including terminology, diagnostic trouble codes, and data provided to the generic scan tools
  • A historical tour of key pollution events, and the development of responding regulations and demonstration cycles

Watch the Replay Today!

Expert Presenters from Across the OBD Field

Worldwide OBD Requirements Update

Janean Potter, GM Technical Fellow, OBD Regulatory Activities

Learn the history and latest status of requirements around the world by country, as well as changes in requirements and recent developments from the last presentation of the Worldwide OBD Requirements Update.


Prequel to OBD

Delve into the predecessors to today’s OBD and preview emerging cycles, including worldwide harmonized light-duty test cycle and WLTC.

Sue Wagers                                       Marcel Romijn
Ford, OBD Technical Leader           Roben Automotive, Managing Director

OBD Standardization History

Mark Laleman, Ford, OBD Standards Technical Expert

Explore the development of key standards that support OBD regulatory requirements, including critical dates in the history of OBD regulations and how some regulations were developed.