Thermal Management Systems Digital Summit


Today's Most Pertinent Topics in Ground Vehicle Thermal Systems Technology

The on-demand sessions from the 2020 Thermal Management Systems Digital Summit feature more than 35 pre-recorded presentations – including panel discussions and keynote presentations – covering the latest information relating to the science and technology of thermal management and mobile air conditioning systems. Hear from leading subject matter experts from the U.S., Europe, and Asia, who discuss real-world thermal management and climate control challenges and solutions on a global scale.

Important aspects being addressed:

  • Regulations dictating changes to vehicle performance and emission release

  • Cabin insulation and energy management

  • Thermal system optimization

  • Battery and fuel cell thermal management

  • Passenger thermal comfort systems

  • Thermal modeling, simulation, and analysis


Morning Keynote Day 1:
Automotive Industry Trends & Challenges

Marty Jagoda, FCA US LLC

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Regulatory Panel Discussion

Tail pipe emissions are considered one of the major factors adversely affecting the environment. There is an urgent demand in many regions of the world to reduce the carbon footprints due to transportation. Smog generated from mobility applications has crippling effects in mega urban areas. The increasing focus on fuel economy and emissions reduction have caused a rapid expansion of sustainable mobility applications. Electrification of cars and trucks will significantly reduce the dependence on the internal combustion engine using fossil fuels, leading to a significant positive impact on cleaning the environment. In this panel discussion, the focus is on the rapidly changing regulations landscape and the technological advances required to achieve the fuel economy and emissions mandates.

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Morning Keynote Day 2

Steve Clarke, Hanon Systems

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Technical Keynotes

This session will feature 3 technical keynotes focusing on the latest climate control and thermal management technologies.

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Climate Control Panel Discussion

The panel will include comments and discussion from Tier 1 and University experts on key paradigm shifts in climate control systems and how overall vehicle thermal management is impacted. The primary objective of a climate control system is to deliver thermal comfort and occupant safety with low energy consumption. However, there are strong design interactions with other vehicle systems The panel will include audience participation and cover a wide range of topics showcasing how climate control impacts overall vehicle thermal management.

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