WCX™ World Congress Experience: Your Ultimate Opportunity to Connect to the Global Community


WCX has always been dedicated to advancing the mobility industry by serving as a nexus for the brightest minds to learn, share and discover solutions to industry challenges.

Today’s environment is much different than anyone could have predicted, but WCX is working with industry to maintain its relevance in the ever-changing work environment and will continue to be the place where engineers, academics, executives and R&D professionals gather to solve today’s most critical issues and transform those obstacles into opportunities.

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At WCX, you’ll participate in live panel discussions, Q&As, keynotes, and breakout sessions with researchers and leaders across the industry. This is where collaboration meets imagination and problems are solved from connectivity to manufacturing. Plus, you’ll gain access to unrivaled technical education on ADAS, emissions, environment, occupant protection, design, manufacturing, powertrain and propulsion and so much more.

Now more than ever, the mobility community needs its brightest minds to share expertise, challenges and unique insights to keep mobility moving forward under ever-changing conditions.

This is a crucial time to forge new connections and build relationships that fuel innovation. Ensure WCX is on your calendar for 2021.

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