Mobility Industry Executives Answer 5 Big Questions in WCX™ 2019 Webcast

What challenges will need to be overcome to achieve both OEM goals and consumer acceptance of technology integration? What opportunities exist for the mobility industry? Gain insight on the big questions from the leaders of five organizations in the WCX 2019 webcast “The Automotive Ecosystem: What’s Driving the Next Five Years?”

Listen to Jeff Glibert, Automotive Reporter for CBS Radio News, as he moderates a panel of four technology and strategy leaders:

  • Sky Matthews, IBM Distinguished Engineer and CTO, IBM Watson Internet of Things
  • Bryn Balcombe, CSO, Roborace
  • Steven Bayless, Vice President, Regulatory Affairs & Public Policy, ITSA
  • Trisha Curtis, President and Co-Founder, PetroNerds

The four panelists explore the advancements making the biggest impact over the next 18 months, and the realistic capabilities—and customer expectations—of automated cars in the next five years based on technology development. You’ll learn where technical executives will focus their resources over the next four to six years, as well as the challenges that keep them up at night.

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Prediction Sneak Peek

With the continued rise of electric infrastructure and enabling technologies, including AI and machine learning, HMI, and enabled digital services, the future of the automotive ecosystem is a mix of promise, opportunities, and challenges. Two panelists weigh in on what they expect to see.

“Increasing focus on the use of AI as a co-driver, coach, driving instructor, and guardian angel—or SuperADAS—which is fully aware of the environment, driving situation, and most appropriate actions to take to maintain driver safety.” – Bryn Balcombe, Roborace

“The past year, oil prices have had a negative effect on demand growth, but we are seeing a huge drop just within the last month that will help drive the industry next year.” – Trisha Curtis, PetroNerds

WCX 2019

The brightest minds in mobility meet at WCX 2019 for three days of interactive learning, expert insight, inspiring futures, and technological innovation. From blockchain to IoT to powertrain and safety, get a forward-thinking look into the latest trends and innovations. Here, collaboration and imagination intersect to rapidly redefine mobility.

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