Learn How Roborace Shifts Progress Into High Gear at WCX™ 2019 TechTalks

Competitions among self-driving cars are more than just sport—not only do they push technical boundaries, but they are also specifically designed to solve the most challenging real-world problems around the world.

As the world’s first competition for human/AI teams, Roborace creates a platform to test the development of automated driving systems. Discover the mobility challenges, opportunities, and progress this presents in the new TechTalks at WCX 2019.

In the TechTalk “Intelligent Motorsport—The Most Extreme Proving Ground for Self-Driving Cars?,” Roborace’s Chief Strategy Officer, Bryn Balcombe, will discuss how motorsport has always functioned as a catalyst for innovation in the automotive world as well as a tool to engage the public with new technology.

Accelerating Progress

SAE sat down with Balcombe ahead of WCX 2019 to discuss his predictions for the mobility industry this year. Balcombe suggests an increased focus on the use of artificial intelligence as co-driver, coach, driving instructor and guardian angel. Super advanced driver-assistance systems will eventually become fully aware of the environment, driving situation and the most appropriate actions to take to maintain driver safety.

Completely new forms of motorsport are evolving to fill the void between Level 2.5 and Level 5 autonomy. He foresees intelligent motorsport helping the world to reach the Vision Zero target—eliminating global road fatalities by 2050.

Inspiring Change

Designed by Daniel Simon, the world’s first driverless racing car—Robocar—is one of two vehicle platforms used by Roborace. It allows the opportunity to envision unique competition formats unconstrained by the need to protect human life within the vehicle. But the progress requires examination of how this significantly increases risk in the environment—for example, a 200-mph Robocar overtaking a 55-mph truck while racing against Yamaha’s Motobot.

What’s Next

This year, the Roborace team is focused on demonstrating the first competition between teams with their DevBot 2.0 platform, which can be driven by a human or an AI driver, in what they are calling “Season Alpha.” We can look forward to seeing this debut in 2019.

WCX 2019

Now part of the Leadership Summit at WCX 2019, TechTalks bring together pioneers and thought leaders from a spectrum of industries to discuss technology, ideas and concepts that go beyond traditional mobility.

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