2019 Keynotes

Tuesday Opening Keynote

Charles V. Payne

Founder & CEO, Wall Street Strategies

Charles V. Payne is the Founder & CEO of Wall Street Strategies. His stock selections reap sizable profits for his subscribers and viewers. Charles is featured on the Fox Business Network Monday-Friday from 2 - 3 p.m. ET on "Making Money with Charles Payne". He is a member and occasional host of "Varney & Co". In addition, he guest-hosts several shows including "Cavuto on Business" and "Your World".

Charles is not only widely recognized in the media sphere as a thought leader on stock markets and politics but is also the best-selling author of "Be Smart, Act Fast, Get Rich". In his book, he helps the average investor demystify the stock market and profit from it, explained in a manner that only he could deliver.

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Wednesday Plenary Keynote

Erez Dagan

Executive Vice President Products and Strategy, Mobileye; Vice President, Intel Corporation

In his current role, Mr. Erez Dagan is responsible for Mobileye’s Autonomous Driving (AD) and Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) products portfolio, strategic planning and initiatives, advanced development projects department, and the Sensors-fusion R&D group.

Erez joined Mobileye in 2003, and in his prior roles in the company has led the object detection R&D group, and managed the suite of associated ADAS products (Autonomous Emergency Braking and Adaptive Cruise Control).
Mr. Dagan holds a B.Sc in computer science from the Hebrew University and an MBA from IDC, Herzliya.

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