Tuesday Video Highlights

TechTalk: Intelligent Motorsport - The Most Extreme Proving Ground for Self-Driving Cars?

Bryn Balcombe, Roborace

Connect2Car Roundtable: What Do Autonomous Vehicles Mean for Regulation?

Moderators - David Zuby, Insurance Institute for Highway Safety
Panelists - 
Nat Beuse, Uber
Tim Johnson, NHTSA
Kelly Nantel, National Safety Council
Eryk Nice, Aptiv
Desi Ujkashevic, Ford Motor Company
David Woessner, Local Motors Limited

Connect2Car Roundtable: CyberSecurity, Do We Feel Good Enough to be Just a Little Paranoid?

Moderators - Gloria D'Anna, General Telecom Systems Inc.
Panelists - 
Kevin W. Gay, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
Larry Hilkene, Cummins
Jeffrey Massimilla, General Motors
Kevin Walker, Aptiv
Andre Weimerskirch, Lear Corporation

TechTalk: Artificial Intelligence: The Winter of our Discontent or Mild Spring Frost?

Sky Matthews, IBM 

Connect2Car Roundtable: Does Deploying Safe AV's Require Rethinking Validation?

Moderators - Timothy Yerdon, Ford Motor Company
Panelists - 
Colm Boran, Ford Motor Co., Ltd.
Hurley Davis, Elektrobit
Eryk Nice, Aptiv
Kirk Steudle, Econolite Control Products Inc.
Edward Straub, SAE International
Jack Weast, Intel/Mobileye

Connect2Car Roundtable: The Business Challenges on System Engineering for Automated Driving Technologies

Moderators - Anne O'Neil, Anne O'Neil Consultants LLC
Panelists - 
William Bolander, Method Park America Inc.
Henry Bzeih, Flex
Luke Harvey, NVIDIA
Lance Smith, GM
Timothy Yerdon, Ford Motor Company

Wednesday Video Highlights

Wednesday Opening Keynote: Safety, ADAS to AD

Erez Dagan, Executive VP Products and Strategy, Mobileye; VP, Intel Corporation

Executive Interview with Ken Washington, Ford Motor Company

TechTalk: The Future of Mobility – Moving People, Data and Freight

Shailen Bhatt, ITS America

Connect2Car Roundtable: What is the Benchmark and Expectation AI in Automotive?

Moderators - Michael Wagner, Edge Case Research LLC
Panelists - 
Bryan Goodman, Ford Motor Co.
Alisyn Malek, May Mobility Inc.
Sky Matthews, IBM
Cetin Mericli, Locomation
Kay Stepper, Robert Bosch LLC
Jack Weast, Intel/Mobileye

Connect2Car Roundtable: Privacy and Customer Acceptance of Data Monetization

Moderators - Jeff Plungis, Consumer Reports
Panelists - 
Gahl Berkooz, ZF Friedrichshafen AG
Doug Betts, JD Power And Associates
Charles Eagan, BlackBerry
Niranjan Manohar, Frost & Sullivan
Ellen Partridge, Shared Use Mobility Center
Karlyn Stanley, RAND Corp.

TechTalk: Trust in Tech

Charles Eagan, BlackBerry

Connect2Car Roundtable: What is the Future Vision of a Vehicle's Interior and the Technology to Deliver Upon this Digital Environment?

Moderators - Jeevak A. Badve, Sundberg-Ferar Inc.
Panelists - 
Stefan Buerkle, Robert Bosch LLC
Justin McBride, DENSO International America Inc.
Tim Potok, FCA
Rashmi Rao, Harman Automotive Inc.
Tamara Snow, Continental AG
Adam Tacey, Nissan Technical Center

Connect2Car Roundtable: Technology Transition: Cloud and Car Enabled Digital Services

Moderators - James Misener, Qualcomm Technologies Inc.
Panelists - 
Donald Butler, Ford Motor Company
Mitch Dornich, Siriusxm Connected Vehicle Services
Maxime Flament, 5GAA-5G Automotive Association
Sethuraman Gopal, Rivian Automotive
Brian Keller, AT&T
Hank Skorny, APTIV

Thursday Video Highlights

Roundtable: New Mobility: Women Leading Disruptive Innovation

Moderators - Denise Gray, LG Chem Michigan Inc. Tech. Center
Panelists - 
Greta Cutulenco, Acerta
Minyang Jiang, GoRide Health LLC
Alisyn Malek, May Mobility Inc.
Stacey Miller, Toyota Motor North America Inc.

TechTalk: Mobility 2030 - The Effects of Oil Pricing and Electric Infrastructure on EV Development

Trisha Curtis, PetroNerds LLC.

Roundtable: Today, Tomorrow, and the Future of Propulsion Systems?

Moderators - Bill Visnic, SAE International
Panelists - 
Dante Boutell, Toyota Motor North America Inc.
David Filipe, Ford Motor Company
Timothy Frazier, Cummins Inc.
John Heywood, MIT
John Juriga, Hyundai Motor Group
Jeff Lux, FCA US LLC

Roundtable: Still Not Dead -Developments in ICE

Moderators - Lindsay Brooke, SAE International
Panelists - 
Scott Bailey, Tula Technology Inc.
Peter Davies, Honeywell Transportation Systems
Uwe Grebe, AVL LIST GmbH
Masahiro Moro, Mazda North American Operations
Fabien Redon, Achates Power Inc.
Atsushi Teraji, Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.

TechTalk: Key Trends that are Shaping the Market/the Future

Jonathan Smoke, Cox Automotive

Roundtable: As Executives, Where are We Spending our Resources?

Moderators - John McElroy, Blue Sky Productions
Panelists - 
Jeff Hemphill, Schaeffler Group USA Inc.
Jon Lauckner, General Motors
Helen Pan, Baidu USA LLC
Kenneth Washington, Ford Motor Company
Kathy Winter, Intel