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Technical Programming on the Exhibit Floor


From thought-provoking perspectives on the potential implications of recent discoveries to illuminating insights on the business side of the mobility industry, these distinguished speakers offer vital messages for every engineering professional to carry with them throughout the conference and beyond.

Leadership Summit

Industry executives share insights that move business and technology forward, shaping the trajectory of mobility. The Leadership Summit disseminates cutting-edge ideas in a single forum.

Knowledge Bar

Exchange ideas on current and future innovations in a casual environment. Drop in and get answers to your most pressing mobility industry questions from subject-matter experts.

Learning Lab

Peer into the future of mobility and discuss the latest products in an intimate venue. You’ll engage with interactive and one-on-one presentations featuring exhibitors’ newest technology.

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2020 Technology Pavilions

Connect directly with new technology powering emerging concepts and products and services in specialized zones across the exhibition floor. From battery and EV technology to materials development, target exactly what you need to position your business for what’s next. Explore this year's line-up of innovative pavilions from across the world.

Battery Technology Show 2020

Held in partnership with WCX on the show floor, this pavilion reveals new products, technologies and services covering the battery management systems, EV battery, battery storage, battery development/discovery, commercial and mobile power device sectors. 

Israel Pavilion

See the latest mobility technology breakthroughs engineered by Israel companies in this dedicated area.

Korean Pavilion

Visit this exclusive area where exhibitors—from startups to well-established mobility players—showcase the latest innovations coming out of South Korea.

Start-up Pavilion

Discover emerging ideas and innovations in this exciting area dedicated to startups.

Lightweighting - Materials - Efficiency Pavilion

Investigate the latest in material development, application and research and development organizations.

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The History of the Future: Mid-Engine Evolution

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Location: Booth 2301

This year, the SAE Mobility History Committee is showcasing and presenting mid-engine vehicle technology at WCX 2020.  You’ll be able to experience the evolution of mid-engine vehicles by committee members showing a range of early to modern vehicles, with examples of both rear and front mid-engine layouts.  The exhibit will also demonstrate how the mid-engine concept has existed from the earliest days of motoring through today.


History of Mid-Engine Evolution

A mid-engine vehicle today is identified as a vehicle having the engine placement to the rear of the driver, but ahead of the rear axle.  However, other mid-engine drivetrain layouts have been produced (mostly at low volume), since the 1900’s.  In general terms, engine placement between the front and the rear axles qualifies as a mid-engine vehicle. 

Some of the earliest motor vehicles were constructed as mid-engine vehicles, with the engine beneath the floor or front seat, ahead of the rear axle.  Over time, front-engine, rear-wheel drive vehicles gained popularity, along with rear-engine, rear-wheel drive and front-engine, front-wheel drive configurations. 

 The benefits of the mid-engine drivetrain layout in passenger automobiles are primarily weight distribution and handling.  The challenges include cooling and packaging; such as, the sacrifice of passenger and cargo space.  In today’s market, the mid-engine layout is primarily seen in 2-passenger sports cars.   

Historically, car makers involved in racing grasped these benefits with Auto Union leading the way in the mid-1930's.  In the 1960's, Colin Chapman and Jack Brabham won races with rear mid-engine Lotus and Cooper entries.  Since then, all Formula 1 race cars have been mid-engine.    


The History of the Future: Mid-Engine Evolution theme will enlighten visitors regarding the history of mid-engine technology. This is accomplished by showing that mid-engine vehicles have a long history, and have evolved over time into sophisticated, high-performance motor vehicles.  

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