Tuesday Opening Keynote Presentations

Come hear John and Jeff share their insight on the technology innovation impacting the automotive industry and organizational changes need to be embraced in order to be successful in on April 21st during this first of a kind "dual keynote and Conversation" at the Leadership Summit.

Following their talks John and Jeff sit down for an engaging conversation to further address their thoughts and ideas as well as answer your questions. 

John Ellis

Ship-and-Forget to Ship-and-Remember: The Existential Question

The rise of connectivity in vehicles is at an all-time high. It is anticipated that the US car park will be more than 80% connected by 2025. Moreover, without software, the modern car is nothing more than an expensive paperweight. John will explore how more than ever, the automotive industry is faced with *the* existential question: To change their business model from the historic Ship-and-Forget to Ship-and-Remember.

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Jeff DeGraff

When Technology Won’t Win the Innovation Race

If we are transitioning to a new business model then why won’t the first to master technology win the innovation race?  Jeff will talk on the power of constructive conflict, value creation and opinion diversity to show how successful companies look at developing culture, competency and community.   He concludes on how better evaluation of where the market is going and finding the right cultural mindset can position automotive companies for success.

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Featured Speakers

Robert Brown

Head of Public Policy & Government Affairs, TuSimple

Daniel Goff

Head of Policy, Kodiak

Jean Kao

Principal Product Manager, Populus

Jonny Morris

Head of Public Policy, Embark

Stephan Olsen

General Manager, PACCAR

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