By Engineers for Engineers - Three Days. Nine Technology Tracks. One Exceptional Program.


4000 individuals have created one exceptional program that brings Experts from within the industry to address technical advancements and offer insights that are critical to the growth of the industry. Be a part of these important conversations as the entire technical mobility community collaborates to overcome the biggest challenges facing the industry today and tomorrow.

All timed agendas are subject to change. 

Engage with industry experts assembled and know that you'll also gain an in-depth understanding on the following topics:

Advanced Propulsion 

Hear from experts from hybrid/ full electric and hydrogen vehicles in addition to ICE advancements, as they discuss critical challenges, development and case studies on technologies involved in motor and power electronics, battery, fuel cells, engine boosting, fuel economy, fuel injection, and new engine development.

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Design and Manufacturing

Experts focused on 3D printing, simulation, Industry 4.0, modeling smart factories, robotics, CAD/CAM/CAE, blockchain, artificial intelligence, design optimization technologies focused on ICE, electric vehicle and electrification discuss the critical issues, challenges and applications in vehicle designed and advanced manufacturing.

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Electronics / Connectivity / IOT / Smart City

Accelerate your learning in Autonomous vehicles, safety, intelligent transportation systems, software, vehicle diagnostics, CyberSecurity, ADAS development and deployment, in addition to active and passive safety.

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Materials and Lightweighting

WCX features subject matter experts that address subjects critical to future vehicle development and lightweighting.  Sessions focus on the criticality of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, composites, plastics, polymers, and other lightweight materials.

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Body / Chassis / Occupant and Pedestrian Safety / Structure

Problem solved with subject matter experts on human factors, biomechanics, vehicle dynamics, accident reconstruction, ADAS, and critical seating issues.

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Military Ground Vehicle

Understanding the criticality of technology transfer, WCX has begun the development of sessions focused on military application of materials, design, electrification, interiors, ADAS and Autonomous technology.

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Emissions / Environment / Sustainability / Thermal Management

Enhance your understanding on areas of vehicle emission, environmental impacts and sustainability including thermal management, exhaust emissions, particulates, modeling as well as end-of-life, alternate energy and electrification strategies.

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Motorsports Engineering

Throughout automotive development, motorsports is a testbed for product development.  From the analogy of “Race on Sunday, Sell on Monday” The Indy autonomous challenge is just the latest of technology edge cases designed to advance traditional vehicle safety, HMI, design, and AI.  This session will feature discussions from universities, racing programs and OEMS on the latest advancement in motorsports technology and their potential application to traditional ground vehicles.

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WCX features 3 different sessions of subject matter experts that address subjects critical to future vehicle development via the latest technologies surrounding NVH and sound quality.   Experts comprise the entire supply chain community – from OEMs and tier suppliers to manufacturers, material developers, and researchers.  We have sought out individuals to addresses critical pain points engineers are experiencing with solutions that will help them solve issues on technology development and integration that affect day-to-day vehicle development.

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