Announcing WCX 2022 Call for Papers

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Mobility engineers rely on research and insights like yours in order to make critical decisions that impact vehicle, component and systems development. SAE invites you to extend your subject-matter expertise to the global industry by preparing an abstract for the 2022 WCX™ World Congress Experience. If your submission is selected by the SAE committee, you will share your manuscript and present your work at WCX 2022.

Showcase your research and gain visibility among leading mobility professionals from around the world!

Submit an abstract about the following topics:

  • Advanced Propulsion / Powertrain
  • Automotive Electronics / Connectivity / Vehicle IoT / Smart Cities / Infrastructure / Active Safety
  • Body / Chassis / Occupant Protection and Pedestrian Safety / Structure
  • Emissions / Environment / Sustainability / Thermal Management
  • Materials and Lightweighting
  • Integrated Design
  • Smart Manufacturing
  • Military Ground Vehicles
  • NVH
  • Motorsports Engineering



Submission period:
June 1 - August 31, 2021

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If your submission is selected by the SAE committee, you will share your technical paper and present your work at WCX 2022 (In-person or Digitally).

Topics Under Discussion

Advanced Propulsion / Powertrain

Over 200 hours of technical content has been developed by session organizers for the powertrain/propulsion engineer or engineering manager. They have compiled experts from ICE, hybrid and full electric vehicles, to discuss critical challenges, development and case studies on technologies involved in driveline, engine boosting, fuel economy, fuel injection, IVT/CVT, new engine development, motor and power electronics, batteries, as well as fuel cells.

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Body / Chassis / Occupant Protection and Pedestrian Safety / Structure

As we move from SAE levels 1-5 of automated vehicles, the criticality of occupant protection and safety as well as chassis and structure development cannot be underestimated. WCX Organizers bring over 175 critical subject matter experts from OEMs, suppliers and consultants to present at 40 sessions on issues around human factors, biomechanics, vehicle dynamics, aerodynamics, accident reconstruction, pedestrian, vehicle impact, crashworthiness, tires, wheels, lights and restraints.

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Automotive Electronics / Connectivity / Vehicle IoT / Smart City / Infrastructure / Active Safety

WCX features over 30 different sessions over 3 days on safety-critical systems, L4/L5 autonomy, intelligent transportation systems, software, testing and instrumentation, vehicle diagnostics, simulation and modeling mechatronics, vehicle sensors and actuators, multimedia systems, vehicle information and communication, cybersecurity, IoT/Blockchain, and many other automobile electronics topics.

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Emissions / Environment / Sustainability / Thermal Management

WCX features about 20 different sessions over 3 days on vehicle emissions, environmental impacts, climate control, thermal management, thermal modeling, emissions measurement, end-of-life strategies, alternative energies, electrification strategies, and many other related topics.

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Smart Manufacturing

This track focuses on digital thread/digital twin, robotics and manufacturing automation, smart manufacturing, industry 4.0 and additive manufacturing.

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Integrated Design

This track focuses on blockchain, CAD, CAM, CAE, and optimization, augmented and virtual reality, Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT), reliability / deterministic and reliability-based design, body design and engineering and AI and ML in vehicle-level applications.

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Materials and Lightweighting

WCX features about 20 different sessions and more than 125 subject matter experts that address subjects critical to future vehicle development and lightweighting.  Sessions focus on the criticality of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, composites, plastics, polymers, and other lightweight materials like graphene.

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This Track serves is designed to share the latest technologies surrounding NVH and sound quality. Seeking submissions from the entire supply chain community – from OEMs and tier suppliers to manufacturers, material developers, and researchers.

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Military Ground Vehicles

This Track serves as a forum to address the unique challenges, current gaps, and emerging technologies related to the design, development, and manufacturing of military ground vehicles. The scope includes modeling, simulation, performance analysis, optimization, testing, and validation.

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Motorsports Engineering

This session focusses on the links between motorsports, the mainstream automotive industry and academia. As such, it is the forum at the WCX where ideas and knowledge involving motorsports can be exchanged between the three communities. This exchange will be accomplished by the use of featured speakers from motorsports, and presentations, both written and oral, of topics deemed to be of relevant interest to the motorsports community in general, and to students and faculty involved in engineering education.

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