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Share your expertise at WCX 2021


Automotive engineers are facing critical pain points as technology advances, impacting vehicle development on a daily basis.  As a subject matter expert facing these issues, SAE invites you to share your knowledge and experiences by preparing an abstract for WCX 2021.  The resulting manuscripts and/or oral presentations may help others solve similar problems or provide them with a better understanding on emerging technology advancements.


Submission period: May 1 – August 10, 2020

Topics Under Discussion

Advanced Propulsion/Powertrain

Over 200 hours of technical content has been developed by session organizers for the powertrain/propulsion engineer or engineering manager. They have compiled experts from ICE, hybrid and full electric vehicles, to discuss critical challenges, development and case studies on technologies involved in driveline, engine boosting, fuel economy, fuel injection, IVT/CVT, new engine development, motor and power electronics, batteries, as well as fuel cells.


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Body/Chassis/Occupant Protection and Pedestrian Safety/ Structure

As we move from SAE levels 1-5 of automated vehicles, the criticality of occupant protection and safety as well as chassis and structure development cannot be underestimated. WCX Organizers bring over 175 critical subject matter experts from OEMs, suppliers and consultants to present at 40 sessions on issues around human factors, biomechanics, vehicle dynamics, aerodynamics, accident reconstruction, pedestrian, vehicle impact, crashworthiness, tires, wheels, lights and restraints.


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Automotive Electronics/Connectivity/IoT/Smart City/ Infrastructure/Active Safety

WCX features over 30 different sessions over 3 days on safety-critical systems, L4/L5 autonomy, intelligent transportation systems, software, testing and instrumentation, vehicle diagnostics, simulation and modeling mechatronics, vehicle sensors and actuators, multimedia systems, vehicle information and communication, cybersecurity, IoT/Blockchain, and many other automobile electronics topics.


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Emissions/Environment/Sustainability/Thermal Management

WCX features about 20 different sessions over 3 days on vehicle emissions, environmental impacts, climate control, thermal management, thermal modeling, emissions measurement, end-of-life strategies, alternative energies, electrification strategies, and many other related topics.


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Manufacturing Engineering

WCX features about 25 different sessions and more than 175 subject matter experts that address subjects critical to future vehicle development and manufacture, such as Industry 4.0, 3D printing, simulation, modeling, smart factories, IOT/blockchain and robotics.


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Materials Engineering

WCX features about 20 different sessions and more than 125 subject matter experts that address subjects critical to future vehicle development and lightweighting.  Sessions focus on the criticality of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, composites, plastics, polymers, and other lightweight materials like graphene.


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How to Submit an Abstract


Abstracts must be submitted online via website page to only ONE session.

Offered papers shall not have been previously published; if accepted, contributors will not release their paper for publication through other media.

The following will be needed during the submission:

  1. A summary that states the objective of the paper/presentation

  2. Tentative title

  3. Name of the author and co-authors and all contact information

  4. Selection of the most appropriate technical Session

*Approval to publish will be based on an organizer-moderated peer review of a review-ready manuscript.

View the resources below to assist with preparing your paper and presentation.


Submit My Abstract


  • Portal for submission of abstracts will open: May 1, 2020

  • Abstract submission period: May 1 through August 10, 2020

  • Review-Ready Manuscripts due to session organizers: September 21, 2020

  • Final Manuscripts and copyright assignment due to SAE: December 21, 2020

Upon submission, your submission will be assigned a tracking number and will be emailed to you as the confirmation of submission. Please include the tracking number in all communications. If you do not receive a confirmation with tracking number at that point, please retry on-line submission or contact Nori Fought.

View full list of deadlines here.


Why publish with SAE?


Here are just a few reasons to choose SAE as a publisher for your manuscript:

  • The SAE name is synonymous with high-quality information for mobility engineers worldwide.

  • SAE's customer base includes more than 500,000 automotive and aerospace individuals from around the world, 127,000 of which are members serviced annually by the organization.

  • SAE offers premier project management, editorial, and production services.

  • As a small, niche publisher, SAE offers highly personalized attention to its authors throughout the publishing process.

  • Extensive resource tools for authors.

For questions contact:

Nori Fought
Content Administrator
SAE International

Important Information

At WCX, not all Published papers will be selected for Presentation.  Presentations are selected on applicability and number of available speaking slots. To increase your chances to have an abstract selected and to receive a podium spot, it is critical that you clearly define the pain point engineers are having and proposed solutions that will allow them to move forward in their development process.

If you are selected for a podium and are a no-show, your paper will be withdrawn, and you will need to resubmit your abstract/manuscript for a completely new review.

Please note that speakers will be charged a nominal fee to attend this conference.