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Embark on an interactive journey into the future of automotive innovation on the WCX Exhibition Floor. In a dynamic marketplace of products, ideas and solutions, you’ll network and collaborate with the brightest minds in mobility—10,000 technical experts and business leaders offering a forward-thinking look into the latest trends and innovations, from blockchain and IoT to powertrain and safety.

Over three days of interactive learning, expert insight, inspiring futures and technological innovation, you’ll engage in all the hottest topics in mobility technology and absorb impactful takeaways that will drive your career and business forward.

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Connect with the WCX exhibitors who will grow your business and your career.

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Technology and Start-up Pavilions

In four specialized zones on the exhibition floor, you’ll experience the next generation of mobility—self-driving technologies, aftermarket enhancements, connectivity and more.

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Leadership Summit

Industry executives share insights that move business and technology forward, shaping the trajectory of mobility. The Leadership Summit disseminates cutting-edge ideas in a single forum.

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Learning Lab

Peer into the future of mobility and discuss the latest products in an accommodating venue. You’ll engage with interactive and one-on-one presentations featuring new technology from exhibitors.

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Knowledge Bar

Exchange ideas on today and tomorrow’s innovations in a casual environment. Drop in to the Knowledge Bar and get answers to your most pressing mobility industry questions from subject-matter experts.

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