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The WCX News page is your source for the latest WCX event details including keynote annoucements, technical programming developments, and much more.

Plus, while staying abreast of event details get a sneak preview into the technical content through a series of articles covering the feasibility of connected vehicles and automous driving. From specialized engineers to technology executives, and from OEMs to suppliers, decision-makers and disruptors, mobility industry professionals gather in Motor City for three days of interactive learning, expert insight, and technological inspiration and innovation.
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What Does the Future Hold for Mobility

The mobility industry progresses every day—do you have a plan to adapt and advance in a rapidly changing field? We asked a few experts leading sessions and Leadership Summit discussions at  WCXTM for insights so you can prepare for the challenges and opportunities in 2019 and beyond.
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Learn How Roborace Shifts Progress Into High Gear at WCX™ 2019 TechTalks

Roborace Chief Strategy Officer Bryn Balcombe, a TechTalk presenter at WCX 2019, discusses how the world’s first competition for human/AI teams will serve as a platform to test the development of automated driving systems.

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WCX Registration Open

SAE International announces that registration now is open for the 2019 WCX: World Congress Experience. The future of mobility is constantly in motion, and nowhere is the spirit of innovation and exploration more evident than at WCX World Congress Experience.
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