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Design and Manufacturing Technical Sessions

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Reliability and Robust Design in Automotive Engineering

This session is seeking submissions on reliability and robust design methods, good practices and applications, including among others uncertainty quantification, RBDO as well as accelerated reliability and durability testing.

Design for Reliability and Uncertainty Quantification

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Reliability and Robust Design in Automotive Aero-Thermal and Fluid Systems

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Development Trends in Reliability and Durability

This session covers new ideas, approaches and trends in the broad areas of reliability and durability.

Robust Design and DFSS

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Intelligent Manufacturing / Industry 4.0

This session focuses on AR/VR, additive manufacturing, digital twin, robotics, artificial intelligence (AI)-including machine learning, big data-including predictive analytics, predictive/preventative maintenance, industrial internet of things (IIoT), and other smart manufacturing technologies.

Modelling, Simulation, and Testing

This session focuses on automotive applications, (AI)-including machine learning using connected vehicle data sources, predictive/preventative maintenance, and big data analytics.

Military Ground Vehicles

This session serves as a forum to address the unique challenges, current gaps, and emerging technologies related to the design, development, and manufacturing of military ground vehicles. The scope includes modeling, simulation, performance analysis, optimization, testing, and validation.

Body Engineering and Design

Body Engineering & Design covers several important areas that are related to vehicle body, including its components such as instrument panel, steering column and wheel, seats, hood, decklid, transmission cross-member, hard mounted chassis, CRFM, etc. Topics included are:  Novel concepts, Analysis, Design, Testing, Predictions of strength, stiffness, and fatigue life, welding methods, vehicle body quality, durability, reliability, safety, ride & handling, NVH, aerodynamics, mass reduction, as well as fuel economy.

CAD/CAM/CAE Technology

This session publishes papers and presentations advancing the knowledge in product design, manufacturing processes, and engineering analysis using the state-of-the-art computer technology.  The scope includes such areas as CFD, manufacturing and assembly simulation, crash-worthiness, computational mechanics, mold flow, ride simulation, ergonomic design, NVH, reverse engineering, etc.  Developments in numerical methods applicable to automotive engineering problems will also be considered.

Design Optimization - Methods and Applications

Design Optimization Methods and Application session features papers on new and improved optimization techniques and on application of different optimization methods in component and vehicle design. Methods include deterministic and stochastic optimization techniques. Applications range from noise pressure optimization and vehicle dynamic response optimization to sub-system topology and shape and full vehicle gage and topology optimization.