Video Highlights

TechTalk: Intelligent Motorsport - The Most Extreme Proving Ground for Self-Driving Cars?

Bryn Balcombe, Roborace

Connect2Car Roundtable: What Do Autonomous Vehicles Mean for Regulation?

Moderators - David Zuby, Insurance Institute for Highway Safety
Panelists - 
Nat Beuse, Uber
Tim Johnson, NHTSA
Kelly Nantel, National Safety Council
Eryk Nice, Aptiv
Desi Ujkashevic, Ford Motor Company
David Woessner, Local Motors Limited

Connect2Car Roundtable: CyberSecurity, Do We Feel Good Enough to be Just a Little Paranoid?

Moderators - Gloria D'Anna, General Telecom Systems Inc.
Panelists - 
Kevin W. Gay, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
Larry Hilkene, Cummins
Jeffrey Massimilla, General Motors
Kevin Walker, Aptiv
Andre Weimerskirch, Lear Corporation

TechTalk: Artificial Intelligence: The Winter of our Discontent or Mild Spring Frost?

Sky Matthews, IBM 

Connect2Car Roundtable: Does Deploying Safe AV's Require Rethinking Validation?

Moderators - Timothy Yerdon, Ford Motor Company
Panelists - 
Colm Boran, Ford Motor Co., Ltd.
Hurley Davis, Elektrobit
Eryk Nice, Aptiv
Kirk Steudle, Econolite Control Products Inc.
Edward Straub, SAE International
Jack Weast, Intel/Mobileye

Connect2Car Roundtable: The Business Challenges on System Engineering for Automated Driving Technologies

Moderators - Anne O'Neil, Anne O'Neil Consultants LLC
Panelists - 
William Bolander, Method Park America Inc.
Henry Bzeih, Flex
Luke Harvey, NVIDIA
Lance Smith, GM
Timothy Yerdon, Ford Motor Company

Wednesday Opening Keynote: Safety, ADAS to AD

Erez Dagan, Executive VP Products and Strategy, Mobileye; VP, Intel Corporation

Executive Interview with Ken Washington, Ford Motor Company

TechTalk: The Future of Mobility – Moving People, Data and Freight

Shailen Bhatt, ITS America

Connect2Car Roundtable: What is the Benchmark and Expectation AI in Automotive?

Moderators - Michael Wagner, Edge Case Research LLC
Panelists - 
Bryan Goodman, Ford Motor Co.
Alisyn Malek, May Mobility Inc.
Sky Matthews, IBM
Cetin Mericli, Locomation
Kay Stepper, Robert Bosch LLC
Jack Weast, Intel/Mobileye

Connect2Car Roundtable: Privacy and Customer Acceptance of Data Monetization

Moderators - Jeff Plungis, Consumer Reports
Panelists - 
Gahl Berkooz, ZF Friedrichshafen AG
Doug Betts, JD Power And Associates
Charles Eagan, BlackBerry
Niranjan Manohar, Frost & Sullivan
Ellen Partridge, Shared Use Mobility Center
Karlyn Stanley, RAND Corp.

TechTalk: Trust in Tech

Charles Eagan, BlackBerry

Connect2Car Roundtable: What is the Future Vision of a Vehicle's Interior and the Technology to Deliver Upon this Digital Environment?

Moderators - Jeevak A. Badve, Sundberg-Ferar Inc.
Panelists - 
Stefan Buerkle, Robert Bosch LLC
Justin McBride, DENSO International America Inc.
Tim Potok, FCA
Rashmi Rao, Harman Automotive Inc.
Tamara Snow, Continental AG
Adam Tacey, Nissan Technical Center

Connect2Car Roundtable: Technology Transition: Cloud and Car Enabled Digital Services

Moderators - James Misener, Qualcomm Technologies Inc.
Panelists - 
Donald Butler, Ford Motor Company
Mitch Dornich, Siriusxm Connected Vehicle Services
Maxime Flament, 5GAA-5G Automotive Association
Sethuraman Gopal, Rivian Automotive
Brian Keller, AT&T
Hank Skorny, APTIV