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Hybrid-EV Committee Publishes SAE J3072 on Interconnection Requirements for Onboard, Grid Support Inverter Systems

Guest Post By Hank McGlynn
Posted: June 19, 2024

Questions about grid support for vehicles abound across the U.S.

The California Public Utility Commission (CPUC) directed its utilities to work with industry and standards development organizations (SDO) to develop standards to support AC Vehicle to Grid (V2G-AC).

SAE J3072 was identified by the CPUC as a standard to be considered for the vehicle.

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Fullsight Participates in First Pittsburgh Pride Parade

Posted: June 12, 2024

On Saturday, June 1, Fullsight, along with affiliates SAE International, Performance Review Institute (PRI) and SAE Industry Technologies Consortia (ITC) marched together in the Pride Parade, part of the annual Pittsburgh Pride Celebration.

The organization’s participation reflects its Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) efforts and emphasizes the position that SAE and all its affiliates take – mobility is for everyone.

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The Art of Economics of Technical Collaboration

SAE J3311 – Vehicle Platform Power Management

Posted: June 3, 2024
Guest Post by Gary Martz, Senior Director Advanced Technology Standards, Intel Automotive

When it comes to technical innovations, we value our own ideas, and we like to exploit the best ones for the specific economic advantage of our companies. We also like to move quickly, sing our own familiar development processes, and not be slowed down by unnecessary bureaucracy. Sometimes we strike gold. Being the first mover with novel and proprietary IP can deliver tremendous economic benefit. This type of approach can be highly successful but is this the right thing to do all the time? Can this approach sometimes be harmful to our companies by putting limits on market growth? I would argue that the benefits of a proprietary approach can be limited as these solutions can be eventually overwhelmed by the critical mass of broad industry collaboration

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Leidos Program Manager Shares Insight into Latest Edge Research Report

Posted: May 31, 2024

Sustainability is a hot button issue in the transportation issue, but with all the questions swirling around implementation, one keeps rising to the top—

How do we sustainably fund transportation?

Senior Transportation Planner and Program Manager at Leidos Sonika Sethi recently authored the SAE Edge™ Research Report Toward an Integrated Transportation Pricing Approach Using Vehicle-based Technologies. The report presents critical technology issues around a miles-based sustainable transportation funding solution, in light of the trend of declining gas tax receipts.

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SAE’s Marc LeDuc Shares the Value of Publishing with SAE

Posted: May 21, 2024

Marc LeDuc has two teenage sons who are new drivers on the road, and a passion for ensuring minimum safety systems are standard across the vehicles they drive.

The SAE International Content Development Manager, Engineering Events, took that enthusiasm, asked himself what he could do to make the next generation of vehicles the safest, and applied that mentality to his role. 

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Formula SAE Sponsors Find Recruitment to be the Number One Benefit

Posted: May 17, 2024

Formula SAE students are top talent and industry knows it.

SAE’s University Programs could not exist without the support of our various partners, each who play not only an important role in competition season, but in the mobility industry itself. The robust group of sponsors and volunteers at Michigan International Speedway joining us for the 2024 Formula SAE IC competition proved just that.

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SAE Books Recognized for Editorial Excellence

Posted: May 14, 2024

While many people claim spring as their favorite season, it means more to the SAE Books team as spring is book award season.

SAE Books has once again been honored with multiple awards from the Independent Book Publishers Association’s (IBPA) Benjamin Franklin Awards™ and the 2024 Independent Press Awards.

“It’s that magical time when publishers await our version of an Academy Award ® envelope – namely the coveted e-mail notification,” said Sherry Nigam, Publisher.

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SAE International Recognizes the Class of 2023 SAE Fellows

Posted: May 7, 2024

SAE International honored 25 SAE members with the highest grade of SAE membership.

Established in 1975, the Fellow grade membership recognizes and honors long-term members who have made a significant impact on society's mobility technology through leadership, research, and innovation.

This year class was honored during the Fellows Reception on April 15, 2024, at the Westin Book Cadillac ahead of WCX.

Congratulations to the Class of 2023 Fellows.

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Biden-Harris Administration Invests $54 Million to Expand Clean Transportation Across American Communities, SAE Members Invited to Apply for Funds

Posted: May 3, 2024

The future of clean transportation is unfolding in real time.

Will you be a part of it?

The Biden-Harris Administration recently announced a $54 million Communities Taking Charge Accelerator funding opportunity through the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law to enhance electric mobility in communities without access to home charging infrastructure and to transition all types of fleets to electric vehicles.

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Mechanical Engineering Graduate Shares Insight Behind Aerodynamics Paper and Presentation at WCX 2024

Posted: May 3, 2024

David Galvis was looking for a way to stand out amongst his peers.

He found the perfect opportunity through SAE International.

During his undergraduate experience University of La Sabana, Columbia, David wrote the technical paper “Aerodynamic analysis of ultra-efficient vehicle prototype: Effect of spoked wheels and different configurations,” which he recently presented at SAE International’s WCX.

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YEP Jonathan Wine making his mark through SAE activities

Posted: April 30, 2024

One opportunity can make all the difference to a burgeoning career.

For Jonathan Wine, that opportunity came in the form of research through his Eaton engineering co-op,  where he worked as lead author on a recently published SAE International technical paper addressing on-road vs. off-road low load cycle comparison.

The paper covers an effort to reduce emission levels, specifically NOx, and was supported by the U.S. Department of Energy. Wine presented the team’s learnings during a technical session at SAE’s flagship event, WCX, this April in Detroit, Michigan.

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Beyond Mobility: Health and Safety Applications at Forefront of AS6228A and AIR6916

Published: April 29, 2024

Using the necessary tools for your work shouldn’t present a safety hazard.

The SAE International EG-1B1 Power Tools – Productivity, Ergonomics and Safety Committee is working to make sure that is true for the aerospace industry. Recent publications AIR6916 – Guide for Safety, Efficiency and Productivity in Buying Power Hand Tools and AS6228A – Safety Requirements for Procurement, Maintenance, and Use of Handheld Power Tools are designed to do just that. 

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eVTOL Expert Gives Insight into Public Service Vertical Flight Technologies  

Posted: April 29, 2024

In an emergency situation, a few seconds can mean the difference between life or death.

But often in these crucial moments, on-road vehicles can encounter difficulties reaching a patient or an accident, costing that precious time. With the evolution of electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL), though, mobility engineers are working on a solution to get that time back.

President of International Vehicle Research Inc. and co-chair of Transformative Vertical Flight Public Service Working Group, Johnny Doo recently published "The Use of eVTOL Aircraft for First Responder, Police, and Medical Transport Applications" to discuss the challenges that need to be addressed for eVTOL before these lifesaving capabilities can be widely applied.

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SAE Recognizes Industry Leaders and Innovators with the Mobility Industry’s Highest Honors  

Posted: April 25, 2024 

There aren’t many occasions where you get the mobility industry’s best and brightest under the same roof. 

On April 16, SAE International did just that as it recognized the 2024 SAE International Award recipients of Mobility’s Highest Honors at the SAE awards ceremony held in conjunction with SAE’s WCX in Detroit, Michigan.    

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SAE International President Carla Bailo Speaks with Ford’s Doug Field to Discuss Product Design, Software-Defined Vehicles, and the Future of Autonomy at WCX 2024

Posted: April 24, 2024

When it comes to developing technology, one of the most important things to consider are the people that use it.

Ford’s Chief EV Digital Design Officer, Doug Field, emphasized the critical relationship between designers, engineers, and customers during his fireside chat with SAE International President Carla Bailo. He described how product design informed by audience feedback can help make emerging technologies more useful to public audiences.

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Former GM Powertrain Expert Andy Jeffers Hosts Panel at WCX to Discuss the Future of Standards Post- SAE J3400 (NACS)

Posted: April 24, 2024

Since the development of Tesla’s North American Charging Standard (NACS)—being standardized now as SAE J3400—standardization has become a hot topic in the mobility industry.

Former GM Powertrain Expert Andy Jeffers sat down with Intel’s Rebecca Delgado, Toyota’s James Flaherty, the US Department of Energy’s Sarah Hipel, and SAE International’s Christian Thiele on the final day of WCX 2024 to discuss this topic.

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What does SAE J3277 mean for EV Batteries’ packs performance and safety?

Guest Post by Hemi Sagi, SAE J3277 and SAE J3277-1 Documents Sponsor
Posted: April 23, 2024

Many questions surround electric vehicles as they become more prevalent in the market, but one looms as the largest—and arguably most important: is it safe?

Vehicles using high voltage systems for electrified propulsion are expected to be introduced to the market in increasing quantities, including plug-in electric vehicles (EV) and hybrid electric vehicles (HEV). These vehicles include Rechargeable Energy Storage Systems, RESS (battery packs) that might be mounted in locations that are exposed to water, either through rain and snow weather conditions or relatively low levels of standing water. Users of these vehicles are anticipated to have some amount of assurance that such water exposure will be unlikely to result in harmful water leakage into a battery pack.

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Qualcomm’s Sripriya Raghunathan Discusses Impact of Software-Defined Vehicles and Generative Artificial Intelligence at WCX 2024 

Posted: April 19, 2024

With automotive and technology merging, it’s time to learn and relearn. 

Sripriya Raghunathan, Vice President of Engineering at Qualcomm Technologies, Inc., opened day two of WCX with a keynote session on Empowering Software-Defined Vehicles (SDVs) with Generative Artificial Intelligence.  

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SAE Responder Safety Group Introduces SAE J3108/1 Recommended Practice (RP) as an Identification Method for Alternative Fuel Vehicles

Guest Post by Robert Swaim,

SAE Hybrid and EV First and Second Responder Task Force J2990

Firefighters responding to car fires increasingly face an identification problem that can pose extreme risks. As high voltage lithium-based batteries become more common there are fewer ways to spot which cars have an internal combustion engine (ICE), is hybrid plug-in electric vehicle (PHEV), or an electric vehicle (EV). For example, the Hyundai Kona is offered in all three versions and while Jeep Wranglers seemingly all look alike, the model is offered in both ICE and PHEV versions. The subtle differences are a bulge in front of the driver mirror, blue tow hooks, and small blue text stating Wrangler and 4xe, all of which become even more inconspicuous on a dark or blue vehicle.

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Toyota’s Avinash Balachandran talks automaker’s AI advancements during SAE International’s WCX

Posted: April 17, 2024

Questions abound surrounding artificial intelligence (AI) and its impact on our shared future.  

At Toyota Research Institute, Avinash Balachandran, Ph.D., is working to help shape what that future looks like.

“My job is to look at the latest advancements in technology and discover what is next for Toyota—and as you can imaging, AI is a big part of that,” Dr. Balachandran told a packed room during SAE International’s WCX.

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Sandy Munro Talks Cybertruck Breakdown, Announces AutoDatas partnership at SAE International’s WCX

Posted: April 17, 2024

Munro and Associates were on site at SAE International’s WCX to discuss the Tesla Cybertruck with the vehicle in tow.

During his talk, Sandy Munro shared his thoughts on Tesla’s much talked about angular vehicle.

“This is, as far as I’m concerned, the most exciting vehicle I’ve seen in my life,” Munro said.

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WCX Preview: Qualcomm’s Jeremiah Golston Talks Future of Automotive Industry through the Software Defined Vehicle

Posted: April 9, 2024

It’s no secret that software defined vehicles (SDV) are driving us to the future.

While the term may be making a splash in media now, it’s been around for nearly a decade to describe the connected features used in modern vehicle systems.

Jeremiah Golston, Senior Vice President and Head of Automotive Engineering at Qualcomm, knows this better than most. He leads automotive engineering teams focused on chipset solutions for telematics, connectivity, and infotainment; C-V2X field trials; autonomy systems R&D; and concept car platforms showcasing next-generation technologies. 

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How can vehicle data advance sustainable mobility?

SAE International Journal of Electrified Vehicles Guest Editor Shares Insights Behind New Focus Issue

Posted: April 5, 2024

SAE International Journal of Electrified Vehicles recently published the Focus Issue Eco-Driving of Connected Electrified Vehicles in Intelligent Transportation Systems. This collection of articles centers around the use of data gathered from connected electric vehicles (CEVs) and how that data can be used to advance sustainable mobility. 

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WCX Preview: Toyota Research Institute’s Avinash Balachandran talks automotive future with AI disruptor

Posted: March 27, 2024

As Artificial Intelligence (AI) grows more sophisticated, the conversations around its applications are more complex and impossible to avoid.

With this new technology looming, professionals are at a crossroads that will shape our future, and the automotive industry is not immune.

Avinash Balachandran, Ph.D., Senior Director of the Human Interactive Driving research division at Toyota Research Institute (TRI), knows the tech is polarizing, and plans to address some of the concerns around AI in his talk Driving Forward or Braking Hard? The Age of AI in the Automotive Industry at WCX, happening April 16-18, 2024, in Detroit, Michigan.

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Meet the Author: Michele Kyrouz

Posted: March 26, 2024

How can we design mobility solutions that work for everyone?

In The New Mobility Handbook—2024 Edition author Michele Kyrouz explores the relationships between new mobility technologies, cities, and the people who live in them.

A lawyer and podcast host, Michele created the book to address mobility challenges faced by cities today, and provide solutions for how cars, micromobility and transit can work together in cities.

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SAE Books Wins 5 Independent Press Awards

Posted: March 11, 2024

Four years of consecutive recognition for editorial excellence is a feat for any publisher, and SAE International is showing its caliber as a publishing powerhouse.

SAE Books won five Independent Press Awards in 2024, a new record for an industry niche publisher.

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Future Fuels: What SAE J2601-5 Means for Industry Amidst Growing Interest in Hydrogen

Guest Post by Steve Mathison, SAE J2601-5 Document Sponsor
Posted: March 1, 2024

A recent well-written and informative SAE Media news article entitled “Time for Hydrogen” notes that hydrogen holds much promise in decarbonizing the transportation sector, and there is a flurry of R&D activity in bringing hydrogen powered mobility applications to market. 

And nowhere is this interest and activity more prominent than in the heavy-duty (HD) truck market. 

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GoAERO CEO shares insights on life-saving aerospace challenge

Posted: February 27, 2024

In the crucial minutes following disaster, how long do you want to wait for help to arrive?

For millions of people living in “ambulance deserts” far from emergency care, it can take 25 minutes or more for a medical crew to arrive. At minimum, this introduces extra anxiety into an already stressful situation—at worst, it costs lives.

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Hooked on Motorsports: A Journey through the FSAE Talent Pipeline into Racing

Guest Post by Rebecca Vollmann, courtesy of SAE Momentum
Posted: February 15, 2024

It’s race day. White-knuckled hands grip the steering wheel. Sweat beads on the furrowed brow, just barely visible under a balaclava. The helmet’s visor gets flicked down, the reflections of the competition, raring to go, glaring back. Senses are overcome by the rich smell of race fuel filling your nostrils and a cacophony of combustion becoming music to your ears. The roar of the engine drones out anything that doesn’t matter. All that does matter hinges on a green flag and the ability to put the accelerator pedal to the floor. 

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SAE Journal Editors Discuss New Research and the Future of Mobility

Posted: February 9, 2024

Nothing’s impossible for long.

Associate Editor of the SAE International Journal of Electrified Vehicles Dr. Hua “Kevin” Bai and Editor-in-Chief of the SAE International Journal of Sustainable Transportation, Energy, Environment, & Policy Dr. Srikanth Pilla know this better than anyone.

Both recently made Stanford University’s Top 2% Scientists list, another accomplishment added to their decade-spanning career achievements and accolades. This index highlights the most influential researchers based off citation metrics and is updated yearly.

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SAE Celebrates the First Cohort of the SAE/ChargerHelp EVSE Training Program

Posted: February 8, 2024

On Friday, February 2, SAE International joined partners ChargerHelp, Detroit at Work and Michigan Central, for an Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) Technician Training Showcase and Fireside Chat in Detroit, Michigan.

The meeting featured Michael Paras, Business Development, Partnerships, Product & Sales, SAE Sustainable Mobility Solutions, discussing the critical need for qualified technicians to service EV charging stations and SAE’s certification program.

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Euro NCAP Technical Director Provides Insights on Ratings System Rehaul

Posted: February 7, 2024

In its 2023 review, the European New Car Assessment Programme (Euro NCAP) announced a new rating scheme to evaluate vehicle safety.

But what does that mean for industry?

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Explore the Future of Autonomous Driving at Vehicle Automation Symposium 2024

Posted: February 7, 2024

SAE International is excited to host leaders from the global autonomous vehicle industry this May at the 2024 Vehicle Automation Symposium.

The event will take place in Frankfurt, Germany from May 7-8, with a theme of Getting to SAE Level 4™ and will drill down into the real-world challenges of taking vehicle automation into its next phase.

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SAE Recognizes Black History Month

Posted: February 6, 2024

SAE International is built on the contributions of mobility professionals, and our ability to innovate through the years is thanks to a diverse group of contributors. As the United States celebrates Black History Month and celebrates the achievements by African Americans for their role in U.S. history, we’re recognizing excellence and celebrating Black voices in mobility.

Join us in revisiting some of our favorite conversations with modern mobility leaders with the links below.

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Jeffrey Wishart Finds Fulfillment in Variety of Experiences at SAE

Posted: January 30, 2024

A diverse set of experience can prepare you for anything—and Jeffrey Wishart has taken that to heart.

Jeffrey is the VP of Innovation, Mobility with the Arizona Commerce Authority (ACA) and Fellow at the Science Foundation Arizona (SFAz), a non-profit research organization under the ACA. As a leader in this space, Jeffrey conducts critical research within mobility.

In addition to his role at SFAz, he’s gotten involved in several areas within SAE International. As a standards committee member, SAE book author, and event session organizer and so much more, Jeffrey is making a lasting impact with SAE.

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Guiding Emerging Mobility Leaders Through Mentorship: Jay Zhou & Moises Barbancho Duque

Posted: January 25, 2024

For Moises Barbancho Duque, Data Analyst Manager, Schindler Elevator Systems/ZLC-MIT, the SAE Mentoring Program was an obvious first step in starting his career in the automotive industry.

His interest and enthusiasm for autonomous vehicles led him to Dr. Zhou.

Dr. Jay Zhou, CTO, JHZ Strategic QA, is no stranger to SAE International. As a member for the past 20 years, Dr. Zhou has served as a mentor, fellow, industrial lecturer, section speaker and so much more.

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A Year in Review: SAE International Aerospace Standards

Posted: January 22, 2024
Guest Post by David Alexander, Senior Director, Standards for SAE International


In a year marked by both tumult and innovation, the SAE International standards program posted significant progress in 2023.

This past year, SAE saw a full return to the richness of in-person committee meetings with 157 in-person meetings, up from 114 in 2022, taking place in Japan, Austria, Finland, Brazil, United States, United Kingdom, France, India, Germany, and Canada. Both large and small, these face-to-face meetings allowed committee members to engage directly with each other in the development of true collaborative consensus standards while fostering a lasting professional community with worldwide reach.

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Guiding Emerging Mobility Leaders Through Mentorship: Pranay Banerjee & Hrithik Bhadauria

Posted: January 16, 2024

Did you know the SAE Mentor Program can benefit the mentee and the mentor?

Pranay Banerjee, Senior Technical Specialist in Engine Control at Cummins Inc., joined SAE seven years ago as a graduate student at Purdue University when he submitted his first conference paper for SAE’s WCX. Since then, he’s gotten involved in many areas of SAE, notably being an active participant in SAE’s Mentoring Program.

Pranay has been fortunate to have mentors throughout his academic and early professional career, so he wanted to use SAE’s Mentoring Program as an opportunity to give back to the STEM community, specifically young automotive engineers.

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Guiding Emerging Mobility Leaders Through Mentorship: Oghenemarho (Marho) Andrew Egbe & Mark Donaldson

Posted: January 11, 2024

When Oghenemarho (Marho) Andrew Egbe came across the SAE International LinkedIn page he figured what better place to start for his post-collegiate outlook.

Marho discovered a vibrant community and valuable resources for the automotive engineering field. Intrigued by the prospect of connecting with professionals and staying up to date with the latest industry developments, he decided to explore SAE further. That's when he discovered SAE's Mentoring Program. 

Pursuing his Masters in Engineering at the University of Windsor, there are a plethora similar mentorship programs available to him, so what led him to choose SAE's Mentoring program?

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SAE International issues critical new standard for lightweighting body panels, expert weighs in

Posted: January 8, 2024

SAE International’s Acoustical Materials Committee (AMC) recently released SAE J3130: Laboratory Measurement of Vibration Damping Properties Using Mechanical Impedance Method at the Center of a Bar.

This recommended practice provides a test procedure to measure the composite loss factor and bending stiffness properties of a system consisting of a damping material bonded to a vibrating bar which is excited at the center. 

This new test is a gamechanger for noise and vibration professionals, and as described by noise and vibration expert and AMC member Pranab Saha, Ph.D., P.E., “very critical for lightweighting body panels.”

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A Preview of the 2024 On-Board Diagnostics Symposium-Europe with Ian Short

Posted: January 4, 2023

SAE International’s On-Board Diagnostics Symposium-Europe (OBD-EU) serves as the industry’s highly trusted event providing regulatory and standards updates geared towards meeting European Commission and the California Air Resources Board ground vehicle emissions regulations.

Ian Short, Lead Engineer, OBD Calibration at Ricardo plc, shared his insights and excitement about 2024 OBD-EU, happening March 12-14 in Amsterdam.

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Textron Aviation’s Doug Sheridan Explains SAE ARP4754B™ and ARP4761A™ Standard Updates

Posted: January 2, 2023

Safety requires cross-industry consistency, making it crucial for standards like SAE ARP4754B™ and SAE ARP4761A™ to unite mobility professionals with up-to-date and agreed-upon qualifications.

Known as the Foundations of Aircraft and Systems Safety (FASS)  SAE ARP4754B™ and SAE ARP4761A™ do what their joint name suggests and have served as a guiding basis for aircraft systems safety tech since the 1990s.

This year, the SAE International S-18 Committee—responsible for the creation and upkeep of FASS—is making historic updates to the standards to ensure the safe development of the aerospace industry.

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Energy and Propulsion Expert Gives Insight Behind Research, Concepts, and Collaboration

Posted: December 22, 2023

When people come together, great things can be achieved.

Ratnak Sok serves as an Associate Professor at Waseda University in Tokyo, as well as an associate editor for three SAE Journals.

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2023 Reflections: It’s Actually Just ‘SAE’

Posted: December 21, 2023

2023 was a big year for SAE International.

We hosted our first-ever entirely electric Formula SAE, SAE's Sustainable Mobility Solutions announced that SAE is standardizing the North American Charging Standard connector, and we even met with members of the presidential cabinet—earning a name drop in a White House  press statement outlining the United States’ progress toward a fully electric future.

Among these high-profile partnerships and new endeavors, we’ve had more eyes on us than ever, earning callouts from industry titans—including former Microsoft CEO Bill Gates. The only problem: in the shout out, he refers to SAE as the “Society of American Engineers”—and that’s not our name.

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Researchers Provide Insight into Internal Combustion Engine Emission Reduction

Posted: December 20, 2023

Zhiyuan Wang understands the value of persistence and patience when conducting research.

His latest technical paper Effect of Olefin Component Mixed to Gasoline on Thermal Efficiency in EGR Diluted Conditions Using Single-Cylinder Engine shows just how much effort the Chiba University doctoral student of Mechanical Engineering and Medical Systems Engineering is willing to put into providing sound and thorough research.

Wang conducted his research under the guidance of Professor of Mechanical Engineering, Artificial Systems Science, and Director of the Center for Power Source Research for Next-Generation Mobility, Yasuo Moriyoshi.

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Tesla_Charging port.jpg

SAE J3400 and the game-changing advances in AC charging

Posted: December 19, 2023
Guest Post by Rodney McGee, Ph.D., P.E., University of Delaware.

SAE International's committee responsible for passenger electric vehicles has recently published SAE J3400, covering a coupler system used by the majority of electric vehicles on North American roads today. This marks a significant advancement for the industry, steering us away from proprietary/closed systems and towards industry-standard approaches for mass electrification. While much attention has been given to the switch from SAE J1772 to SAE J3400 (the North American Charging Standard, or NACS) for DC fast charging, this article will focus on AC charging because the majority of Americans with electric vehicles rely on it for their day-to-day commutes.

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Pruthav Patel.jpg

Formula EV Workshop Attendee Learns Tesla's Key Components to Competition Success

Posted: December 19, 2023

For young professionals preparing to enter the workforce, any opportunity to learn from innovative companies about developing technologies can change their futures. 

Pruthav Patel, a junior at the University of Maryland studying electrical engineering, gained valuable knowledge by attending the Formula SAE EV Workshop for the second year in a row. 

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SAE Chicago Section Ramps Up Student Mentoring and Outreach

Posted: December 8, 2023

Mentoring SAE student members and supporting SAE University Programs is a core part of the SAE Chicago Section’s mission.

To help facilitate those relationships, the Chicago Section has been working hard to step up their communications with the local universities they support with three officers dedicated to these activities.

From inviting students to attend their monthly board meetings to a Collegiate Design Series (CDS) presentation challenge where teams compete for funds for their vehicle builds to including students in their local events, the results have been extremely positive.

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Joan Wills_resize.jpg

Cummins Inc. Executive Shares the Benefits of SAE Involvement

Posted: December 5, 2023

With the role of Executive Director, Cummins Software and Electronics Engineering at Cummins Inc., why would Joan Wills devote so much time to SAE?

“One of the things that brings me energy is making connections between different technologies or between people. I find it motivating to contribute my talents to the formation of strategies that will be effective, and I believe in the missions of SAE International and the SAE Foundation,” Joan said. “The mission of the Foundation is supportive of the success of SAE and the industry as a whole. Right now, we have such a transformation in our technology that our industry is facing and having enough STEM talent is really important.”

Currently, Joan is a member of SAE International’s Board of Directors, an SAE Foundation Trustee, and recent inductee to the Class of 2022 SAE Fellows.

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Eight Contributors Recognized as Category Winners at 2023 Contributor of the Year

Posted: November 21, 2023

SAE International Marked its 5th Annual Contributor of the Year Celebration with a grand expansion, selecting members of its contributing class as Top Contributors in six different categories.

Join us in celebrating the winners:

  • Alexander Rath, Student Leadership
  • Curtis Biggs and Colby Clinton Gull, STEM Work
  • Angela Xydis and Jessica Swan, Leadership Contributions
  • Nick Hills, Outstanding Technical Contributions
  • Bob Galyen, Innovative Content Development
  • Alba Colon, Section Management

Congratulations, Top Contributors!

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SAE J2954 TF decides upon “Differential Inductive Positioning System” as alignment methodology in upcoming standard; finalizing set of requirements needed for mass production.

Posted: November 21, 2023
Guest Post by Jesse Schneider, CEO and CTO at ZEV Station, chair of the SAE Wireless Power Transfer Task Force

Wireless Power Transfer (WPT) following SAE J2954 enables fully automatic wireless charging solutions for electric vehicles and promises highly efficient charging (up to 93%) of electric and plug-in-hybrid vehicles. The missing piece of standardization of light duty WPT has been the specification of an alignment methodology which works in all weather conditions and environments, and ensuring it is interoperable between many different types of applications. The SAE Wireless Power Transfer & Alignment Taskforce has surveyed its members including vehicle automakers, TIER 1s, OEMs and wireless charging suppliers to determine a minimum common method for alignment (fine alignment, pairing, and alignment check) to be standardized. After a comprehensive testing program and background information, the taskforce agreed to a common alignment method for all public ground-side infrastructure called “Differential Inductive Positioning System” or DIPS for short.

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Sara T Shunkwiler_resize.jpg

From Corporate to Classroom: AWIM Volunteer Becomes STEM Advocate for All

Posted: November 9, 2023

Sara Shunkwiler is an engineer, educator, and instructional designer at John Hopkins University, but above all, she’s a disability and STEM advocate at all levels.

Sara always knew she wanted to go into engineering. From a young age, she held a passion for math and science, and devoted her college years to studying engineering, math and science.

When Sara began her career as an engineer for General Motors in Flint, Michigan, she started looking at ways to help teachers in Flint teach science better. That’s when she found SAE International.

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Native American Heritage Month Blog Image.png

Understanding Tribal Mobility Challenges during Native American Heritage Month

Posted: November 8, 2023

Safe transportation options are a vital part of life—whether it’s traveling to work, medical appointments, grocery stores, or social engagements—we’re always on the move.

In rural or isolated communities, this can often present challenges, and these challenges are amplified for Native American tribal communities.

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battery show blog 2 resize.png

SAE leaders share perspectives from the 2023 Battery Show

Posted: November 2, 2023

At SAE International, we’re at our best when we’re connecting with industry professionals to help guide the mobility industry—and the 2023 Battery Show gave us the opportunity to do just that.

SAE ITC Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer Fabian Koark, SAE Media Group Marketing Director Kaitlyn Sommer, SAE International Projects Specialist of Technical Programs Tim Weisenberger, and SAE ITC Senior Product Support Associate Charlie Cheng represented Fullsight at the Battery Show, where they discussed developments within the world of batteries and electrification.

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sandu fisita medal.png

Dr. Corina Sandu Wins FISITA 2023 Medal

Posted: October 18, 2023

Winning the 2023 FISITA Medal is a big deal, but for SAE International contributor, Corina Sandu, Ph.D., it’s all in a day’s work.

The FISITA Medal is one of mobility’s highest recognitions, awarded annually to individuals who have made great contributions to automotive and mobility engineering. Dr. Sandu is the first woman to receive this award since its inception in 1970.

The ability to give back guided Sandu throughout her career, culminating in this impressive achievement.  

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doing the work.png

Meet the Authors: Joan Wills and Karen Ramsey-Idem

Posted: October 17, 2023

How can you change the world? Start by telling your story.

Doing the Hard Work: Insights from Women Leading the Commercial Vehicle Industry highlights the experiences of women in STEM at every level. Authors Joan Wills, Executive Director of Software & Electronics Engineering at Cummins Inc., and Karen Ramsey-Idem, Cummins Global Hydrogen Regulatory Leader, wanted to share these stories to encourage others to tell their own.

The authors made it their goal to showcase as many different perspectives as possible to demonstrate all the ways a career can go.

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COTY Class 2022.JPG

SAE to Honor 2023 Contributor Class at 5th Annual Contributor of the Year Celebration

Posted: October 17, 2023

SAE International is saying “thank you” to more than 30 hard working volunteers at its fifth annual Contributor of the Year celebration.

Every year, SAE employees nominate highly engaged contributors for this high honor, recognizing their service to the organization. The 2023 celebration will take place November 12-15, 2023, in San Diego, California.

For its fifth go-around, the event will expand to recognize top contributors in multiple areas from its Contributor Class. Those categories include Student Leadership, Leadership Contributions, STEM Work, Outstanding Technical Contributions, Innovative Content Development, and Section Management.

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Pilot Pull with Crowd_resize.png

The Pilot Pull: An Idea Turned Reality by Honda’s David Bartlett 

Posted: October 16, 2023

When David Bartlett first got involved with SAE International as an Baja SAE participant in 2003, he never imagined that 20 years later he’d be shaping the event. 

Since his student participation, the Technical Expert in Brake Performance Group, Chassis Division at Honda, has transitioned into a volunteer role at both Baja and Formula SAE as a Design Judge. 

While volunteering at the 2022 Baja SAE Arizona competition as a Design Judge, Bartlett began to reimagine the sled pull event. He pondered how event organizers could take a Honda vehicle and utilize the electric assist brake system integration to slowly resist the pull of the Baja Car. 

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Engineers: Create lasting impact on the mobility industry by participating in SAE standards development committees.

Guest Post by Christian Thiele
Posted: October 6, 2023

Standards advance technology adoption, set expectations for safety, reliability and quality, and support certification. The only thing more important than using a standard is creating one. Their development requires a determined effort from professionals, who bring their expertise in solving problems and moving the industry forward.

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CNH’s George Alvarez talks diversity and inclusion, mentorship during Hispanic Heritage Month

Posted: October 2, 2023

George Alvarez’s professional life is all about connection.

The 35-year-old father of two is a security architect for the onboard vehicle product at CNH Industrial, considering the connected vehicle through a cybersecurity framework—but beyond that, he’s interested in the networks that link professionals together in the modern workplace.

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HHM image.png

International University Competitor Reflects on Baja SAE and Hispanic Heritage Month 

Posted: September 29, 2023

Baja SAE can open doors to a potential career, but a less discussed benefit of participation is how it opens doors to different cultures thanks to the competition’s international component.  

Elias Oseguera, a senior member of Sara Juana Racing Team at Universidad Autonoma Estado Mexico, shared his journey working on his team’s Baja vehicle and experience on-site. 

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georgina crop.png

AWIM Volunteer Dedicates More Than 25 years to Empowering STEM education

Posted: September 25, 2023

A World In Motion® (AWIM®) volunteer Georgina Pietrzak is one of a kind.

Georgina, a retired General Motors engineer, has always believed that science is important, but it’s more important for students to be engaged in their education—and that’s where her journey as an AWIM volunteer began.

For more than 25 years, Georgina's engaged the students of Our Lady of the Lakes school in Waterford, Michigan through SAE’s hands-on STEM education programs.

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tata blog.png

An Investment In The Future: How Jaguar Land Rover Is Leading The Way For Battery Technology In The UK

Posted: September 21, 2023

The automotive industry has been undergoing a revolutionary shift towards electric vehicles (EVs) to combat climate change and reduce carbon emissions. As the demand for electric cars increases, automakers are striving to meet the market's needs by establishing cutting-edge battery factories.

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WCX_22_00032 1.jpg

Research Spotlight: Amanda Nummy

Posted: September 19, 2023

When starting a new career, there’s a big question you ask yourself: “What can I do?”

The better question in mobility may be, “What can’t you do?”

Engineer, researcher, and mobility professional Amanda Nummy shared insights behind her beginnings within the automotive industry, as well as her experience with publishing and self-advocacy.

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Rich's Picture copy.png

New SAE J2847/2 Revision

The Journey to Settle the Question: How do we offer an immediate and simple standardized solution for DC Vehicle to Grid and Vehicle to Home?

Guest Post by Richard Scholer, Manager – Charging Systems at Stellantis
Posted: September 12, 2023

Buying an electric vehicle, you are presented with a myriad of options and features. One such feature is bidirectional charging or V2X options. Do you choose Vehicle to Load (V2L), Vehicle to Vehicle (V2V), Vehicle to Grid (V2G) or Vehicle to Home (V2H) or combinations of these or all of them? These features are expected to be explained to the EV owner at the dealerships, thru their local utilities and other sources.

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UP Blog Cover.png

SAE University Programs 2024 Competition Season Revs Up

Posted: September 11, 2023

At SAE International, we strive to advance safe and clean mobility solutions for the betterment of humanity.

Are you up for the challenge?

SAE’s University Programs provides un-paralleled pre-professional education experiences to college students across the world. With eight competition styles available, participants get the opportunity to develop soft skills, foster teamwork, expand critical thinking, and address specific needs of the mobility industry.

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dave rockwell_blog.png

Meet the Author: Dr. Dave Rockwell 

Posted: September 6, 2023

They say that the journey’s the destination.  

For Dr. Dave Rockwell, truer words have never been spoken.   

In his newly-updated book, We Were The Ramchargers, Dave tells the story of the legendary Chrysler racing team that propelled a love of muscle cars and high-performance vehicles across the 60s and 70s.  

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Textbook Stipend Winner- BG.png

Meet 2023 Spring Textbook Stipend Winner Bradley Griffin

Posted: August 22, 2023

Bradley Griffin considers his involvement in his university’s Baja SAE team the pinnacle of his engineering education.

Growing up with a heavy automotive influence from his father, Griffin developed a passion for mechanical engineering with a focus on designing and manufacturing automotive components. This interest grew when he worked at a machine shop owned by a Georgia Institute of Technology alumnus who told him about the valuable experience, he gained through the various SAE teams that the university offered.

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LearnTwice UNLV 1.png

UNLV Students Pay it Forward to the Next Generation of STEM Learners through SAE’s LearnTwice™

Posted: August 15, 2023

Watching someone find their passion is rewarding, but being a part of that process is invaluable.

During their spring semester, students from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas Formula Electric team volunteered in five Paradise Elementary School classrooms through SAE International’s LearnTwice™ program and got to be a part of these young learners’ STEM journeys.

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Textbook Stipend Winner - YF (1).png

Meet 2023 Spring Textbook Stipend Winner Yubo Fu

Posted: August 15, 2023

Yubo Fu encourages others to chase their dreams as he is chasing his own.

As a freshman at Georgia Institute of Technology, Fu got involved with SAE International right away to prepare himself to be a great engineer. His student membership has opened up several opportunities to apply the knowledge learned in the classroom to real-world problems.

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cybersecurity entrepreneurs blog.png

Meet the Authors: Gloria D’Anna and Zachary A. Collier  

Posted: August 10, 2023

Being a small business owner can feel like a test of endurance.   

Luckily, cybersecurity expert and author Gloria D’Anna and Radford University Assistant Professor of Management Zachary A. Collier understand the many responsibilities that entrepreneurs take on.  

In their book Cybersecurity for Entrepreneurs, the authors discuss cyber-topics for small business owners so readers can gain the knowledge needed to push their business forward.   

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Frank Pintar_web (250 × 250 px).png

New Editor-in-Chief for Stapp Car Crash Journal Talks Infrastructure, Safety, and Automation

Posted: August 5, 2023

In a career that has spanned over 35 years, Dr. Frank Pintar has built an impressive resume—and now he’s adding Editor-in-Chief of Stapp Car Crash Journal to the list.

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SAE International Earns Impact Factors from Clarivate Analytics/Institute of Scientific Information

Posted: August 4, 2023

SAE International is celebrating a win for our scholarly journals program.

Clarivate Analytics and the Institute of Scientific Information have awarded impact factors to seven of SAE’s journals using the Journal Impact Factor (JIF) scale, which gauges levels of reliability and citation within scholarly content. With digital scams and fraudulent behavior on the rise, JIFs serve as a mark of trustworthiness, in addition to showcasing the overall quality of a journal. Impact factor scores reflect how many times an article has been cited in the past two years.

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Textbook Stipend Winner - PO_v2.png

Meet 2023 Spring Textbook Stipend Winner Patrick O’Donnell

Posted: August 4, 2023

SAE International helped bridge the gap between Patrick O’Donnell’s personal interests and his future career.

Through his undergraduate studies at Penn State Berks, O’Donnell has become an active member of the SAE Lehigh Valley Section. His involvement with the section has led to numerous opportunities to network with industry professionals, expand his knowledge of the industry, improve his leadership skills, and apply engineering principles to real-world scenarios.

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TMSS Keynote  Blog graphic.png

Stay Up to Speed on Thermal Systems Technologies and Management with the 2023 TMSS Keynote Speakers

Posted: August 1, 2023

The efficiency of thermal systems technologies is critical to the advancement of vehicle performance and were addressing this topic at SAE International’s Thermal Management Systems Symposium (TMSS).

Happening October 3-4, TMSS provides attendees the opportunity to address the most challenging thermal systems technology questions with industry’s leading experts.

Dr. Rongrong (Roy) Zhang, Vice President, Sanhua Automotive and CTO of Sanhua R&D Center, and Patrick Kaufman, Global Powertrain Engineering Leader, Accelera by Cummins are kicking off these conversations at the 2023 symposium as keynote speakers.

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Textbook Stipend Winner - JC.png

Meet 2023 Spring Textbook Stipend Winner Javier Corona

Posted: July 31, 2023

Javier Corona wants to make a positive impact on the mobility industry and STEM community—and he’s counting on SAE International connections to help him achieve his goal.

As a third-year mechanical engineering student at Fresno State University, Corona has been actively involved in multiple extracurricular activities related to his major to gain more knowledge of the industry. During his undergraduate career, he has taken on a leadership role within his university’s Baja SAE team and currently serves as Vice President of Bulldog Racing.  

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HERL Staff_resize 377.png

Joint US Department of Veterans Affairs, University of Pittsburgh Research Facility HERL Puts Accessible Mobility at the Forefront of Progress

Posted: July 25, 2023

How does your access to transportation affect the way you live?

You’re connected to grocery stores, healthcare appointments, social visits and more in a system that’s designed based on ease of mobility.

As new vehicle designs that are changing accessibility in transportation are developed, the team at the Human Engineering Research Laboratories (HERL) is thinking about this and other usability challenges for those with mobility impairments especially wheelchair users.

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E32 committee cheers resize.png

SAE Recognizes over 50 years of Committee Service in Support of Safe and Efficient Aviation

Posted: July 24, 2023

Aircraft propulsion system management sounds like a very technical topic. And indeed, it is. But for the last 50 years a group of 26 dedicated industry professionals have been meeting and working together to discuss this topic and help improve the safety and efficiency of both commercial and military air propulsion systems worldwide.

SAE International’s E-32 Aerospace Propulsion Systems Health Management Committee recently gathered for its 100th meeting to continue a strong record of work supporting safe airplane engine systems. Their cumulative efforts have helped in the development and use of improved systems that advance commercial and military aircraft operation, minimize in-flight failures, and reduce the costs of engine maintenance.

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comvec blog photo.png

Insight into COMVEC 2023 from Two Members of the Executive Council 

Posted: July 17, 2023

SAE International’s COMVEC™ is the hub for commercial vehicle innovation. 

COMVEC is the leading forum for experts in the on-highway, off-highway, and defense sectors to collaborate in a neutral environment to find advanced technical solutions and address standards that will help everyone stay ahead of new regulations. This year, COMVEC is heading to Schaumburg, Illinois and is setting its sights on the next frontier in innovation: sustainability. 

SAE’s Update Magazine connected with two COMVEC conference organizers; Phil Stephenson, general manager of PACCAR Technical Center, and Navtej Singh, director of powertrain engineering at Navistar, for their insights on the importance of this event and a glimpse of what to expect this September.  

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dan williams book blog.png

Meet the Author: Dan Williams

Posted: July 7, 2023

The road less travelled can lead to incredible outcomes.

In his debut SAE title, Generalized Vehicle Dynamics, author Dan Williams applies a combination of theoretical and practical approaches, and uses conventions not found in other dynamics texts.

Most existing vehicle dynamics literature begins from a two-axle vehicle convention, which can lead to issues regarding other vehicle types, Dan shared. That’s why he chose to focus on a change in conventions that’s led to a more widely applicable system for analyzing vehicle dynamics, taking a look at multi- axle vehicles in addition to two-axle vehicles.

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goethe 1.png

Students at Goethe Elementary School Receive Hands-On STEM experiences with SAE’s A World In Motion® (AWIM®) Program 

Posted: July 3, 2023

SAE’s A World In Motion® (AWIM®) program is changing the lives of elementary students in Chicago.  

Last year, The SAE Foundation was contacted by Nicole Dalesandro, a parent in the Goethe Elementary School district in Chicago, Illinois after realizing that her children’s school had limited resources for STEM education programming.  

The SAE Foundation got to work with the parent and educators in the district to bring AWIM programming to Goethe Elementary with the help of the Spectris Foundation.

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Jose Gomez Alonso - VRM.png

Volunteer Recognition Month: Jose M. Gomez Alonso

Posted: June 28, 2023

With nearly two decades of volunteering under his belt, Jose M. Gomez Alonso knows the ins and outs of SAE International.

His journey with SAE began in 2004 as a faculty advisor for the University of Central Venezuela (Universidad Central de Venezuela) Baja SAE and Formula SAE teams.

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Serving Safety: How Mark McBride-Wright is Advocating for All Engineers

Posted: June 26, 2023

When Mark McBride-Wright was coming up as a young chemical engineer, he wanted to connect with others who shared his identity.

What he found, though, was a lack of existing resources to connect with other LGBTQ+ engineering professionals, and an employer that wasn’t quite ready for a pride network.

So he made his own. 

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noise and vibe headshots.png

Passion Leads Engineers to Publish New Research concerning auditory factors around Transmission Product Development & UAM

Posted: June 21, 2023

Hundreds of engineers and industry professionals gathered in Grand Rapids, Michigan to discuss the latest research in NVH and sound quality.

With the push to sustainability and convenience, conversations focused on reducing the noise around EVs and UAVs.

SAE International spoke with two authors who have some answers. Meet Roalt Aalmoes, Senior R&D engineer at Royal NLR, an author of The Influence of Contextual Non-Auditory Factors on Drone Sound Perception and Sarthak Rastogi, System Modeling Engineer at Eaton India Innovation Centre, an author of A Reduced Order Model for Prediction of the Noise Radiated by a High-Speed EV Transmission using Statistical Energy Analysis.

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George Nicols - VRM.png

Volunteer Spotlight: George Nicols

Posted: June 21, 2023

According to George Nicols, the best standards come from cross-industry collaboration—like the standards development that happens at SAE International.

Nicols first got involved with SAE while working in the aerospace industry when he first observed that it was not unusual for people to have interest in both aerospace and automotive.

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Alex Rath AutoDrive.jpeg

Leveling Up: AutoDrive Challenge™ II Dynamic Judge Shares his Journey from Student Participant to Industry Professional

Posted: June 19, 2023

SAE recently traveled to MCity in Ann Arbor, Michigan to check out year two of the AutoDrive Challenge™ II and connect with Alex Rath, dynamic captain for AutoDrive Challenge™ II and control system engineer at General Motors.

The AutoDrive Challenge™ II is a four-year competition of SAE International and General Motors where participating university teams from the United States and Canada develop and demonstrate an autonomous vehicle (AV) that can navigate urban driving courses as described by SAE Standard (J3016™) Level 4 automation.

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Angelica Wilson - VRM_v2.png

Volunteer Recognition Month: Angelica Wilson

Posted: June 14, 2023

Angelica Wilson, product manager – cameras at General Motors, believes in giving as much as you get.

A volunteer since 2017, Wilson has been a key part of the evolution of the AutoDrive Challenge™ from series I to series II, having various roles from event organizing, recruiting, rules committee, tech & safety, and project leadership.

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CLA Formula Car on Track.jpg

University Students Share How Their Involvement with Formula SAE is Preparing Them for their Careers

Posted: June 6, 2023

For many future engineers, SAE International is the starting line.

Last month, university teams comprised of these young professionals traveled to the Michigan International Speedway for the Formula SAE Internal Combustion (IC) competition.

Formula SAE challenges teams of university undergraduate and graduate students to conceive, design, fabricate, develop and compete with small, formula-style vehicles. The competition requires performance demonstration of vehicles in a series of events, both off-and on-track against the clock.

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Michele Kaiser - VRM_v2.png

Volunteer Recognition Month: Michele Kaiser

Posted: June 6, 2023

As the portfolio manager of John Deere Intelligent Solutions Group, Michele Kaiser believes it is essential to give back to the mobility industry.

“There is so much important work required to advance the mobility industry, and it’s going to take diverse perspectives to move us into the future and into a world where precision technology in the mobility industry can make our lives easier, safer, more fulfilling, and more sustainable,” said Kaiser.

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Celebrating AAPI Heritage Month.png

Celebrating AAPI Heritage Month: Contributions to Mobility

Posted: May 25, 2023

SAE International knows our industry thrives through collaboration and contributions from a diverse group of professionals. That has been true throughout the course of history, and in honor of Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) heritage month, we’re recognizing the critical role AAPI professionals have played in advancing our industry.

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vyas annual celebration.png

An Evening in Photos: Relive the 2023 SAE Foundation Annual Celebration 

Posted: May 24, 2023

The SAE Foundation hosted the 2023 Annual Celebration event on May 23, 2023, at The Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn, MI. Now in its 25th year, the SAE Foundation Annual Celebration brings together students, teachers, volunteers, and donors to recognize and pay tribute to the career accomplishments and generous spirit of the industry professionals who inspire the next generation of innovators. 

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may book blog (1).png

Meet the Authors: Jon M. Quigley and Amol Gulve 

Posted: May 23, 2023

Sometimes the most valuable knowledge is knowing where to begin.  

Modernizing Product Development Processes: Guide for Engineers provides a foundation for engineers, entrepreneurs, and innovators to develop products more effectively. Value Transformation Leader Jon M. Quigley and Industry Leader Amol Gulve wrote the book to provide a platform for new engineers to learn while enhancing those well-engrossed within the field.  

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Rapid action.png

SAE Leaders share perspectives from RAPID + TCT 2023

Posted: May 22, 2023

North America’s largest additive manufacturing (AM) event wrapped earlier this month, with SAE International engaging in a big way.

SAE Vice President of Programs & Professional Engagement Chris Ciuca and Aerolytics LLC President Bill Bihlman represented SAE at RAPID + TCT, talking industry outlook, opportunities and challenges in additive, and parts development.

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SAE Receives Its First Ever Patent for User Interface Functionality for Digital Standards

Posted: May 11, 2023

Empathy enhances the way we see the world. Our understanding of the people we aim to serve can help guide our processes. This aim to understand, and serve, continues to play a significant role at SAE.

Originally named “Project Warrendale,” User Interface Functionality for Digital Standards became SAE’s first ever patented in-house product. The project began in 2018 and pertains to the display and user interaction of standards.

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Medal of Honor 2023 - Robert Wagner.png

SAE International Recognizes Dr. Robert Wagner with the SAE Medal of Honor

Posted: May 2, 2023

Forging your own path can be intimidating, but it can pay big dividends. Just ask Dr. Robert Wagner.

 SAE International conferred the SAE Medal of Honor to the Oak Ridge National Laboratory Director of Buildings and Transportation Science Division during the SAE Awards Ceremony on April 18, 2023. The award is presented annually and recognizes individuals who have dedicated their lives to supporting SAE’s mission of advancing mobility solutions for the benefit of humanity.

It’s a well-deserved recognition.

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typing on computer.jpg

WCX Technical Paper Authors Share Path to Publishing

Posted: May 2, 2023

Writing a technical paper may seem like a daunting task, and sharing research that will be exposed to as many people as you might reach at SAE International’s WCX can add that much more pressure.

We caught up with two WCX Technical paper authors to talk about their path to publishing with SAE. Lauren Mims, Senior Study Director at Westat, is co-author of What Makes Passengers Uncomfortable In Vehicles Today? An Exploratory Study of Current Factors that May Influence Acceptance of Future Autonomous Vehicles and Jongryeol Jeong, Argonne National Laboratory, is author of On-Track Demonstration of Automated Eco-Driving Control for an Electric Vehicle

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Zahra'a Hussain.png

DEI Chat: Zahra’a Hussain talks Formula SAE Diversity for Arab American Heritage Month

Posted: April 28, 2023

Zahra’a Hussain is making strides for the next generation of STEM innovators.

This National Arab American Heritage Month, SAE International sat down with Zahra’a Hussain, advanced systems engineer at Aptiv, to learn about her experiences in the mobility industry.

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22 fellows class.jpg

SAE International Honors the Class of 2022 SAE Fellows 

Posted: April 27, 2023

SAE recognized 14 SAE members with the highest distinction of SAE membership. 

The SAE Fellow Membership designation is awarded to an elite group of professionals in the automotive, commercial vehicle, and aerospace industries who have made a significant impact on mobility through leadership, research, publishing, innovation, and volunteering. 

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diversity panel.JPG

Diversity Leading Innovation in Mobility Panel Starts Inspired Conversation at WCX

Posted: April 26, 2023

The mobility industry is at an integral point of change that encompasses not only technology, but the people innovating it.

In such a fast-paced and constantly evolving marketplace, it’s key to have the right people involved, and to innovate, those people have to bring a breadth of perspectives that complement and challenge each other.

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senecal keynote 2.jpg

Kelly Senecal Shares His Alternative Blueprint for Vehicle Decarbonization at WCX 

Posted: April 25, 2023

According to Kelly Senecal, when it comes to sustainable solutions, “it’s not the engine, it’s the fuel.”   

During his WCX keynote titled “In Pursuit of Zero,” Senecal addressed the importance of Life Cycle Analysis when comparing vehicle technologies and why we should have hybrids and alternative fuels as part of the solution. 
Senecal kicked off his keynote session by asking the crowd a question written several years ago by his young son – “What is the most climate friendly today, a car with an electric motor or a car with an IC engine?”  

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April Book Spotlight 1.png

Meet the Author: Marijan Jozic  

Posted: April 25, 2023

Marijan Jozic didn’t realize he was a natural storyteller.  

It wasn’t until he was already 20 years into his career before he realized he had an innate ability to tell a tale that made people want to lean in and learn more.  

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AWIM Panel 1.jpg

SAE’s A World In Motion® Panel Talks Diversity in STEM  

Posted: April 24, 2023

Close your eyes and picture an engineer. What do you see?  

Center for Automotive Diversity, Inclusion and Advancement (CADIA) Founder Cheryl Thompson challenged attendees at SAE International’s WCX with this thought experiment, encouraging those in the audience at the A World In Motion® (AWIM®) sponsored STEM panel to break down their own internal biases.  

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battery launch party resize.jpg

SAE Sustainable Mobility Solutions and InnoEnergy launched the SAE/InnoEnergy Battery Academy at WCX 

Posted: April 21, 2023

Transitioning to a more sustainable future starts with our workforce—and SAE International is taking that message to heart.  

Michael Paras, Business Development, Product & Strategic Partnerships for Sustainable Mobility Solutions (SMS) at SAE International and Oanu Penu, InnoEnergy Skills Institute Director, at InnoEnergy announced the launch of the SAE/InnoEnergy Battery Academy during SAE’s WCX.  

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Sandy Munro talks Battery Battles and calls Solid State is the “Kiss of Death” for Gas and Diesel at WCX

Posted: April 21, 2023

Sandy Munro knows how to command a room—with a killer opening line.

“The next ten to fifteen years is going to be the most exciting the transportation industry has ever had,” he said to a captivated audience of engineers on Wednesday at SAE International’s WCX before launching into a spirited discussion of the competition in today’s vehicle battery market.

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“SAE helped me get my dream job”: Hendrick Motorsports’ Alba Colon shares career insights at WCX

Posted: April 20, 2023

Alba Colon didn’t always want to work in motorsports. In fact, she had her sights set much higher – atmospherically speaking.

As a young girl growing up in Puerto Rico, Colon aspired to be an astronaut, following in the footsteps of her hero Sally Ride.

“I wanted to be the first female Puerto Rican astronaut,” Colon told a crowd at SAE International’s WCX.

Her dreams led her to the University of Puerto Rico, Mayaguez, where she studied Mechanical Engineering and first became acquainted with SAE International.

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Is Net Zero By 2050 possible? WCX Panelists Talk Energy Infrastructure and EVs at WCX

Posted: April 19, 2023

The transportation industry is one of the largest contributors to carbon pollution, accounting for 27 percent of the greenhouse gas emissions in the U.S., according to the EPA.

As part of the push to net zero by 2050, the mobility industry is looking to do its part by embracing clean energy, but a move toward electric vehicles has raised questions about the feasibility of a wide scale adoption based around charging infrastructure concerns.

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Software Defined is the Future: Arm Limited’s Dipti Vachani talks the Digital Future of Mobility and the Integral Role Standardization Plays in WCX Keynote

Posted: April 19, 2023

Raise your hand if you think software defined is going to mean survival in the mobility industry.

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HORIBA MIRA virtual highway.jpg

CSA Group Issues CAV Infrastructure Guidelines to unite industry efforts supporting connected and automated vehicles, Levels of Driving Automation

Posted: April 4, 2023

In a connected and automated vehicle landscape that is growing more complex by the second, mobility professionals are looking for safe, reliable solutions.

Designing the future of industry with rapidly developing technologies can feel like the wild west, and regulators and industry professionals can feel inundated with the sheer volume of information there is to parse through. Even with SAE International’s Levels of Driving Automation, industry’s most-cited source for driving automation, as a resource for defining terms related to driving automation systems for on-road motor vehicles, the rapid pace of development in this area can lead to more questions we’re working to answer.

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Women's History Month_Onori.png

Women in Mobility Spotlight: Simona Onori 

Posted: March 30, 2023

For Simona Onori, all roads lead to STEM. 

Growing up in Rome, she attended a high school focused on preparing students for a career in humanities. She was confident that she wanted to be an archeologist from the time she was eight years old.  

“My fascination for the advanced engineering accomplishments of ancient Greeks and Romans dominated my interests much more than the love for poems, tragedies, and the dead languages,” said Onori. “It was then, that I knew I was destined to pursue the engineering field.” 

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blog cover.png

Meet the Authors: Katelyn Davis and Kristin Shaw

Posted: March 27, 2023

Telling stories that matter can have a life-changing impact.

As communicators in the mobility industry, Katelyn Davis (she/her) and Kristin Shaw (she/her) have heard and shared a lot of them. 

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snomobile jump.jpg

University Teams Add Innovative Solutions to Improve Modern Snowmobiles Noise and Emission Levels for the 2023 SAE Clean Snowmobile Challenge

Posted: March 23, 2023

A total of 15 teams traveled to the World Championship Derby Complex in Eagle River, Wisconsin this past February to showcase their hard work and were ready to compete in the 2023 SAE Clean Snowmobile Challenge with their sleds.

The SAE Clean Snowmobile Challenge is an engineering design competition for undergraduate and graduate students, as a part of our University Programs. Participants re-engineer snowmobiles to make the sled cleaner, quieter, and more fuel efficient while maintaining its performance. Over the course of the competition, sleds compete in a variety of events including emissions, noise, fuel economy/endurance, acceleration, handling, static display, cold start, and design.

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Women's History Month_Xydis.png

Women in Mobility Spotlight: Angela Xydis 

Posted: March 23, 2023

Angela Xydis is getting comfortable with being uncomfortable.  

Just three years into her career, Xydis is pushing boundaries and finding a way forward through the unfamiliar.   

“When I started my career, I was working with people of all ages, backgrounds, and experience levels. I started to have a really hard time speaking up in meetings, feeling like I wasn't smart or experienced enough, and being nervous to take on certain jobs or tasks,” said Xydis. “Luckily, I kept showing up and pushing myself and have started to prove to myself that yes, I can do this, I do deserve to be here, and I am a valuable member of my team.” 

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SAE J2908 intro Michael Duoba_gallery.jpg

New SAE J2908 Revision
The Journey to Settle the Question: What is “System Power” for xEVs and Can We Compare It to Existing Engine Ratings?

Guest Post by Michael Duoba, Research Engineer, Argonne National Laboratory

Posted: March 22, 2023

Buying a new vehicle, you are presented with a myriad of options. One such option is the engine. Do you choose the base 4-cylinder with 180 HP or the optional turbocharged version with 240 HP? Engine ratings are a familiar language for consumers going back many decades. Performance car bragging rights are derived from these specifications and SAE has been instrumental in providing rating standards so that bragging rights are well deserved and not a product of loosely defined terms or inflated assumptions.

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Women's History Month_Gambone.png

Women in Mobility Spotlight: Mary Lee Gambone, Ph.D.

Posted: March 16, 2023

For Mary Lee Gambone, Ph.D., engineering runs in the family.

“My father was an engineer and when I was around 10 years old, he told me, ‘You’re good at math and science. You should be an engineer. You will always have a job.’ After that, it seemed like the thing I was supposed to do,” she said. “I loved science and problem solving. I loved chemistry and the mechanics side of physics. Materials Engineering combined those things together and fit me well.”

That passion carried Mary Lee through her career to her position today as Global Head of Materials at Rolls Royce—but it wasn’t a simple path.

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Women's History Month_Oneil.png

Women In Mobility Spotlight: Anne O’Neil

Posted: March 9, 2023

When you see a need in industry for someone with your skill set, fill it.

That’s what Anne O’Neil did.

As the founding Chief Systems Engineer for New York City Transit (NYCT), O’Neil flexed her skills developing systems engineering discipline expertise, and modifying business processes as she established and integrated Systems Engineering (SE) capability at the agency.

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Meet SAE’s S-12 Committee at the HAI HeliExpo

Posted: March 6, 2023

SAE International’s S-12 Power Lift Propulsion Committee is on the leading edge of helicopter power source standardization, and they’re taking their knowledge on the road.

The SAE S-12 Committee will meet at the 2023 HAI Heli-Expo in Atlanta from March 6-9, and they want to see you there. 

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SAE PNT Committee Vice Chair Recognized by ION in 20th Century Navigation Hall of Fame

Posted: March 1, 2023

James Farrell’s work in navigation has helped to guide the field to where it is today.

And his efforts haven’t gone unnoticed.

The Institute of Navigation’s (ION) Historian Marvin B. May named Farrell as a 20th Century Navigation Hall of Famer. Farrell’s name appears on a list among the likes of Albert Einstein and Elmer Sperry. Out of the 20 innovators recognized, Farrell is one of only five still living today.

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Representation Matters: N.C. A&T and SAE talk Collegiate Design Series, HBCUs and Pathways to Success 

Posted: February 28, 2023

Hands-on opportunities are a huge advantage for college students looking to get a leg up in the job market.

Students involved in SAE’s Collegiate Design Series get competition-based, real-world experience to solve complex engineering problems, giving a valuable insight into the mobility industry and creating pathways to a career where they can put their degrees to work.

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Engineers Week Blog Promo.png

SAE Creates the Future: Celebrating our engineers during National Engineers Week

Posted: February 24, 2023

Engineers create new possibilities that make our world a better place.

To celebrate National Engineers Week, SAE connected with three engineers and SAE contributors on their experience in the mobility industry.

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Dipti Vachani photo.jpg

Dipti Vachani Talks Software Defined Vehicles Ahead of WCX Keynote 

Posted: February 22, 2023

Debates swirl around just what should be considered a software defined vehicle in today’s mobility circles.  

Is it a completely unmanned car, a Level 6 on SAE’s Levels of Driving Automation? Is it something in our near future, or something we won’t see on the road for decades?  

Senior Vice President & General Manager, Automotive Line of Business of Arm Dipti Vachani is here to tell you it’s happening right now.  

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beiker author photo.png

Meet the Author: Sven Beiker

Posted: February 21, 2023

They say a road trip is about the journey more than the destination.

In The Mobility Diaries: Connecting the Milestones of Innovation Leading to ACES author Sven Beiker takes the reader on the trip of a lifetime, visiting his own mile markers along the road to automated, connected, electric and shared mobility and connecting the dots between past and present that demonstrate the journey really is the destination.  

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Andrew Brown, Jr _web crop.jpg

Thinking Forward: Former SAE President Andrew Brown Jr. Shares Insights from His Prolific Career

Posted: February 17, 2023

Dr. Andrew Brown Jr., P.E., LSME, FESD, FSAE, NAE has made an indelible mark on the world of transportation and mobility. 

Throughout his long and illustrious career, Dr. Brown has launched new vehicular technologies, created common manufacturing & product development processes to work on an international level, imagined engineering & manufacturing development opportunities, and served in countless leadership roles, including as SAE International’s Chairman & President in 2010.

But that wasn’t always his story.

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SAE International and Sustainable Mobility Solutions Recognized by White House

Posted: February 15, 2023

SAE International and its Sustainable Mobility Solutions (SMS) are making big moves, and the nation’s taking notice.

On Wednesday, February 15, The White House released a press statement outlining the United State’s progress toward a national network of electric vehicle chargers and new technical standards to support the future of the industry. This update is part of the national push toward net-zero emissions by 2050 through a more than $14.5 billion investment in EV technology and clean transportation from President Biden’s Bipartisan Infrastructure Law—and it mentions SAE International by name.

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Howard University’s Nadir Yilmaz talks publishing, representation in mobility engineering with SAE International

Posted: February 14, 2023

Empowering diverse voices gets better results.

Nadir Yilmaz, Ph.D., P.E., SAE Fellow, has seen this firsthand.

“Innovation drives the world of mobility engineering, and diversity is a necessary component for that to occur.” said Dr. Yilmaz, a professor and department chair of mechanical engineering at Howard University. “As an advocate to empower underrepresented groups, especially in STEM, I have been fortunate to work at both Hispanic Serving Institutions and an HBCU. Educating and interacting with a diverse group of students has changed my perspective and greatly educated me in the context of socioeconomic challenges that underserved communities face both currently, as well as historically.”

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Industry Experts of OBD-EU resize.png

Gearing Up: SAE Chats with Industry Experts ahead of OBD-EU

Posted: February 9, 2023

How do vehicle diagnosticians stay on top of their game?

The On-Board Diagnostics Symposium-Europe (OBD-EU), the industry’s relied-upon resource for regulatory updates and standards reviews for light- and heavy-duty emissions controls, happens March 14-16 in Prague, Czech Republic.

SAE had the opportunity to connect with three OBD professionals that have been involved with OBD-EU for the past several years, both as organizers and attendees.

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awim with TORC.png

SAE International’s LearnTwice™ program provides third grade students in Austin, Texas a unique STEM experience

Posted: February 2, 2023

Self-driving trucks? Building your own race car? For 18 third graders at Ridgetop Elementary School in Austin, TX, the world of STEM came to life thanks to classroom volunteers from TORC, a self-driving truck technology company, and the University of Texas Longhorn Racing Team.

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Todd Zarfos_300px.jpg

Introducing 2023 SAE President Todd Zarfos

Former Boeing executive dedicated to a “prudently aggressive” mindset in advancing SAE’s goals in the mobility ecosystem.

Posted: February 2, 2023

Guest Post by Todd Zarfos (UPDATE Magazine)

Among the many projects and plans heavily impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown was the 2020 SAE International presidency.

I am Todd Zarfos, and as some of you may remember, it was I whose SAE presidency was held hostage that infamous and challenging year. This is an exaggeration, of course, as I was still free to perform many of the basic functions of the SAE presidency: participating in SAE International Board of Directors meetings, offering opinions and ideas to the board and SAE staff about how to expand SAE’s importance in the mobility industry, “Zooming” with industry leaders, and performing the sundry tasks required of the president.

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january author feature.png

Meet the Authors: Chris Johnston and Ed Sobey

Posted: January 31, 2023

Two running buddies came together with a shared goal: encourage more people to purchase electric vehicles.

But how to achieve that goal?

For Chris Johnston and Ed Sobey, the road clearly pointed toward publishing an accessible, easy-to-understand resource that could reach industry and non-industry folks alike. That road led to SAE International and resulted in The Arrival of the Electric Car, which recently published in its second edition. 

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Mentor Month_Strzelec-AbbottMcCune.png

Mentor Month Matches: Andrea Strzelec and Becca Abbott-McCune

Posted: January 30, 2023

One of the most powerful parts of any mentee-mentor relationship is the ability to pay it forward.

Throughout her 19 years in the automotive field, including grad school and 13 post doctorate, Dr. Andrea Strzelec, Program Director & Associate Scientist at Wisconsin at the University of Wisconsin-Madison College of Engineering, has had many mentors.

Now, it’s her turn.

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karun headshot copy.jpg

Catching up with Karun Balachandran: What the Tesla product design hiring manager has gained from SAE contributions

Posted: January 25, 2023

Karun Balachandran wants to get involved in every aspect of SAE International.

As an associate engineering manager at Tesla, he knew SAE for the research and industry standards, but through Tesla partnerships with SAE like hosting an EV workshop for Formula SAE, Karun discovered the wealth of programs SAE offers, ranging from professional development to events to professional networking and beyond.

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Mentor Month_Vollmann-Ipekci.png

Mentor Month Matches: Rebecca Vollmann and Brianna Ipekci

Posted: January 23, 2023

Sometimes the best teachers are the ones who are just a few steps ahead.

For Brianna Ipekci, a rising senior at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, young professional Rebecca Vollmann is that teacher.

“When you’re in college, everything is new…and it’s a bit scary to have all of those choices resting on the shoulders of an 18–22-year-old,” Brianna said. “Being able to speak to someone who was in your shoes not so long ago, who faced the same choices and is now in your goal position, is so invaluable and incredibly important in the development of making a good future engineer.”

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Collaboration Breeds Innovation: A Peak Behind the Standards Curtain with the Minds Behind SAE J1772

Posted: January 20, 2023

SAE International is built around a simple yet powerful idea: mobility works better when industry works together.

And when we do that, we can make a better world for everyone.

This concept shows through powerfully as standards committees work on creating documents and processes that prioritize interoperability and ensure that no matter where in the world you are, you can rely on transportation technology to function properly and keep you safe.

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Mentor Month_Karwowski-daCunha.png

Mentor Month Matches: Mark Karwowski and Andrew da Cunha

Posted: January 12, 2023

What could a college senior and an engineer 31 years into his career have to talk about?

Quite a bit, it turns out!

“Andrew reminded me very much of myself when I was in college,” Mark Karwowski, Chief Manufacturing Engineer at ZF Active Safety and Electronics, said of his SAE International mentee, San Diego State University Senior Andrew da Cunha. “We have a lot of the same interests, like racing and finances. We connected immediately and our discussions flowed naturally.”

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How Digital Standards Enable Digital Transformation

Posted: January 11, 2023

Part 2 of our series on digital transformation in mobility.

When mobility companies transition from PDF standard documents to integrated standard data, they gain impressive efficiencies and a host of other benefits.


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digital twin.jpg

Digital Transformation in Mobility Engineering

Posted: January 11, 2023 

Part 1 of a 2-part series on digital transformation initiatives in the mobility industry.

The U.S. Air Force’s new T-7A Red Hawk aircraft is a sleek, efficient pilot training platform with fighter-like capabilities. Using digital twin and digital thread technology to model and manage the design/build process, development partners Boeing and Saab were able to take the plane from concept to wheels-up in just 3 years—that’s 2 years faster than the industry average of 5 years.

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Mentor Month_Zaher-Peng.png

Mentor Month Matches: Mohamed Zaher and Xuexuan (Thomas) Peng

Posted: January 9, 2023

Taking the next step in your career can start with a conversation.

For Mohamed Zaher, Senior Manager at American Axle and Manufacturing Inc., and Xuexuan (Thomas) Peng, a graduate student at Duke University, that conversation started with SAE International.

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Anita & Marilyn (1) small px.png

SAE Contributors Dr. Anita Sengupta and Marilyn Pearson to be Inducted into Women in Emerging Aviation Technologies Hall of Fame

Posted: January 5, 2023

SAE contributors are making an impact on the aviation industry.

Anita Sengupta, Ph.D., and Marilyn Pearson are accomplished leaders in the aviation industry who are making strides towards the newest and evolving aviation technologies. For their efforts, Anita and Marilyn will be inducted into the of the Women in Emerging Aviation Technologies 2022 Hall of Fame on January 6, 2023 as part of CES activities in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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In Demand: SAE talks Battery-Powered Future with Highly Cited Researcher and SAE International Journal of Electrified Vehicles Editor Xiaosong Hu

Posted: January 4, 2023

Powering the future with research is the way to propel technology forward.

Perhaps no one knows this better than SAE International Journal of Electrified Vehicles Associate Editor and Chongqing University Professor Xiaosong Hu. His peers certainly seem to think so.

For the fourth year in a row, Hu earned the prestigious recognition as a Highly Cited Researcher from Clarivate, a designation bestowed on authors whose papers rank in the top one percent by citation in their scientific field.

Hu took a moment out of his busy schedule to talk with SAE about the Clarivate recognition, his focus in lithium-ion batteries, and the future for electrified vehicle research.  

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j2954-2 web 3.jpg

From Science Fiction to On-Road Application: SAE J2954 and SAE TIR J2954/2 are the Gateway to Wireless Charging Future up to 500kW

Published: December 19, 2022

Picture this.

An electric-powered freight truck rolls down the highway, drawing power from its batteries to support both its powertrain and refrigeration of precious cargo kept at a constant temperature. The driver spots a station where it’s possible to fully recharge with conductive charging with an SAE J1772 heavy cable, but that means an overnight wait for a turn at the port, just a few miles away.

But there’s another option.

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SAE Has Released AMS7032 on Machine Qualification for Fusion-Based Metal Additive Manufacturing: Why You Should Care

Posted: December 2, 2022

Metal additive manufacturing (AM) machine qualification requirements are process intensive—and until the release of AMS7032, standardized requirements for qualification of a metal AM machine in the aircraft industry didn’t exist.

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Safety Standards for EVTOL - Electric Vertical Take-Off and Landing Aircrafts

Posted: December 1, 2022

Guest Post by Ashwin K Venkitaraman 

The future of transportation is electric, and this is not only limited to cars. The eVTOL industry is booming, with companies like Uber and Airbus throwing their hats in the ring. But several kinds of safety standards are being put in place for these new aircraft. The eVTOL aircraft industries are on the verge of a boom. The first electric vertical take-off and landing aircraft have been tested in 2018. 

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How Innovation Springs from Decades-Old Engineering Research

Technical Benchmarks Offer Important Insights

Posted: November 29, 2022
By Marc Leduc

Engineering thrives on scientific discovery and technical benchmarking is a well-established tool for measuring progress and focusing research. How well has a given design stood the test of time? Does it answer the consumer’s needs? What’s the next priority for development? As mobility engineers seek to optimize designs wherever they can, benchmarking technical knowledge can give them insights into ways others have approached the problem. At SAE, engineers search our Technical Paper databases for research topics and testing results that can speed this process. Along the way, we’re observing interesting clusters of activity that show just how powerful this level of access to information can be when it comes to making those incremental improvements — including in quite unexpected areas.

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Taking 5 with SAE’s 2022 Contributor of the Year Kunjan Vyas

Posted: November 28, 2022

When you talk to Kunjan Vyas about her work in STEM education, her passion is palpable.

The Detroit Public School Community District (DPSCD) educator is a longtime champion of SAE International’s A World In Motion® (AWIM®), serving for more than 17 years as an advocate for SAE’s STEM learning solutions. She was an integral part in bringing AWIM programs into DPSCD, convincing her principal to bring the programs into district classrooms, and has continued her advocacy across the district and through leadership changes.

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e.p. warner resize.png

Aviation History Month: A Look Through History with SAE International’s Most Notable Aviators and Achievements

Posted: November 17, 2022

Many aviators wouldn’t have gotten off the ground without SAE International.

Several key aviators and technologies have been a part of SAE’s illustrious history, and this Aviation History Month, we’re looking back and celebrating the impact they’ve had on the development of industry as they’ve shaped today’s aerospace landscape.

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Advanced Air Mobility is Coming. Are We Ready?

Posted: November 9, 2022

Guest Post by Gaël Le Bris, C.M., P.E., Senior Aviation Planner & Senior Technical Principal with WSP USA

Advanced air mobility (AAM) is a new way to travel by air using electric aircraft with, for most of them, vertical and short takeoff and landing (V/STOL) capabilities. AAM should provide point-to-point, on-demand services for both passengers and cargo within five years. Enabled by innovation in aircraft engineering and automation, powered by greener electric and hybrid propulsion systems (EHPS), a new generation of aerial vehicles is on the horizon, and they have a lot to promise. Indeed, advanced electric aircraft have the potential of making air transportation more affordable and socially acceptable, thanks to their quieter propulsion systems and lower operating costs.

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21 coty group copy.jpg

SAE International to Honor Top Contributors of the Year at 4th Annual Contributor of the Year Celebration

Posted: November 2, 2022

SAE recognizes those who made the greatest impact in 2022.

The SAE Contributor of the Year celebration is an annual event dedicated to recognizing our top volunteers for their contributions to the organization. SAE International understands the importance of recognizing our most engaged volunteers for their dedication to the success of our organization.

The 2022 celebration will take place November 6-8, 2022, at the Postcard Inn in Islamorada, Florida. At the celebration event, a Contributor of the Year will be announced from one of the 25 nominees in the 2022 Top Contributors Class.

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tesla workshop 1 copy.jpg

Formula SAE Electric Teams Gained Invaluable Knowledge at the First-Ever EV Workshop, Hosted by Tesla

Posted: October 31, 2022

A unique mobility collaboration has college students singing praises for SAE International.

Last month, students from 75 universities gathered in Fremont, California for SAE’s first ever EV Workshop, hosted by Tesla.

“This event provided amazing insight from both SAE and Tesla that was genuinely invaluable. Networking wise, I don’t think I have ever had a better experience,” said Paul Del Vechio, project manager for Rutgers Formula Racing. “The breath of eye-opening information and people that we got to meet was so unique, but in the best way possible. It was amazing; I really loved this event.”

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AM Repair a Focus for SAE through Work With Additive Manufacturing Coalition

Posted: October 21, 2022

Leading conversations around developing technologies is SAE International’s specialty.

On October 13, SAE took part in the Additive Manufacturing Coalition’s Digital Summit on The Use of Additive Manufacturing (AM) for Repair. Dave Abbott, Chair of SAE International AMS-AM Repair Subcommittee on Additive Repair for Aerospace and Senior Staff Engineer at General Electric Aviation presented “The Use of AM For Repair – An SAE AMSAM Perspective” on behalf of SAE.

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Olivier Savin_LinkedInQuote_Final.png

Flying Hydrogen: A Follow-Up from the World Hydrogen Congress with Blue Spirit Aero CEO Olivier Savin

Posted: October 20, 2022

By Tory Irwin

Last week, SAE International connected with professionals from around the world at the World Hydrogen Congress in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, leading discussions around hydrogen as a fuel source for mobility.

Oliver SavinBlue Spirit Aero Founder and CEO and Chairman of the joint SAE/EUROCAE Standardization Committee on Hydrogen and Fuel Cells for Airborne Applications, joined an SAE-moderated panel on Airports as Energy Hubs to offer his perspective.

We caught up with Olivier after the event to gain his vision on next steps.

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trevor elliot_web.jpg

In Conversation: A Moment with Trevor Elliott, Ph.D., Ralph Teetor Award Winner

Posted: October 14, 2022

Winning an SAE International Award is a big deal.

The SAE International Awards Program span across all areas of the mobility industry and come with a rich and prestigious history. Awards honor achievements made by professionals in industry, faculty, and students. Nominations for the 2022 SAE International Awards Program are in full swing.

We sat down with 2022 Ralph Teetor Education Award winner Trevor Elliott, Ph.D. to hear what receiving this recognition meant for him.

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suzanne talking on radio copy 1280.jpg

Passion and Dedication: Celebrating the Life and Impact of Suzanne Royce

Posted: October 6, 2022

Suzanne Royce may not have had the title, but she always thought like an engineer.

Through her grit, tenacity, and love of motorsports, Suzanne served as a trailblazer for women in a traditionally male-dominated field, becoming the Chief Scrutineer at the Formula One US Grand Prix in 1986 as the first woman to be given an FIA International Chief Scrutineer License.

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ana logan web.png

DEI Chat: AWIM Volunteer Ana Logan Joins SAE for Hispanic Heritage Month to Talk Diversity in the Classroom

Posted: October 5, 2022

Ana Logan likes to joke that she’s married to SAE International.

Her love affair with the organization started when she met her husband, Derek Logan, at the University of Arizona, where he was involved in Baja SAE. Derek stayed steadily involved with SAE in a variety of areas. That connection led to both Derek and Ana becoming involved with SAE’s A World In Motion (AWIM) at the Chandler Unified School District when their children were in school, a commitment Ana has continued even now that her kids have graduated.

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Mobility Engineering’s Best Vie for SAE Awards—Will You Be The Next Honoree?

Posted: September 7, 2022

Every day, industry leaders are contributing to the strides that SAE International is making in the world of transportation and mobility—and we want to be sure that those contributing are honored for their hard work.

The SAE Awards program recognizes and connects the engineering community by acknowledging technological achievements at every level of the mobility industry. This prestigious recognition not only allows SAE to celebrate these important innovations, but also demonstrates to industry the weight of these efforts.

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digital standards table.png

Digital Standards are Our Future

By Raman Venkatesh
Posted: September 1, 2022

Many industries are digitally transforming at a rapid pace—and the multitude of industries that we call ‘mobility’ is leading the transformation in all forms of transportation, whether we move people or goods.  As we look at the digital transformation at SAE International, we are investing to stay ahead of the curve.

For our work, that starts with digital standards.

This is not a new venture for SAE. Since 2016, we’ve had resources available digitally through our SAE Mobilus platform, the definitive online library for SAE Standards—updated in real-time—that serves as a single point of access to timely technical content for the modern engineer. This platform prioritizes the user experience to make searching more efficient and accessible.

But true digitization is more than just going from paper to PDFs.

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ev charging w chassis.jpg

Thoughts on EV Power Battery Structure Development

Posted: September 1, 2022

Guest Post by John Chen

NPI Manager, Vehicle Programs and Business Operations, BYD

At present, one of the most technical indicators of electric vehicle (EV) performance – which is also of high concern to consumers – is the range. In addition to the vehicle weight reduction, the component that has the most direct impact on improving the range is the battery capacity, so increasing the battery capacity has become and effective solution to increase the range of EVs.

To achieve higher capacity, innovations are generally focused on the electrochemical materials of the cell and the structure of the battery. Due to the long development cycle of the former, the innovation of battery structure is a feasible strategy in the short term, and integration is one of its important directions.

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National Non-Profit Day.png

5 Things You Support When You Support SAE

Posted: August 17, 2022

How do you advance technology for the benefit of humanity?

At SAE International, we’re focusing on mobility solutions that do just that.

SAE International is a global non-profit organization with the vision of connecting and educating mobility professionals to enable safe, clean, and accessible mobility solutions. With a global community of engineers, technical experts, and volunteers, we are continuing to develop the most reliable and comprehensive collection of engineering resources and standards.

But there is so much more to SAE than what is on the surface.

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is an electric car right for you book cover.jpg

5 Things You Need to Know When Buying an Electric Vehicle

Posted: August 9, 2022

How many times have you found yourself asking the question, “Should I buy an electric car?”

Electric vehicles (EVs) can be a great choice for many drivers, but only you know what will work best for you. There are many things to consider when thinking about buying any vehicle, and the same is true for EVs. Authors Chris Johnston and Ed Sobey are here to help with their new free e-book, Is an Electric Car Right for You? Quick Reference Guide to Buying an Electric Vehicle.

This no-cost quick reference guide takes the mystery out of electric vehicles. Check out these five quick tips that can help you on your car buying journey.

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German 3D printing BMW non-metal additive manufacturing line_gallery.jpg

What’s the Buzz About? Additive Manufacturing in a Nutshell

Posted: July 21, 2022

Guest Post by Vidya Srinivas
Senior Materials and Process Engineer

In recent years there’s been a lot of buzz about 3D printing to create products using Additive Manufacturing techniques. In this piece, we’ll explore what additive manufacturing is, what current additive manufacturing techniques are, and provide an overview of various industry use cases.

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AWIM at NSTA table 1.JPEG

SAE International's A World In Motion team is ready to learn, connect and recharge at the National Science Teaching Association (NSTA) Conference on Science Education.

Posted: July 18, 2022

SAE International’s A World In Motion (AWIM) team is steaming ahead in STEM education.

Members of SAE’s AWIM team are ready to connect with educators from across the country this week at the National Science Teaching Association (NSTA) National Conference on Science Education Chicago, one of the largest conferences focused exclusively on science and STEM teaching for K–12 teachers.

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Liu Bio photo.jpg

David Liu weighs in on SAE International’s role as convener of government and industry mobility professionals

Posted: July 13, 2022

In January of 2022, SAE International’s Government/Industry (GI) meeting once again facilitated important, industry-defining conversations about the future of mobility.

White House National Climate Advisor Gina McCarthy and Secretary of Energy Jennifer Granholm emphasized the importance of industry’s shift to electric vehicles—and SAE’s place at the center of it all.

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Abdelrahman Waleed Mohamed Elmagdoub and Antonio Garcia Martinez weigh in on exciting industry trends and possibilities ahead of SAE’s PF&L Conference

Posted: July 12, 2022

Transportation is about transformation.

As time moves on and technologies progress, so too, must the approaches to how we address the mobility industry’s challenges and the age-old question of how we get from point A to point B.

Thinking about those challenges on a daily basis are Abdelrahman Waleed Mohamed Elmagdoub, Artificial Intelligence Ph.D. Student, AAPS CDT, Cohort 2, and Antonio Garcia Martinez, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Department of Thermal and Reciprocating Engines at the Universitat Politècnica de Valencia.

With industry’s push toward electric vehicles (EVs) and their own work with internal combustion engines (ICEs), Elmagdoub and Martinez talked shop with us at SAE International about their work and how their involvement with SAE factors in to furthering the future of mobility.

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Challenges of Next-Generation Automotive and Mobility Innovations’ Productization and Industrialization

Posted: July 11, 2022

Guest Post By Umar Zakir Abdul Hamid
Lead Strategist, CEVT AB, Sweden

Each day in the media, we are seeing a lot of discussions regarding the transformation of the automotive and mobility industries. A lot of marketing materials have been distributed, promoted and disseminated in the media concerning the future strategy and vision of automotive companies on this topic. However, if one is working on turning the vision into reality, one will realize that it is not as easy as it may sound. Productization and industrialization of the emerging technologies in the automotive and mobility industry are facing a lot of challenges due to the rapid transformation of the industry as a whole. Before we proceed further, it is better to understand the definitions of productization and industrialization terminologies.

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SAE Member and Author Pranab Saha named Gold Medal Winner of IBPA Benjamin Franklin Award for Acoustic Materials

Posted: June 30, 2022

Earlier this month, SAE International announced that the Independent Book Publishers Association (IBPA) awarded SAE author and member Dr. Pranab Saha the Gold Medal Award in the 34th annual IBPA Benjamin Franklin Award™ program’s Professional Reference category for his book Acoustical Materials: Solving the Challenge of Vehicle Noise.

Dr. Saha, a global authority on automotive noise, body interior systems and sound package materials, earned recognition in the IBPA competition in a pool of 1,900 entries. As we celebrate Dr. Saha’s well-deserved recognition, we want to help you get to know the man behind the award-winning book.

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Volunteer Spotlight_Pinares.png

Volunteer Spotlight: Marcos Pinares, Jr.

Posted: June 29, 2022

After 12 years in the industry, Blue Origin, LLC, Aerospace Systems Engineer Marcos Pinares, Jr., has worked with a number of professionals—and found the value of mentorship.

“It’s important to share lessons learned and to help students establish a sense of what’s going to be expected of them when they enter the industry,” Pinares said. “After 12 years of engineering, I’ve had a plethora of mentors across different sites and functions- from my latest mentor at Blue who helped me grow into the Thermal Analysis/Cognizant Engineer role to the many senior engineers who both helped me learn the ropes and challenged my critical thinking and reasoning skills.”

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Racing Pride web_1.jpg

Waving the Green, Checkered and Rainbow Flags: How Racing Pride is Bringing LGBTQ+ Representation to Motorsports

Posted: June 27, 2022

Racing is for everyone.

It’s that simple yet powerful idea that drives the work that Racing Pride does and inspired co-founder Richard Morris to pursue the organization’s mission to positively promote LGBTQ+ inclusivity within motorsports.

“The whole issue in motorsport and the automotive industry was that we weren’t having these conversations on any level,” Morris said. “I really believe that there are lots of very supportive people in our industry who want to make an inclusive environment and want to make things better, they just haven’t known how to start those conversations.”

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Volunteer Spotlight_Nisha.png

Volunteer Spotlight: Nishatha Nagarajan

Posted: June 23, 2022

Nishatha “Nisha” Nagarajan knows the challenges presented by a knowledge gap.

As the Global Technical Specialist in Advanced Semiconductor Applications at General Motors can attest, training the next generation of engineers is essential for the future of mobility.

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Rice_Hattie web v2.jpg

A New Generation of Mobility Professional: CU Boulder Senior Hattie Rice Talks Gen Z’s push for Inclusion in the Workplace

Posted: June 22, 2022

When Hattie Rice came to the University of Colorado, Boulder, as a first-year student, she knew what she wanted—an inclusive space to learn and grow.

Now entering her senior year, the aerospace engineering major and computer science minor is challenging potential employers to provide the same support and opportunities as her lab at CU Boulder.

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INCOSE International Symposium on Systems Engineering coming to Detroit featuring Automotive and Aerospace Sectors

Posted: June 21, 2022

Guest Post from INCOSE

INCOSE is bringing the International Symposium to Detroit at a time when the Automotive sector is seeing dynamic change.

The symposium will take place June 25-30 with a theme of The Power of Connection, featuring experts in aerospace, energy, healthcare, ground transportation and mobility, the internet of things, AI, and cyber-physical systems. 

Carla Bailo, President and CEO of the Center for Automotive Research (CAR), will deliver a keynote address and take part in the Automotive Executive roundtable session along with other leaders from the Automotive sector.

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MicrosoftTeams-image (18).png

Flying Toward the Future: A Peak into the World of Airbus VP Amanda Simpson

Posted: June 20, 2022

You might expect Amanda Simpson to play things close to the chest.

After all, as the current Vice President of Research and Technology at Airbus America, she has a lot of responsibility on her shoulders. There’s also her government background, both in the U.S. Department of Defense advising military energy projects and a presidential appointment in 2010 by Barack Obama as Senior Technical Adviser to the U.S. Department of Commerce. In that role, she advised on policy and export control issues to protect the security of the United States, that some might see as prompting secrecy.

But Simpson is a straight shooter, and open about many things. She’ll frankly tell you that sustainability must be a priority for the global mobility industry for the survival of humanity. She’s vocal about her thoughts on industry inclusivity, and the need for diverse perspectives to advance technology.

And she doesn’t shy away from sharing her identity as a transgender woman.

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mcity 1.jpg

AutoDrive Challenge II Participants Offer Advice to the Next Generation of Engineers

Posted: June 17, 2022

SAE International’s social media team headed up to Ann Arbor, Michigan to check out all the buzz at year one of SAE’s AutoDrive Challenge II, a four-year competition for participating university teams from the United States and Canada to develop and demonstrate an autonomous vehicle (AV) that can navigate urban driving courses as described by SAE Standard (J3016™) Level 4 automation.

While we were there, we talked to some of the university participants talking to some of the university participants on their experience with the competition and asked them what advice they had to offer for the next generation of engineers.

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CMU Formula Hybrid Team 1.png

Worth the Wait: CMU Team earns first place win at Formula Hybrid after 8-year absence from competition

Posted: June 17, 2022

Who says you can’t go home?

Carnegie Mellon University returned to SAE International’s Formula Hybrid for the first time in eight years, coming out on top of the electric class over a field of 18 competitors at New Hampshire Motor Speedway in May.

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_Volunteer Spotlight_Ochab.png

Volunteer Spotlight: John Ochab

Posted: June 15, 2022

For John Ochab, a career of volunteering is one well spent.

The retired GM Powertrain Engineer has leant his time and talent to SAE International as a volunteer for 22 years, during which time he’s worked to teach and coordinate various STEM education programs at schools across the country.

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SC Logo.png

SAE’s Sven Beiker to chair the session on smart sensors and sensor fusion at Sensors Converge 2022

Posted: June 13, 2022

Dr. Sven Beiker, Managing Director of Silicon Valley Mobility and External Advisor for SAE International, will chair a session at the upcoming Sensors Converge conference June 27-29 in San Jose, California.

The session, called Smart Sensors & Sensor Fusion, will provide a day-long insights for to understand new developments in the sensors space. Speakers on the track will cover sensor market growth, testing, software trends, safety requirements and more.

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P22977500 SAE JA7496 Standard Graphics_Page_1.png

Let’s get Physical: The SAE G-32 Solution for the Cyber-Physical Cyber Menace

Posted: June 9, 2022

On June 2, SAE International’s G-32 Cyber Physical Systems Security Committee published its first joint Aerospace and Automotive standard JA7496: Cyber Physical Systems Security Engineering Plan. The new standard is intended for broad industry use for both commercial and defense applications along with other high reliability and/or critical systems in aerospace, transportation, medicine, and finance.

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Volunteer Spotlight_Salehi.png

Volunteer Spotlight: Kam Salehi

Posted: June 8, 2022

From competing in college engineering challenges to coaching students, Kam Salehi’s professional journey has made him an integral part of SAE International.

Salehi is currently a lead product integrity engineer at General Motors, where he’s spent the last 7 years of his career, with two years of relevant research at the Pennsylvania State University into lithium-ion battery safety for automotive vehicles prior to assuming his role at GM.

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AutoDrive Zach Kerr.png

PSU AutoDrive Challenge II team lead looks ahead to first year competition

Posted: June 3, 2022

You could say Zach Kerr’s interest in SAE International’s collegiate programs drove itself.

In preparation for this year’s emergent technology series, AutoDrive Challenge II, we sat down with Kerr, team lead for Penn State’s Advanced Vehicle Team (AVT) and recent Penn State graduate, to learn about his involvement and the team’s preparation for this year’s competition.

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_Volunteer Spotlight_Duchesneau.png

Volunteer Spotlight: Randall Duchesneau III

Posted: June 2, 2022

Randall Duchesneau III knows the value that standardization brings not only to the mobility industry, but to its users—the millions of every day people trying to get from point A to point B.

As an Accessibility Specialist at the United States Access Board, Duchesneau is uniquely positioned to consider a specific group within those users, people with disabilities, and how industry developments can help these folks gain back some of their independence when it comes to transportation.

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Anmol Sharma.png

DEI Chats: Anmol Sharma Reflects on his involvement with SAE International for AAPI Month

Posted: May 27, 2022

Anmol Sharma has faced challenges and experienced triumphs as he entered the world of engineering—and he credits SAE International for opening these opportunities to him.

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hydrogen aviation_web.jpg

SAE’s Pascal Thalin to Moderate Hydrogen Aviation Panel at Hydrogen 2022 Conference

Posted: May 26, 2022

Guest Post by Pascal Thalin

Sustainability is heavy on the mind of many industry leaders as they contemplate the mobility of tomorrow. While multiple alternative fuel sources are being considered as a part of this future, hydrogen as a fuel source has captured the imagination of many aerospace engineers as they consider the potential benefits of hydrogen over other sustainable aviation fuels.

At the Hydrogen 2022 Conference in Amsterdam, June 8-9, Leaders from EasyJet, Airbus, ZeroAvia, and Boeing will discuss what the future of hydrogen could look like for aviation, led in conversation by Pascal Thalin, Director of Aerospace Standards, Technology & Innovation at SAE International.

As he prepares for the upcoming panel, Thalin stopped by the SAE International Blog to give us a tease of what’s to come.

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Cowdin 4.jpg

From Aerospace to Auto Racing: How Eric Cowdin’s Formula SAE Experience Changed the Course of his Career

Posted: May 24, 2022

It’s a week and a half before one of the biggest events in IndyCar racing when SAE International dials into a non-descript office at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

The energy in the room is palpable even through a Zoom connection as the Chip Ganassi Racing (CGR) team is prepping the No. 48 Carvana Racing Dallara-Honda for Jimmie Johnson’s Indianapolis 500 debut after a successful career in stock car racing with NASCAR.

While Johnson may be a relative newcomer to Indy racing, his engineer, Eric Cowdin, is a seasoned pro—though both have had interesting career journeys that have brought them to Indianapolis Motor Speedway on this day. During a free moment before day two of practice begins, Cowdin sits down to share his story with SAE.

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Dylan Konop.png

SAE Senior Celebrations: Dylan Konop

Posted: May 18, 2022

A lifelong love for vehicles inspired Dylan Konop’s journey into engineering.

“After working on cars with my dad and frequently being in a machine shop, I knew I wanted to continue designing, building, and maintaining cars and other vehicles,” the Bradley University mechanical engineering major said.

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Katarina Rodak.png

SAE Senior Celebrations: Katarina Rodak

Posted: May 17, 2022

Katarina Rodak wants to connect people through transportation.

“I was inspired to pursue a degree in the mobility industry as I and most of the people I know drive as their main form of transportation,” Rodak said. “To work in mobility, you’re providing people with the freedom to travel to new opportunities and also allowing the transportation of goods and services that society needs to operate.”

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Beatriz Acuna (1).png

SAE Senior Celebrations: Beatriz Acuna

Posted: May 16, 2022

Beatriz Acuna is ready to explore.

The mechanical engineering major is finishing up her degree at California State University, Northridge, where she was a member of the SAE Collegiate Chapter.

“I wanted to learn more about the world, how everything functions, and how everything arounds us is designed,” Acuna said.

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Awards 2.jpg

SAE Foundation honors Bosch, GM’s Mark Reuss at Annual Celebration

Posted: May 5, 2022

Industry came together to recognize the importance of STEM education and celebrate the contributions of SAE collaborators who allow us to promote this goal at the SAE Foundation’s Annual Celebration on May 3, 2022.

As part of the celebration, the SAE Foundation recognized industry leaders for their contributions to the world of mobility, awarding the Gordon Millar Award for philanthropic support of STEM education efforts to Bosch; the DENSO Young Industry Leadership Award to Leslie Heinzen, General Motors Co., and Kanwar Bharat Singh, Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company; and the Industry Leadership Award to Mark Reuss, President, General Motors Co.

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Chowdhury collage_update.png

SAE’s A World In Motion® Announces Winners of 2022 Chowdhury STEM Innovation Contest

Posted: April 20, 2022

Future scientists are getting their start with SAE International’s A World In Motion® (AWIM®)—and getting recognized for their efforts.

Results from the 2022 Chowdhury STEM Innovation Contest—generously sponsored by the Subir and Malini Chowdhury Foundation through the SAE Foundation—are in, recognizing projects across a wide array of topics that present a STEM solution to a real-world issue:

  • First Place: John T., Grade 7, of Grand Blanc, Michigan, for his project “Traffic Smart”
  • Second Place: Nicole H., Grade 4, of St. Augustine, Florida, for her project “Scalable and Fertilizer-Free Energy/Self-Sufficient Carbon Neutral Aquaponics”
  • Third Place: Ephraim A., Grade 7; Zachary B., Grade 5; Arthur J., Grade 7; and Malachi J., Grade 6, of Washington, Maryland, for their project “Sustaining Landlocked Countries”

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wcx dei.png

People-Driven Mobility: DEI Perspectives from Industry Leaders Show a Path Forward that Focuses on the Occupant Over Vehicle

Posted: April 13, 2022

Transportation in America over the past century has grown with personal vehicles as the anchor bias, Alisyn Malek says, and this default has led to many putting the car before the trip.

“In many places, if you can’t afford your own vehicle, you’re essentially deprived of the freedom of movement,” Malek said during her keynote address on equitable mobility at SAE International’s 2022 World Congress Experience (WCX).

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A Shared Future: Technology and Business Expert Talks the Democratized Future of the Internet and What It Means for Mobility Innovators

Posted April 13, 2022

A digital revolution is coming, Shelly Palmer predicts, and the direction it takes is up to you. 

“We are on the cusp of a financial revolution where democratized transactions get financed,” Palmer said during his talk at SAE International’s 2022 World Congress Experience (WCX). “Creators and users will be able to share in the power they create.”

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Reflections from a Leader: SAE Arnold W. Siegel Humanitarian Award Winner Subir Chowdhury Shares his Perspective on Giving Back

Posted: April 12, 2022

Guest Post from Subir Chowdhury, Ph.D.

Improvement is a value I have strived for ever since I was young. Not just for myself, but for the betterment of my community. It is my belief that if you bring enough good people together who are not afraid to communicate and exchange ideas openly, you can solve every problem you can imagine; you just have to have a willingness to open your mind to new ways of thinking.

Throughout my career, I have prioritized these types of conversations and have continuously sought opportunities to solve problems that I have encountered as a leader in mobility. I have been fortunate enough to get involved with smart and talented collaborators in the world of higher education, where I can use my resources to pay forward opportunities for the engineers and mobility professionals of tomorrow to hone their own problem-solving skills.

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SAE Awards_blog.png

SAE International Recognizes Top Mobility Professionals at 2022 SAE Awards Ceremony

Posted: April 12, 2022

On April 6, 2022, SAE International gathered with some of the best and brightest in the mobility industry to recognize their contributions to the future of transportation.

Among those honored were Alan Nye, Ph.D., Department of Mechanical Engineering, Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT), and Subir Chowdhury, Ph.D., Chairman and CEO, ASI Consulting Group, LLC, receiving the SAE Medal of Honor and Arnold W. Siegel Humanitarian Award, respectively.

These awards highlight members of the industry who have contributed substantially to its continued evolution and whose work has far reaching impacts on the world at large.

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Sustainability Panel Highlights Charging Infrastructure during WCX

Posted: April 12, 2022

“How do you bring together so many different elements of a lived environment to make it sustainable?”  

SAE Chief Growth Officer Frank Menchaca asked this question as he opened a panel discussion featuring the recently launched SAE Office of Sustainable Energy (OSE). 

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jeff degraff keynote (2).jpg

Innovation in the New World of Work: Jeff DeGraff Kicks Off Day Two of WCX 

Posted: April 11, 2022

Trying to fit the new into the old is the number one way to fail in the new world of work, Jeff DeGraff says.  

DeGraff, the Dean of Innovation and founder of the Innovatrium, kicked off day two of WCX™ World Business Congress with his keynote highlighting his innovator’s mindset. 

DeGraff stressed the importance of diversity that allows an organization to grow.  

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WEB - nigam_sherry.jpg

SAE Tomorrow Today: Meet Sherry Nigam, Head of SAE Books

Posted: April 8, 2022

Sherry Nigam’s passion for knowledge started at an early age.

As the daughter of the local newspaper printer and the library bookmobile driver, Nigam spent a lot of time in her youth around the written word, and those who were passionate about it. She developed her own love of reading and incorporated that love into her 30-year career in publishing, culminating in her current role as Head of Books at SAE International.

The team behind the SAE Tomorrow Today podcast caught up with Nigam to talk about her work anticipating trends critical to aerospace and ground vehicle mobility, searching out authors who are experts in their fields, and helping them develop the books they think they don’t have time to write. Get a preview with snippets from that conversation here and check out the latest episode of SAE Tomorrow Today for the full story.

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Catching Up at WCX.png

Tireside Chats: Meeting Industry Members on the Floor at WCX

Posted: April 6, 2022

SAE International’s WCX is back in-person for the first time in three years, and there’s a lot of buzz happening throughout Huntington Place. We stopped and chatted with a few exhibitors and attendees about their experiences at WCX and what is exciting them in the industry today. Check out what they had to say!

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“Great Design is Storytelling Design”
Jon Snoddy kicks off WCX 2022 with Opening Keynote

Posted: April 5, 2022

How do you create something that not only fits the market need, but is memorable? 

Following the Disney model, as WCX keynote speaker and Advanced Development Studio Executive SVP at Walt Disney Imagineering Jon Snoddy does, means crafting a narrative that fits into the life of the user.

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SAE to Join CoMotion Miami ’22, Linking People, Infrastructure, and Services

Posted: April 1, 2022

The connected city isn’t just a part of the civilization of tomorrow; it’s a key component of our world today.

At CoMotion Miami ’22, global mayors, leading technologists, public transport operators, venture capitalists, start-ups and established players are all talking the landscape of new urban mobility—and SAE International partnering with CoMotion to push those conversations forward.

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Cora Taylor_Quote.png

DEI Chats with Women in Mobility: Cora Taylor, Michigan Technological University

Posted: March 31, 2022

Cora Taylor’s philosophy is to just go for it.

Growing up, she didn’t have a passion for engineering. In high school, she was convinced to join the robotics team (with pressure from her best friend), as the PR captain. She was in charge of designing the team t-shirts, getting sponsors, making presentations – basically all the artsy stuff. She soon realized she wanted to help design and construct the robot. That is how her love of engineering began.

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Rhonda Whitehall_graphic.png

DEI Chats with Women in Mobility: Rhonda Walthall, Collins Aerospace  

Posted: March 30, 2022

Rhonda Walthall wrote the book on finding success as a woman in aerospace.  


In 2021, Walthall co-authored Flight Paths to Success: Career Insights from Women Leaders in Aerospace with Brenda Mitchell. The book profiles the personal journeys of 33 women who have been, and continue to be, successful in aviation, space, and academia. 

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shelly palmer.png

Metaverse to Motorverse: Shelly Palmer is Sharing His Insights on the Road Ahead

Posted: March 28, 2022

“We’ve got a chance to invent the future. Is that future three years away, five years away, ten years away, twenty-five years away, none of the above? The answer is: all of the above.” 

Technology and business expert Shelly Palmer shared these words with SAE as he described the focus of his upcoming WCX session, From Metaverse to Motorverse: A Roadmap, which he’ll present April 7 at Huntington Place in Detroit, Michigan.

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hydrogen charging car (4).jpg

Paving the Way to the Future: The Hydrogen Highway

Posted: March 25, 2022

Imagine you have a 4 metric ton pile of waste sitting on your front lawn. Your neighbors would probably hate it. The surrounding community wouldn’t appreciate it either, and it’s hard to tell your kids to go play in the yard with literal tons of waste hanging around.

It’s tough to imagine such a thing but the reality of waste hanging around is actually closer to reality than you might think.

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jeff degraff.png

The Democratization of Innovation: A Look Inside Jeff DeGraff’s Innovator Mind

Posted: March 25, 2022

Innovation starts as an idea—a tiny seed in the garden of invention. But that seed can only take root with the proper mentality, and the right nurturer to help in grow.

So says the Dean of Innovation, Jeff DeGraff, who has achieved success in bringing innovation across industries by tackling the perceived problems at hand with a mindset for organizational development. And he’s bringing that approach to SAE International’s WCX™ World Congress Experience on April 6 in Detroit, Michigan.

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DEI Chats: WCX to tackle the Future of Mobility and How to Achieve Equitable Mobility for All

Posted: March 24, 2022

When it comes to the future of mobility, these women are making a CASE for the transformative power of technology to empower equitable access to transportation for all.

SAE International will host a women-led panel discussing connected, automated, shared, and electrified (CASE) technologies and the power they have to transform mobility as part of WCX, April 5-7, 2022, in Detroit, Michigan.

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meddev exoskeleton (3).jpg

Exoskeletons: The Bridge Between the Human Body & Robotics

Posted: March 24, 2022

Individuals from across industries are taking their mobility knowledge and applying it to the Medical Devices (MedDev) market. There are many different things that can come to mind when thinking of MedDev such as implants, surgical instruments, drug delivery and more. Exoskeletons may not be what first comes to your mind, but they probably should be, given the way experts are saying they are revolutionizing the MedDev market.

To many, exoskeletons are becoming the bridge between the human body and robots.

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snoddy linkedin.png

Disney’s Jon Snoddy is Designing the Future at SAE International’s WCX

Posted: March 23, 2022

Jon Snoddy has told many stories through design throughout his career, and he’s getting ready to share a juicy one at SAE International’s WCX.

As the current head of Walt Disney Imagineering’s R&D, Ride Engineering, Technology, and Show Systems studios, Snoddy leads the team responsible for the tech behind Disney’s theme parks, resorts, ships, and immersive experiences. Throughout his career Snoddy has worn many hats, working as a machinist, a car mechanic, a recording engineer at NPR, founder of GameWorks LLC,, TimePlay Entertainment, and Big Stage Entertainment, and an impetus for THX at Lucasfilm. He developed the ride system for Disneyland’s Indiana Jones ™ Adventure and the Disney VR Studio.

We sat down with Snoddy ahead of his appearance at WCX to get a peak behind the curtain with this Imagineering innovator and provide a glimpse of how a little Disney magic can make its way into the wonderful world of mobility.

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Rebecca Vollman_graphic.png

DEI Chats with Women in Mobility: Rebecca Vollmann, ABB 

Posted: March 23, 2022

Rebecca Vollmann started chasing her dreams in the automotive industry as a teenager, and she hasn’t looked back since.  

“I worked as a mechanic at an auto shop in high school, and the more I worked on cars, the more I wanted to design them better,” Vollmann said.  

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3-17 jason clark.jpg

AeroTech Sends Off Attendees with Mission to Embrace Trial and Error to Advance Industry

Posted: March 17, 2022

You can’t make an omelet without breaking a few eggs, as the old adage goes. And you can’t find the solutions to tomorrow’s aviation challenges without taking some chances today.

During the third and final day of SAE International’s AeroTech, keynote speakers highlighted a focus on the future and the need for experimentation to get there.

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3-17 Amanda Simpson 2.jpg

Industry Collaboration Theme of Keynotes as AeroTech tackles Sustainability, Advanced Air Mobility, and Space Technology

Posted: March 17, 2022

While many things about the future are uncertain, one thing we can count on is that the only way we’re going to reach it is together.

“At SAE, we’re asking ourselves, ‘How can we bring across more collaboration in these sectors in a meaningful way?’ We need to bring about a very integrated approach,” said SAE Board of Trustees President Sri Srinath in his opening remarks.

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3-16 Doline Peterson.jpg

AeroTech Shines Spotlight on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion with Women-Led Keynote and Panel

Posted: March 16, 2022

The modern workforce functions better with multiple perspectives. Just ask Annabel Flores.

“Research shows that when we create an environment that is open for all employees to share their ideas and viewpoints, productivity improves,” the Raytheon Technologies President of Electronic Warfare Systems said during her IDEAL (inclusion, diversity, equity, accessibility, and leadership) keynote address Wednesday at SAE International’s AeroTech.

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CCTP blog image.jpg

Changes Coming to ARP4754B and ARP4761A

Posted: March 16, 2022

On Tuesday, March 15, SAE contributors joined in a panel discussion at AeroTech® moderated by Jonathan Archer, SAE International Manager of Aerospace Standards Business Development and Outreach, to discuss upcoming changes to ARP4754 and ARP4761, commonly referred to as the Twin Pillars of Aviation.

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Dr. Hussain at AeroTech.jpg

Building the Future of Aerospace and Enabling the Future of Mobility: Boeing and SAE share approaches to what’s next at AeroTech

Posted: March 16, 2022

Boeing's Dr. Naveed Hussain kicked off SAE International’s AeroTech for 2022 with a focus on the future of aviation—and those who keep the industry moving.

“It’s a very dynamic time in the industry, a time when we have to ask ourselves, ‘What is an aerospace engineer?’” Dr. Hussain said.

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Holly Olson.png

DEI Chats with Women in Mobility: Holly Olson, Bradley University ’23

Posted: March 16, 2022

Holly Olson is a builder.

As a student at Bradley University, Holly is putting together her classes, experience with mentors, and involvement with SAE to create her own platform to success.

But before all that, she was inspired by another strong woman.

“[My sister] is three years older than me, and she earned her bachelor’s in mechanical engineering with a concentration in aerospace and is now going for a masters in material engineering. I saw and heard all the cool things she was working on, and it inspired me to do the same,” Olson said.

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3-15 Catching Up at AeroTech.png

Catching Up at AeroTech: 5 Minutes with Folks on the Floor

Posted: March 15, 2022

There’s so much happening at SAE International’s AeroTech 2022 (presented jointly with ASM’s AeroMat) and we’re keeping up with it all—as are our attendees! We stopped and chatted with a few to see what they’re getting from the experience so far, and their outlook on what’s to come for the world of aerospace. See what they had to say!

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Heather Smith_graphic.png

DEI Chats with Women in Mobility: Heather Smith, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Posted: March 9, 2022

Heather Smith is all about paying it forward.

In her less than one year with SAE International, the Graduate Program Director and Faculty Member, Master of Engineering: Engineering Management at University of Wisconsin-Madison is already passing on wisdom to young women engineers while engaging with the industry she loves.

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Allison Collins_graphic.png

DEI Chats with Women in Mobility: Allison Collins, Ford Motor Company

Posted: March 2, 2022

Allison Collins recognizes the importance of diverse voices in engineering—and works hard to make sure her own is heard.

“Research shows that diverse opinions in the workplace lead to more innovative business development as well as helping the bottom line,” the Ford Motor Company Materials Engineer said. “As the automotive industry tries to shift and become more flexible and mobility focused, the opinions of women and other minorities in the industry are more valuable than ever. As an early career woman, knowing this motivates me to gain technical expertise to be a part of those diverse voices the industry needs.”

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Your Burning On-Board Diagnostics Questions, Answered

5 minutes with CARB’s Fred Garza

Posted: March 1, 2022

As the mobility industry progresses toward a more environmentally friendly future, emission monitoring and regulations are only going to get more robust.

Understanding the on-board diagnostics (OBD) system’s functions and capabilities is becoming increasingly important, but as regulatory and standards requirements evolve, so do questions around these technologies.

We asked SAE International collaborators for their most pressing questions around what’s new in OBD and tapped Fred Garza, OBD Branch, Emissions Certification and Compliance Division for California Air Resources Board (CARB) to share his expertise.

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2-28 Sri Srinath copy_500px.png

Meet Sri Srinath: Get to Know SAE’s New President and his Plans for SAE

Posted: February 28, 2022

When Sri Srinath walks into a room, there’s a buzzy energy that follows. Srinath knows how to lead a conversation that gets people talking, but even more so, makes them want to lean in and listen to what he has to say.  

He’s bringing that energy to SAE as President of the Board of Directors, with a vision to unite industry, with SAE at the helm as mobility professionals tackle new technologies and challenges.

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2-23 BHM3.jpg

DEI Chats: Making STEM Education Accessible for All

Posted: February 23, 2022

Our AWIM partners will tell you a one-size-fits-all approach to education belongs in the past.

They say understanding a student—their personal identity, their background, their learning style—is vital to providing experiences that will prepare them for the next stages of their life.

But how does a teacher uncover and fulfill those needs?

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Leading minds at Boeing to present keynote addresses at 2022 SAE International AeroTech

Guest Post By Boeing

Posted: February 22, 2022

Boeing is proud to support the mission of bringing together the top innovators and thinkers in aerospace, during the annual SAE International AeroTech conference and exhibition. This year, as we are able to attend in person once again, Boeing will offer unique and interesting insights and information during six keynote addresses. Some of the company’s most innovative and creative minds will share their thoughts on advancing the aviation industry, during times of challenge and beyond.   

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aerotech-aeromat - resized.jpg

Push the Boundaries of What’s Possible at AeroTech® 2022

Posted: February 8, 2022

AeroTech® is taking your aviation industry knowledge to a whole new level. The event happens March 15-17 in Pasadena, California.

With the rapid change and constant innovation in aerospace and defense, it is critical to connect and collaborate with industry professionals to advance technology, processes, and industry.

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2-8 twin pillars.jpg

Looking at ARP4754 & ARP4761: A Case Study for The Twin Pillars of Aviation Safety

Posted: February 8, 2022

In modern transportation, creating and measuring safe practices in aviation is streamlined through industry standardization—though that wasn’t always the case.

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Mentor Image_Paul Jacobs.png

Mentor Spotlight: Paul E. Jacobs, Environmental Compliance Consultant

Posted: January 31, 2022

Throughout the month of January, we’re recognizing members of our SAE Mentor community who share their experience and expertise with young professionals and engineering students as they shape the future of mobility.

In the early 1980s, a young Paul Jacobs was researching automotive emissions at UC Berkeley when he first encountered SAE International. His interest piqued, Jacobs quickly got involved with the organization, soon becoming a member, recruiting others to join him, publishing papers of his own, and eventually joining the SAE J1667 standards committee.

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SAE Showcase: Start Your Engines

Posted: January 28, 2022

John Lloyd's involvement with SAE International goes back to grade school. 

John shares his own personal STEM story starting with the SAE A World In Motion® (AWIM) in elementary school, to Kettering University and the Formula SAE team, to a vehicle engineer at Ford Motor Company. 

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SAE Showcase: Think you know SAE? Think again. 

Posted: January 25, 2022


Like any good organization, SAE International has a core mission driving all we do: to advance mobility knowledge and solutions for the benefit of humanity.

But what does that really mean?

We’re taking a look at who SAE International is and how we can help you during the SAE Showcase Feb. 1-2. This free online event offers a unique opportunity to learn directly from SAE leaders on their plans to facilitate innovation through new projects and initiatives in 2022.

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White House Climate Advisor Gina McCarthy outlines U.S. plan to transition to EV at SAE International’s Government/Industry Meeting

Posted: January 25, 2022

Electric vehicles (EVs) are the future, and the U.S is looking for leaders to bring that future home, said White House Climate Advisor Gina McCarthy at SAE International’s Government/Industry Meeting last Wednesday.

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Mentor Image_Andrea Strzelec.png

Mentor Spotlight: Andrea Strzelec, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Posted: January 24, 2022

Throughout the month of January, we’re recognizing members of our SAE Mentor community who share their experience and expertise with young professionals and engineering students as they shape the future of mobility.

Andrea Strzelec has always been a champion of the curious mind. She first became involved with SAE as a graduate student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison (UWM) where she connected with peers who shared her automotive passions, and now 19 years later, she’s passing on the knowledge she’s gained during that time in her current role as Program Director, Master of Engineering in Engine Systems Program & Associate Research Scientist at UWM and a mentor in SAE’s mentoring program.

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Secretary of Energy Jennifer Granholm Talks SAE’s Role in EV Future During Government/Industry Meeting

Posted: January 21, 2022

As SAE International kicks off 2022 with its critical Government/Industry Meeting, one member of the presidential cabinet is touting the organization’s importance to the future of transportation in America.

“I know that SAE International and the Department of Energy really have a valued partnership that goes back for over two decades,” said Secretary of Energy Jennifer Granholm during the event’s opening keynote session. “And I know that in that time, our program offices and our national labs have worked with you to develop standards that we’re still using today to keep our transportation sector secure and the American people safe. This is a really important relationship not just for the DOE, but for the entire country.”

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SAE International leading conversations at Transformative Vertical Flight Conference 

Posted: January 21, 2022

SAE International will support and participate at the Vertical Flight Society’s (VFS) Transformative Vertical Flight Conference Jan. 25-27 in San Jose, California. The event provides a forum to advance new vertical flight concepts and technologies. SAE is honored to be a sponsor of this event.

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JetToy Crop.jpg

Students Race for Gold at the Virtual JetToy Competition Supported by Kia Georgia

Posted: January 21 2022

At the end of every year, children excitedly anticipate school breaks, snow days and holiday traditions, but added to that list for nearly 500 elementary students this December was SAE International’s Virtual JetToy Competition

Sponsored by Kia Georgia, the signature culminating activity of SAE’s A World In Motion® (AWIM®) program brought together students from 17 schools in Georgia, Alabama and this year, an ENCU affiliated bilingual school in China. Students, supported by teachers and volunteers, squared off in the friendly competition with balloon-powered toy cars that met specific performance criteria on distance, accuracy and creativity.

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DEI Chats: Vehicle Accessibility for the Visually Impaired

Posted: January 18, 2022

Across the globe, more than 2.2 billion people deal with some form of visual impairment, according to the World Health Organization. For those dealing with vision impairment, traveling can become anything from a nuisance to a full-on nightmare, depending on the availability of accessible public transportation, ridesharing or ridesourcing, or reliable family or friends who can help facilitate transportation. The hurdles folks with visual impairment or other disabilities face when trying to simply get from point A to point B can be frustrating and feel dehumanizing as they become dependent on these systems that are not always a reliable or efficient resource.

As the automotive industry moves toward an autonomous future, those in the visually impaired community stand to reap some of the greatest benefits from an investment in this technology, giving them back their independence and agency to get around, especially those living in car-dependent communities.

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Copy of Mentor Image_Jay Zhou.png

Mentor Spotlight: Jay Zhou, Ph.D., JHZ Strategic QA

Posted: January 17, 2022

Throughout the month of January, we’re recognizing members of our SAE Mentor community who share their experience and expertise with young professionals and engineering students as they shape the future of mobility.

In his more than 17 years as a member of SAE International, Jay Zhou, Ph.D., has accomplished quite a bit. Throughout his career, Zhou has the opportunity to interface with industry leaders as one himself. During his professional journey, Zhou worked with the Ford Motor Company for 28 years where he ascended to Vice President of China and Asia Pacific Quality and New Model Programs, growing a professional network through his SAE International connections, and eventually becoming a mentor to young professionals—and that all started with an SAE mentor of his own.

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Mentor Image_Kaiser.png

Mentor Spotlight: Michele Kaiser, John Deere

Posted: January 10, 2022

Throughout the month of January, we’re recognizing members of our SAE Mentor community who share their experience and expertise with young professionals and engineering students as they shape the future of mobility.

Michele Kaiser has had a lot of opportunity to grown in her career since her days as a student member of the SAE chapter at University of Dayton. Now Business Development Manager at John Deere, Kaiser has been finding ways to pass on her expertise and know-how as a mentor through her SAE International membership.

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DEI Chats: Scholarships and Equitable Access to Education Opportunities

Posted: December 29, 2021

Each month, SAE International is having honest conversations with our members, volunteers, and employees about diversity, equity, and inclusion in the world of mobility. We reflect with our partners on how their identity has shaped their experience in the field and how we can work toward a more equitable and inclusive future.

This month, we sat down with SAE’s  Nicol Lachimia, Awards, Scholarships, and Events Associate, to talk about equitable access to education, and how SAE is fostering opportunity for students from or seeking to support low-income communities.

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Autonomous Trucking, Supply Chain Woes, and Infrastructure: Torc Robotics Weighs In on crucial topics ahead of SAE Government/Industry Meeting

Posted: December 21, 2021

The holiday season has emphasized stresses for many as they prepare for family gatherings and gift exchanges, but the brightest spotlight has fallen over the global supply chain issues that have been amplified by the pandemic.

Shipping delays and inflation brought on by a shortage of truck drivers unable to deliver goods show no signs of going away any time soon, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Mobility innovators are hard at work trying to crack autonomous trucking, which would provide some much-needed relief to these supply chain woes. Still, there’s the questions of road safety, and how such technology would work within the larger transportation infrastructure of the United States and other countries.

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An Inside Look at the Next Evolution of Vehicle Safety Systems

Posted: December 14, 2021

Something big is happening in the automotive industry, and we’re here for it. Advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) — combined with regulatory, consumer and societal pressures — are driving the shift to a whole new level of vehicle connectivity and safety performance.

A live roundtable from the 2021 WCX Digital Summit tackled this exciting topic head-on. Led by moderator John Waraniak, CEO and Co-Founder of Have Blue, the Next-Generation Safety Performance: Safety is the New Horsepower session featured a notable panel of thought leaders and influencers from across the industry, who discussed the key safety takeaways in mobility to keep an eye on over the coming decade.

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12-10 RIDE Blog.jpg

Come along for the RIDE: SAE digital events provide flexible and free opportunities to stay updated on mobility innovations

Posted: December 10, 2020

When SAE was founded in the early 1900s, its first president, Andrew Riker, and vice president, Henry Ford, had a vision to advance mobility knowledge and solutions for the benefit of humanity. Riker and Ford were forward thinking innovators and probably wouldn’t be surprised to hear that more than 100 years later, their vision lives on, as SAE serves as a leader in connecting and educating mobility professionals to constantly improve mobility technology around the world. They might, however, be amazed to learn how that’s being done—and the new branches of technology that SAE has extended to even beyond mobility.

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BHerman Glider MadrasHS-OR.jpg

DEI Chats: Native American Heritage Month and A World In Motion

Posted: Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Each month, SAE International is having honest conversations with our members, volunteers, and employees about diversity, equity, and inclusion in the world of mobility. We reflect with our partners on how their identity has shaped their experience in the field and how we can work toward a more equitable and inclusive future.

This month, we sat down with educator partners Rae Herman, Beau Herman, Evelyn Bigby, and Mary Ellen Earnhardt to discuss their experience incorporating SAE International’s A World In Motion (AWIM) program through their work with Native American students from reservation communities in Montana and Oregon. They talk about the ways personal experience and culture come into play in the classroom, why representation in education matters, and how AWIM brings equitable access to STEM education for different types of learners.

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cummins_case study.png

Diversity, Inclusion, and Innovation: How SAE International’s Tools Are Aiding in Cummins Inc. Success

Posted: November 19, 2021

In our modern workforce, it has become more apparent how integral diversity, equity and inclusion are to cultivating an environment of success where employees can thrive. Savvy employers recognize that celebrating and supporting a host of different backgrounds strengthens their business, making room for growth as these diverse perspectives breed new, innovative ideas—and as forward-thinkers, SAE International and its partners push for this shift across the mobility industry.

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SAE Blockchain_Final_blog.png

Blockchain Can Save Lives

Posted: November 16, 2021

By Raman Venkatesh, Chief Operating Officer, SAE International

From the early days of the cryptocurrency, bitcoin has been steadily growing and now has become somewhat mainstream, with even a recently launched exchange-traded fund (in addition to several trading platforms and financial instruments). With this rapid growth, it should be no surprise that financial technology (“fintech”) became a pioneering application of blockchain; it is estimated that over 8 million Americans own bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies, making it the most popular application of blockchain technology.

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Move with Mobilus: Meet an Expert, Urban Air Mobility with Anna Dietrich

Posted: November 11, 2021

Watch the Move with SAE Mobilus October guest speaker replay, featuring Anna Dietrich, industry expert in the urban air mobility and eVTOL industries. Learn about her contributions to the SAE EDGE Research Reports and her recent title, Unsettled Issues Regarding the Certification of Electric Aircraft.

Watch the full conversion and make plans to join us for the next Move with Mobilus Webinar taking place Wednesday, November 17, 2021, at 11:00 a.m. EDT.

vehicle architecture .png

Evolution of the Vehicle Architecture: What’s Next?

Posted: November 9, 2021

Domain consolidation has long been a concept just around the corner for the mobility industry. But we’re only now reaching a turning point that requires new thinking about what the E/E architecture of a vehicle should look like for the future. At the recent 2021 WCX Digital Summit, the Evolution of the Vehicle Architecture roundtable discussion explored the speed and scope at which these changes will happen. Here are some of the key takeaways.

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Dr. Sven Beiker to lead AV capabilities panel at Autonomous Technologies Summit

Posted: November 1, 2021

Automated vehicles are closer than ever to wide commercial availability, but we’ve only just begun to explore all their capabilities. With advances in technology including LiDAR, radar and camera sensor updates, it’s time to start thinking about all the ways these vehicles can potentially benefit our communities in addition to the reduced accident risk, improved traffic flow, and lower transportation costs that we’ve already seen.

During Fierce Electronics’ virtual Autonomous Technologies Summit, this November 8-9, Sven Beiker, Managing Director of Silicon Valley Mobility and External Advisor for SAE International, will lead the conversation assessing the full potential of autonomous vehicles on behalf of SAE International.

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Data and the Connected Vehicle: The Holy Grail?

Posted: Friday, October 8, 2021

Imagine all vehicles on the road — both old and new — linked through a high-speed, low-latency connection to a smart, powerful infrastructure. This vision of the future is radically changing the way we think about infrastructure and the role it plays in the collection, analysis and delivery of data to and from the vehicle.

During the recent 2021 WCX Digital Summit, industry thought leaders came together to explore this topic during the session “Is Data and the Connected Vehicle the Holy Grail or a Panacea?” In part two of our series, we break down some of the discussion highlights from the insightful WCX Leadership Summit.

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DEI Chats: Myra Blanco, Director of Advancement, Partnerships & Outreach, Virginia Tech Transportation Institute

Posted: Tuesday, October 5, 2021

Each month, SAE International is having honest conversations with our members, volunteers, and employees about diversity, equity, and inclusion in the world of mobility. We reflect with our partners on how their identity has shaped their experience in the field and how we can work toward a more equitable and inclusive future.

This month, we sat down with Director of Advancement, Partnerships & Outreach at Virginia Tech Transportation Institute (VTTI), Myra Blanco, Ph.D.

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SAE and BorgWarner: Advancing Diversity in STEM Across the Globe

Posted: Friday, October 1, 2021

Access to STEM education impacts students in every community around the globe. Over the next two years, our SAE Foundation, together with BorgWarner’s PowerDrive Systems business unit, will bring the A World In Motion® (AWIM) Fuel Cell Challenge STEM curriculum to middle school students in eight countries with new translated materials and classrooms being supported by local BorgWarner volunteers. 
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Solving the Challenge of Vehicle Noise 

Posted: Tuesday, September 28, 2021

For our September installment of Move with SAE Mobilus, we were joined by Dr. Pranab Saha, Principal Consultant, Kolano & Saha Engineers, Inc., who shared insights from his new SAE book, “Acoustical Materials, Solving the Challenge of Vehicle Noise.” The conversation looked at key areas: What is acoustics? What is noise? How is sound measured? 

Watch the full conversion and make plans to join us for the next Move with Mobilus Webinar taking place Wednesday, October 20, 2021, at 11:00 a.m. EDT.

Jonathan Archer to Lead New Standards Development for SAE Aerospace Standards 

Posted: Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Jonathan Archer has joined the organization as the Aerospace Standards Business Development & Outreach Manager, based in Washington, D.C. In this new role, Jonathan will provide a dedicated focus on new standards development for the organization, overseeing a team dedicated to engaging and supporting the diverse aerospace industry: addressing near-term and future needs for standards to advance technology, maintain integrity and safety, and support certification.

David Alexander, our director of aerospace standards, noted: “We are delighted to bring Jonathan on board with SAE International. He is a great addition to the team and for the organization, and his experience and expertise will enhance our role in building consensus among the aviation stakeholder community, developing standards and harnessing thought leadership to shape an innovative and sustainable future of flight.”

Jonathan brings three decades of experience to his new role. Most recently, he was the director of engineering & airworthiness at GAMA. In that role, he developed a deep understanding of the role of standards in industry and regulation as well as where we have opportunities in key current and future spaces. His career has also taken him through roles with Booz Allen Hamilton, Hawker Beechcraft, Raytheon and BAE Systems in the UK.

Systems Engineering: Fueling a Powertrain Revolution

Posted: Monday, September 13, 2021

As the development of vehicle electrification systems becomes more complex, there is a greater urgency to assess the impact that electric consumables have on internal combustion engine (ICE) and electric vehicle (EV) performance. “The Criticality of a Systems Approach to Today’s Propulsion Environment” roundtable talk at the 2021 WCX Digital Summit explored the challenges and tradeoffs. The panel included several notable executives familiar with the applications and management of electrification on battery and powertrain/propulsion systems. 

We are breaking down some of the discussion highlights from the insightful WCX Leadership Summit. This is the first in the series.

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STEM Contest Keeps Students Engaged During Pandemic

Posted: Wednesday, September 1, 2021

In any normal year students would flock to STEM competitions, looking for opportunities to keep their minds growing. From science and history bowls, to robotics competitions and math challenges, COVID-19 dramatically limited their ability to compete.
When parents and students found the Chowdhury STEM Innovation Contest, the flexible format immediately resonated.

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One-on-One with Noise and Vibration Conference Keynote Dr. Pranab Saha

Published: Wednesday, August 25, 2021

In advance of our 2021 Noise and Vibration Conference & Exhibition (September 7-10, 2021, in Grand Rapids, Mich., and online), keynote presenter, Dr. Pranab Saha, the principal consultant at Kolano and Saha Engineers, Inc., discussed the important role that volunteering with SAE International has played in his career. Dr. Saha’s lifelong support of SAE is being recognized with the prestigious SAE Ralph K. Hillquist NVH Lifetime Achievement. 

Dr. Saha recently published a new book, “Acoustical Materials: Solving the Challenge of Vehicle Noise,” which is available now.

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The Future of Additive Manufacturing 

Posted: Wednesday, August 18, 2021

For our July installment of Move with SAE Mobilus, we were joined by two dynamic industry leaders: Eliana Fu, Industry Manager TRUMPF NA, and Dr. Kevin Slattery, Principal ADDvisor, The Barnes Global Advisors, who shared their insights on the future of additive manufacturing. Watch the full conversion and make plans to join us for the next Move with Mobilus Webinar taking place Wednesday, September 15th 2021, at 11:00 a.m. EDT.

SAE AS6500A™, Filling the Critical Need for Standardization in Manufacturing Management Operations 

Posted: Thursday, August 5, 2021

The defense industry has long identified a need for improvement and standardization in manufacturing requirements for the defense industrial base. Enter SAE AS6500A™: Manufacturing Management Program, an updated commercial standard providing best practices for manufacturing management that encourages consistent best practices throughout the defense industrial base.

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One-on-One with Toyota’s Koichi Nakata

Posted: Thursday, July 29, 2021

In advance of our 2021 Powertrains, Fuels and Lubricants Digital Summit (September 28-30, 2021), keynote presenter, Koichi Nakata, the general manager of Toyota’s advanced powertrain planning & management division, shared some exclusive insight into what led him to a career in advanced powertrain planning, engine thermal efficiency enhancement and future fuels.

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SAE A World In Motion® Wins Prestigious SIIA CODiE Award 2021 

Posted: Tuesday, July 15, 2021

The mission of the A World In Motion® (AWIM®) PreK-8 STEM program to engage students with hands-on learning that forges a path of lifelong learning and discovery was further affirmed as the SIIA CODiE 2021 Awards named AWIM the "Best Foundational Technology/ Engineering (STEM) Instructional Solution." 

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SAE International and GM Declare a Year 4 Winner of the AutoDrive Challenge™

Posted: Friday, July 9, 2021

The University of Toronto was announced as the overall year four winner of the AutoDrive Challenge™, during a recent virtual ceremony. With a combined score of 370.38, the University of Toronto came out on top after remaining steadfast in their goal of developing an SAE J3016™ Standard Level 4 autonomous vehicle (AV).

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Pooja Chaudhari to Lead New Mobility Efforts at SAE International

Posted: Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Pooja Chaudhari has joined the organization as the Head of New Mobility, based out of Silicon Valley. In her new role, she is helping integrate the organization’s shared mobility efforts with micromobility, automation and connectivity into industry roadmaps. She will liaise with public sector agencies at different levels and contribute to establishing accelerated and modern standards as applicable to the new mobility industry. 

Additionally, she is serving as the Director of the Mobility Data Collaborative (MDC)—a multi-sector forum where mobility partners gather to establish a framework for mobility data sharing. Her leadership will promote the MDC’s mission and vision of leveraging mobility data to promote safe, equitable, and livable streets for all.

As an active transportation and shared mobility advocate, she is enthusiastic about sustainable, equitable and inclusive urban landscapes. Her experience in both private and public sectors as well as transportation research institutes helps position the organization at the intersection of innovation, policy and design.

SAE AS13100 – The NEW Industry Standard for Quality

Posted: Friday, June 11, 2021

For our May installment of Move with SAE Mobilus, we were joined by two dynamic leaders from GE Aviation: Barbara Negroe, executive supplier quality leader, and Larry Bennett, principal engineer supplier quality. Throughout the conversation, Negroe and Bennett dive into SAE AS13100, an exciting new standard that creates a common language for quality throughout the supply chain.

Watch the full conversion and make plans to join us for the next Move with Mobilus Webinar taking place Wednesday, June 16, 2021, at 11:00 a.m. EDT to learn more about the SAE Aerospace Journal, upcoming Special Issues and 2021 focus.

SAE A World In Motion® Named SIIA Education Technology 2021 CODiE Award Finalist 

Posted: Friday, June 4, 2021

Proving once again the importance of bringing STEM concepts to life—whether its in or out of the classroom—to help set students on a path of lifelong learning and discovery, the A World In Motion® (AWIM) PreK-8 STEM education program was named a finalist for the 2021 SIIA CODiE Awards in the “Best Foundational Technology/ Engineering (STEM) Instructional Solution” category. AWIM was honored as one of 152 finalists across the 42 education technology categories.

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Students Race for Gold at the Virtual JetToy Competition Supported by Kia Georgia

Posted: Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Laughs and cheers filled classrooms, hallways and gymnasiums last week as balloon-powered toy cars raced across the floor. Nearly 600 elementary students from nine schools in Georgia and Alabama had fun competing in the first Virtual JetToy Competition

Read the full article for the list of winning teams.

New SAE CS-STEM Program Teaches Young Learners Online Safety 

Posted: Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Nearly 93% of people in households with school-age children engaged in some form of “distance learning” from home during the COVID-19 pandemic. This unexpected and rapid shift to online learning only underscores the critical need to teach young learners about online etiquette and digital citizenship.

Understanding those trends, we have launched Navigating the Digital Universe, the latest STEM curriculum from our nationally recognized A World In Motion® PreK-8 STEM program. The interactive program is designed to teach elementary students learn how to interact and engage with technology and the digital world in a positive, responsible way. 

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SAE Levels of Driving Automation™ Refined for Clarity and International Audience

Posted: Monday, May 3, 2021

The SAE Levels of Driving Automation™ continues to inform the evolution of driving automation. The latest update to the SAE J3016™ Recommended Practice was announced today and adds several new terms, refines and clarifies concepts that have been misunderstood by readers of the previous version, and restructures some definitions into more logical groupings.

Learn more about the updates to the industry’s most-cited driving automation recommended practice and check out the latest graphic here.

EdTech Awards 2021 Recognizes SAE PreK-8 STEM Programs

Posted: Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Finalists and winners for The EdTech Cool Tool Awards 2021 have been announced, with SAE STEM@Home™ chosen “Best Parent/Student Solution” and “Best STEM Solution” finalist, and SAE’s A World In Motion (AWIM) STEM education program named a “Best Skills (21st Century Skills) Solution” finalist. 

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The Road Forward: More Conversations with Women in Automotive Industry

Posted: Tuesday, April 27, 2021

This month we were thrilled to speak with Carla Bailo, CEO of the Center for Automotive Research, and Terry Barclay, CEO of Inforum during our April installment of Move with SAE Mobilus. As two authors of a new SAE book, The Road Forward (April 2021), our insightful conversion with these female leaders was focused on the industry’s push towards diversity, equity, and inclusion and how these efforts encourage increased innovation and global sustainability. 

Watch the full conversion and make plans to join us for the next Move with Mobilus Webinar taking place  Wednesday, May 19th, 2021 at 11 am EST to learn more about the SAE AS13100, The New Aerospace Industry Standard for Quality.

“We can’t underestimate the importance of role models. There’s an incredible talent pipeline issue in technology-focused fields and a need to elevate and celebrate more diverse voices if we are going to be successful in attracting the next generation.” -Terry Barclay, CEO Inforum

Meet the 10 Collegiate Teams Set for the AutoDrive Challenge II

Posted: Thursday, April 15, 2021

Earlier this week, we, along with our partner GM, announced the 10 collegiate teams set to compete in the AutoDrive Challenge™ II. Over the three-year autonomous vehicle competition, the teams will be tasked with developing and deploying an SAE J3016™ Standard Level 4 autonomous driving passenger vehicle.

The university teams selected to participate are: Kettering University, Michigan Technological University, North Carolina A&T State University, The Ohio State University, Penn State University, Texas A&M University, University of Toronto, University of Wisconsin – Madison, Queens University and Virginia Tech.

Watch the official video announcement and meet the teams. 

What Will it Take to Create a Smart City?

Posted: Thursday, April 8, 2021

In order for mobility to reach the next level with truly connected infrastructure, many traditional and nontraditional institutions will have to come together. While OEMs and mobility engineering will continue to drive the industry forward with innovative vehicles and technology, it’s also likely that regulators and local leaders will step into new roles. To accomplish these synergies, standards will be become mission critical within all sectors of the government when interacting with the smart cities ecosystem and private industries. 

We recently sat down with Sean Gouda, business development manager for electrification at DTE, to get his take on the future of connected cites. 

Read the full article.

Women Moving Mobility Innovation Forward

Posted: Monday, March 29, 2021

Listen in as a panel of women leaders from across mobility, including published authors from our two newly released books, "The Road Forward: More Conversations with Top Women in the Automotive Industry​​​​​" and "Flight Paths to Success: Career Insights from Women Leaders in Aerospace," discuss their approaches for leading teams to create innovative products based upon consumer demand and a need for safer more efficient vehicles.

For continued insight, the WCX World Congress Experience Digital Summit is where you’ll overcome mobility’s biggest hurdles from developmental timelines for autonomous vehicles and new technologies to global supply chain constraints impacting the automotive industry.

Register for #WCX here.

It Takes Deliberate Action to Provoke Any Measurable Change: A Conversation with Kathy Elliott of Rolls-Royce

Posted: Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Continuing our celebration of Women’s History Month, we spoke with Kathryn Elliott, Global Lead SME at Rolls-Royce, for a conversation on the importance of female representation, mentoring, and why her path is just one of many that women can follow in the aerospace industry. Kathryn is a dedicated supporter of SAE, serving as the Chair of the SAE E-32 Aerospace Propulsion System Health Management committee and offering her career insights as a contributor in our “Flight Paths to Success: Career Insights from Women Leaders in Aerospace” book. 

Read the full article.

SAE International 2020 Annual Report Highlights Year's Successes

Posted: Friday, March 5, 2021

2020 was an unprecedented year. As we focus on today and our commitment to prioritizing the health and safety of our members, customers, partners and staff, we also want to look back to embrace and celebrate the successes that we were able to achieve together in 2020. To recognize many of these outstanding efforts, we are proud to release the SAE International 2020 Annual Report.

Some of the highlights of the 2020 Annual Report include:

  • An organizational shift to a “digital first” approach.
  • The release of a revolutionary, first-of-its-kind system digital standards product.
  • The launch of a new podcast that convenes leading industry voices.
  • The expansion and evolution of educational programming and learning opportunities online.


Flight Paths to Success: Celebrating the Women of Aerospace

Posted: Friday, February 26, 2021

As an early kickoff to Women’s History Month in March, we took a look at some of the most influential women making an impact on the aerospace industry. In conjunction with the launch of the new SAE book, “Flight Paths to Success: Career Insights from Women Leaders in Aerospace,” Brenda Mitchell and Rhonda Walthall, the book’s authors, sat down for the latest installment of Move with SAE Mobilus® to discuss their goals with the new book, their roles in aerospace leadership and their thoughts on the importance of mentorship in the aerospace industry.

“Flight Paths to Success” profiles the personal journeys of 33 women who have been, and continue to be, successful in aviation, space and academia. The book is relevant for women at all stages in their careers by providing real-world experiences to demonstrate how to take charge of one’s career. The book’s contributors offer poignant insights on such topics as personal career insights, work-life balance, mentorship/sponsorship, avoiding a career stall and powering through challenging situations.

Our next Move with SAE Mobilus webinar will take place on Wednesday, March 17, 2021 at 11:00 a.m. EST, featuring Kristen Tabar from Toyota Motor North America to discuss the SAE WCX Digital Summit. We hope you can join us for that conversation.

The Biggest Issues Impacting Mobility in 2021

Posted: Friday, February 19, 2021

The advancements in mobility continue to push forward, as engineers and researchers, many from their homes, drive the development and adoption of innovative solutions. 

As the global leader in connecting and educating engineers for the advancement automotive and commercial vehicle engineering, we will be hosting the 2021 WCX™ World Congress Experience Digital Summit. Discover some of the technologies and ideas set to be discussed at this year's event.

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McLaren Engines Roars onto the SAE Tomorrow Today Podcast

Posted: Monday, February 15, 2021

The McLaren Engine, known to gearheads for its legendary power and performance in such classic cars as the Delorean, the Diamondback Viper and the Pontiac Grand Prix Turbo, just to name a few. That rich history came to life on our latest episode of the SAE Tomorrow Today podcast as we spoke with Wiley R. McCoy, retired CEO and technical advisor to McLaren Engineering, and Roger S. Meiners, technical advisor and author of SAE’s McLaren: The Engine Company book, to discuss how the legacy of McLaren engineering and racing lives on. 

Hear the stories of how the precision, process, hard work and discipline of developing and creating McLaren’s turbo-charged racing engines attracted manufacturers and influenced the production industry and hear first-hand what it was like to work on some of the world’s most impressive automotive marvels from the people who worked on them. 

The episode, which can be listened to here, is the perfect compendium to the visually stunning McLaren: The Engine Company book, now available for purchase

Expanding the Scope of Mobility

Posted: Tuesday, February 9, 2021

We pride ourselves on being the mobility organization. Over the past century, we have consistently evolved our views on mobility as the modes—and the supporting industries—have evolved. As we look to what’s next for mobility, it is critical to identify the most impactful technologies. Our Chief Operating Officer, Raman Venkatesh, provides insight on how we are expanding the scope of mobility and focus areas to include emerging adjacent technologies, and what that means for the future of mobility.

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New SAE International Brand Video Highlights Our Impact on Mobility

Posted: Friday, February 5, 2021

For over a century, we have stood alongside industry and have witnessed the continual evolution of transportation connect cities and people. In 2021, the SAE mission remains the same – to advance the gift of mobility and ensure the safest, cleanest and most accessible solutions reach the global marketplace.

We are launching a series of brand videos highlighting our contributions to the world and impact on the future of mobility. Watch our new brand video.

SAE: Where We Went & Where We Are Moving

Posted: Monday, February 1, 2021

What were some of the biggest challenges that SAE faced in 2020 and how did we address them? Even during this unprecedented year, we were able to transform our business model to achieve significant successes: We conducted eight virtual events, including WCX, Aerotech and COMVEC, held 255 virtual training classes and published 1,119 new or revised SAE standards. To put that into perspective, in 2019, we published 1,300 new or revised standards, so momentum was maintained in 2020, even in the face of a global pandemic. 

During this month’s installment of Move with SAE Mobilus, David Kurywchak, our vice president of sales and service, was interviewed by our sales manager Amy Shreckengost, to recap 2020 and look ahead at what to expect in 2021 in terms of SAE publications, events, professional development and guest speaker topics. 

Our next Move with SAE Mobilus webinar will take place on Wednesday, February 17, 2021 at 11:00 a.m. EST. We hope you can join us for that conversation.

Mazda’s Top 4 Priorities in 2021

Posted: Wednesday, January 26, 2021

In advance of our 2021 Government/Industry Digital Summit (February 2-3, 2021), Jennifer Morrison, Manager of Vehicle Safety Compliance at Mazda, shared an exclusive overview of the Mazda philosophy and four topics of priority for their team moving forward into the new year.

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Revolutionary SAE OnQue Digital Standards System Launched Today

Posted: Monday, January 25, 2021

Today, we officially launched the SAE OnQue™ Digital Standards System, a first-of-its-kind system that delivers our expansive library of engineering standards digitally. A system of cloud-based, actionable standards data, OnQue helps engineers and manufacturers to simplify product development processes by: 

  • Helping maintain data integrity  
  • Reducing process complexity 
  • Digitally connecting standards to the products and processes on which they are based

Take a walkthrough of this new product to see how digital standards have evolved to support digital thread initiatives in a trusted format that supports data transfer.

Remote Learning Fuels New STEM Experience for Eighth Graders in Detroit Public Schools

Posted: Thursday, January 14, 2021

Remote learning has caused countless challenges for students. It also created a unique opportunity for eighth graders in Detroit Public Schools Community District, who were exposed to computer science for the first time through our A World In Motion (AWIM) STEM program. 

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blog post 12_28_2020 sm.png

SAE Tomorrow Today Recaps the Most Compelling Topics of 2020

Posted: Wednesday, December 30, 2020

To close out the SAE Tomorrow Today podcast’s first year of powerful conversations with leaders and innovators across the mobility landscape, we’re looking back on some of the most compelling episodes, while exploring new issues and topics as we move into the new year. Our three-part 2020 Recap series kicked off last week with “Navigating The Path to Profitability,” featuring conversations with Gatik AI, Penske and Chipotle. This week, we dropped “Engineers Are Transforming the World Around Us,” including PPG, DeepMap, Cruise and Argo AI. We wrap up the series next week with “How Aerospace Innovation Takes Flight” and conversations with Siemens Digital Industries Software, Uber Elevate and Aerion. 

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Interconnectivity: What lies beneath the aviation ecosystem that we can’t see or touch?

Posted: Wednesday, December 23, 2020

“If all systems had different standards, would they still be able to connect? And would all of them have the same concerns regarding cybersecurity?”

What are some of the challenges we face in the standardization in cybersecurity and how are our committees tackling them? During this month’s installation of Move with SAE Mobilus, we spoke with Kirsten Koepsel: highly decorated scholar, SAE Author, Standards Developer, Professional Instructor and G-32 Committee Member. Drawing from knowledge gained from attaining multiple law degrees, a 20-year tenure in aviation engineering, production support, research, manufacturing assistance and policy, and 15 years of experience focused on cybersecurity, Koespel offers a unique perspective that sheds light on the key needs, issues, and processes that are necessary to ensure secure operations. Listen in as Koespel talks us through the innerworkings of the aviation ecosystem and points out risks to data security and threats to privacy law.

Join us for our next Move with SAE Mobilus webinar on January 20, 2021 at 11:00AM EST.

3 Trends in Aerospace Standards in 2021

Posted: Friday, December 18, 2020

As we close out 2020 and look ahead to 2021, what are the top trends facing the aerospace standards community? Experts from our aerospace standards development group convened to discuss where their attention will focus in the new year.

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Educating Consumers on ADAS at CES 2021

Posted: Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Vehicle technology has advanced rapidly through the years. With new functions and features in cars, educating consumers—and engineers—on industry terms can help them better understand their vehicles and lead to safer, smarter driving. We shared some insights on this critical discussion that will take place during the Connect2Car@CES Digital Summit on January 14, part of the CES Partner Programming. 

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Helping Science and Engineering Work Together: An SAE/ExxonMobil Case Study 

Posted: Friday, December 11, 2020 

Through science, we aim to answer the “why” and through engineering we find and apply solutions. But the art of communicating results ultimately determines a technology’s market impact. 

In a recent case study, we dove into the history of ExxonMobil and explored the success story of two trailblazers, Mike Ragomo, Products Operations & Testing Dept. Head, R&D, and Steve Kennedy, Senior Research Chemist. In the 1990s they recognized opportunity for the advancement of lubricant technology that could lead to better engine protection in commercial applications. Steve’s task was to formulate new products and Mike’s was to prove their performance in real world applications. By establishing a partnership with a freight hauling company, they were able to put their synthetic lubricant formulations to an “on-the-street” test. Efficacy was proven through rigorous testing, and the two men determined to communicate their work with industry by publishing a technical paper that would be presented at the SAE International Fuels & Lubricants Meeting in 1995. A collaboration now part of the fabric of product development has made way for a global synthetic lubricant market valued at more than four billion U.S. dollars and is growing at a five percent annual rate. This story serves as a testament to the process of recognizing a need, developing a solution, and finding a way to successfully communicate the technology. 

Access the full case study here. 

“SAE promotes an environment where people can collaborate on product information that not only drives the technology, but also the science behind the technology.” 

-- Mike Ragomo, Products Operations & Testing Department Head, Research & Development Operations at ExxonMobil Research and Engineering Company 

Unsettled Cybersecurity: What does the regulatory landscape of aviation cybersecurity look like?

Posted: Monday, November 30, 2020

What are the next focal points we can expect from cybersecurity research publications and why are the forward-looking topics detailed in the SAE EDGE™ Research Reports so important to the industry today? During our monthly installment of Move with SAE Mobilus®, Aharon David, Co-Founder and Partner at AFUZION-InfoSec, joined us for a deep dive into the current sets of regulatory documents and their effects on the aviation sector. As an aerospace engineer and Information Systems/Technology-Management MBA with nearly four decades of hands-on experience, David combined perspectives from technology, business, management, civilian and defense, and passenger and UAS aviation development and certification. We tapped into his expertise to review how cybersecurity is affecting the entire aviation ecosystem: the issues, the gaps, inherent dilemmas, and methodological uncertainties. 

Listen in to the full conversation on aviation cybersecurity and join us for our next Move with SAE Mobilus webinar on December 16th at 11:00 a.m. EST, where we will continue our conversation on the future of cybersecurity.

Exploring why 'Data management matters' in Aerospace Manufacturing

Posted: Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Industry progress has challenged the way we use and apply standards in the digital era. Audra Ziegenfuss, our director of new product development & portfolio management, wrote an article for Aerospace Manufacturing magazine that explores this important shift and looks at how best to integrate digital standards into modern aircraft development.

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SAE and GM’s AutoDrive Challenge™ Crowns a Year 3 Winning Team

Posted: Friday, November 20, 2020

The third year of SAE International and General Motors' AutoDrive Challenge™ competition looked a bit different from the two preceding years. Following four rigorous days of competition, the University of Toronto was crowned the AutoDrive Challenge Year 3 winner, amassing a total of 895.00 team points. From September 28-October 1, 2020, teams presented virtually to a panel of industry volunteers who scored the competition based on a series of presentations, written reports and a dynamic validation of system testing. 

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SAE Names Top Contributor for 2020 

Posted: Thursday, November 19, 2020

At our core, contributors are essential for allowing us to achieve our goals and promote our mission. With more than 60,000 contributors lending their expertise on standards development, event preparation and execution, student and professional education, and technical content, choosing a single contributor as the Top Contributor of the Year is no simple task. 

Earlier this week, during a virtual gathering to celebrate the accomplishments of the 26 contributors who were selected as part of the 2020 SAE Contributor of the Year class, the top contributor was announced. The 2020 Top Contributor of the Year is Dean Case. 

Get to Know Dean Case 

Arguably the most active member of SAE’s Southern California Section, Dean has his hands on every aspect of the section’s activities—from planning the agendas and booking venues to engaging with local student chapters and recruiting new board officers.  

An inspiring mentor for students and young professionals… 

  • Presented to students and young professionals at the 2019 WCX™ World Congress Experience 
  • Spoke to mechanical engineering students at Carnegie Mellon University as part of SAE’s Student University Recruitment Tour 
  • Featured participant in SAE’s online Mentor Mixer series 
  • The most requested presenter in SAE’s Industrial Lecture Series program 

For Dean, volunteering with SAE is a 52 weeks per year job. Congratulations to Dean Case, a tremendous ambassador who works tirelessly to support SAE International.  

Explore, Build and Investigate with SAE STEM@Home

Posted: Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Sail: a piece of material extended on a mast to catch the wind and propel a boat.

Do you like to swim, snorkel, find shells and ride on boats? Do you know how sailboats propel themselves across the ocean? In partnership with Babble Dabble Do, we have a great program to empower and enable students and parents alike to learn about the way things move. 

Let’s start with a skimmer

For more than 30 years, our A World In Motion® (AWIM) STEM programs have been providing hands-on #STEM experiences in classrooms around the globe. With our PreK-8 SAE STEM@Home resources, learners of all ages can access fun and enriching activities that spark imagination and inspire innovation. 

SAE Eaton Case Study

Developing Mobility Engineers for a Demanding Future: An SAE/Eaton Case Study 

Posted: Thursday, November 5, 2020

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the U.S. will need to fill over 140,000 new engineering jobs by 2026. Couple this with a Society of Human Resource Management forecast of a 27% drop in manufacturing sector employees due to retirement in the next decade, and the problem begins to come into focus. 

We recently conducted a case study, in partnership with Dr. Jim McCarthy, Jr., Chief Engineer of Vehicle Technology and Innovation at Eaton, where we reviewed the tools and resources he finds to be most effective in building and maintaining the technical talent pipeline. 

“SAE has so many tools to offer, so several times per year I can find something in almost any country where we can meet work objectives. Their networking ability is second to none.”– Jim McCarthy, Chief Engineer, Eaton 

Access the full study here. 

Aerospace Industry

A Post COVID-19 View from the Aerospace Industry

Posted: Thursday, October 29, 2020

The aerospace industry has endured some of the most significant challenges brought forth by the COVID-19 pandemic. From production slowdowns to travel restrictions in the commercial sector, the industry is looking to rebound for the future.

As part of our SAE Roundtable Series, we spoke with a long-time aerospace engineering veteran who situates the disruptions brought by the COVID-19 pandemic within the larger context of other downturns and provides valuable perspectives on which changes may be passing and which are likely here to stay.

To read the full conversation, visit: Aerospace Industry View

Digitization of Standards: Advancing the Next Wave of Mobility Innovation

Posted: Thursday, September 24, 2020

For more than 110 years, our standards have helped advance mobility engineering throughout the world, foster innovation and create uniformity within industries. As the world has shifted to an increasingly digital format, integrating standards more seamlessly with engineering workflows has become paramount for creating efficiencies and automation throughout the product development lifecycle. 

Audra Ziegenfuss, our Director of New Product Development and Portfolio Management, sat down to share her perspective on this digital transformation and our vision for standards development and implementation.


Post COVID-19 Academic View

A Post COVID-19 View from Academia

Posted: Tuesday, September 22, 2020

How is COVID-19 impacting the industries that we support? What solutions are being developed to overcome today’s challenges and create a stronger mobility future? We recently launched a new series of conversations, called the SAE Roundtable Series, where we uncover insights with industry experts in the middle of these changes.  

We spoke with both ends of academia, two professors and two graduate students, to learn more about how the pandemic is impacting their efforts and get advice, from their on-the-ground perspective, on what the industry needs to do to support future success in academia. 

What are the benefits and drawbacks of virtual versus in-person learning? How difficult has it been to receive research grants, let alone conduct research studies? And what is the pulse on the future from professors and graduate students?

To read the full conversations, visit: Academia World View and Graduate Student View.