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Mobility Leaders Come Together For Standards Workshop at SAE International

Guest Post by David Alexander, Senior Standards Director, SAE International
Posted: June 27, 2024

SAE International held its 7th Committee Leadership workshop on June 11-12, 2024, at the SAE Headquarters.

This event, typically held every 2 years, returned for the first time since 2018 following Covid.

The committee leadership workshop brought together 35 leaders from the SAE standards program – chairs, vice chairs and secretaries of committees, alongside standards council chairs and those serving on the Executive Standards Committee. The diverse attendance spanned aerospace, automotive and commercial vehicle sectors and hailed from a rich variety of leading mobility organizations, including Collins Aerospace, General Motors, Intel, Boeing, Honda, Delta Airlines, Toyota, the US DoD’s Defense Acquisitions University, Clarion, Oak Ridge National Labs and Lockheed Martin. 

The two-day program, organized and executed by Meredith Henn, Carley Spicer and the stellar team of SAE standards committee managers led by Kerri Rohall, was opened by addresses from the SAE Standards Directors, David Alexander and Christian Thiele, and provided a packed agenda of networking, training, facilitated ideation and best practice development.

Key areas included committee participation, succession planning, effective meetings, and the development collaborative authoring tools and digital standards. The workshop also brought in broader members of the SAE team with critical roles in the standards development and publication process to deliver sessions and presentations to update committee leaders on important developments in IP, the use of AI, Privacy and Content Management.

The attendees were treated to a picturesque river cruise along the Pittsburgh rivers and an opportunity for the participants to network with leaders from other parts of the mobility industry in a relaxed setting.

Immediate feedback was extremely positive, and the best practices and material developed during the productive workshop will be collated to provide actionable improvements for staff, our processes, and the committees.

The next workshop will take place in June 2026 where an even bigger presence is expected.