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AWIM Volunteer Dedicates More Than 25 years to Empowering STEM education

Posted: September 25, 2023

A World In Motion® (AWIM®) volunteer Georgina Pietrzak is one of a kind.

Georgina, a retired General Motors engineer, has always believed that science is important, but it’s more important for students to be engaged in their education—and that’s where her journey as an AWIM volunteer began.

For more than 25 years, Georgina's engaged the students of Our Lady of the Lakes school in Waterford, Michigan through SAE’s hands-on STEM education programs.

She brought personalized opportunities to students in first through fifth grade through the Straw Rockets, Skimmer and JetToy Challenges, devoting hours of her personal time to customize the programs for students. For Georgina, seeing how much fun the students have makes her time more than worth it.

In addition to introducing the various AWIM programs to Our Lady of the Lakes, Georgina also shares experiences from her career in industry with the students, expressing the importance of enjoying the work that you do.

“She talks about her role as an engineer at GM, and how important education is in life. But, more importantly, she talks about loving your job which then becomes a career,” said Linda Pietrzak, retired secondary teacher. “She makes sure that each and every student understands why they are doing the program and how important good science skills are in life.”

Over the years, Georgina has recruited other parents, retired teachers and even her own family members to volunteer in their local classrooms--telling anyone and everyone about the benefits of AWIM.

In 2020, Georgina was awarded the SAE International Award for Outstanding AWIM Volunteers Honoring Bill Agnew. This award recognizes volunteers who develop students’ understanding and experience in math and science by helping teachers implement AWIM® programing in the classroom. The award honors Dr. William G. Agnew, who was instrumental in establishing AWIM and supported the program throughout his lifetime.

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Volunteering in the classroom can be a very rewarding experience for everyone involved. As an AWIM volunteer, you are contributing to young learners’ new discoveries and successes. Want to get involved? Learn more.