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SAE leaders share perspectives from the 2023 Battery Show

Posted: November 2, 2023

At SAE International, we’re at our best when we’re connecting with industry professionals to help guide the mobility industry—and the 2023 Battery Show gave us the opportunity to do just that.

SAE ITC Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer Fabian Koark, SAE Media Group Marketing Director Kaitlyn Sommer, SAE International Projects Specialist of Technical Programs Tim Weisenberger, and SAE ITC Senior Product Support Associate Charlie Cheng represented Fullsight at the Battery Show, where they discussed developments within the world of batteries and electrification.

The event saw record numbers and appeared to show a steady increase in yearly attendance, providing the perfect opportunity to network with a wide range of industry professionals.

“It was interesting to see who comes together. There were a lot of companies that provide materials and components, but surprisingly few who actually assemble battery packs,” Fabian said.

Due to its multifaceted and far-reaching nature, the event provided a unique opportunity for attendees to both connect, and conduct business.

“From batteries, electric motors, or anything related to powering electric vehicles, this was the place to be. I think because of that, a lot of buyers and suppliers made themselves present,” Charlie said.

As Fullsight and SAE look to get more involved in the battery sector, the group has ideas on how to develop our relationships. A key part of that approach is face-to-face engagement, making events like the Battery Show even more crucial to the organization’s strategic planning.

“I think one of the best parts of going to this show is the large presence we see from the different SAE affiliates. We can talk through ideas face-to-face of what can we do next year, and always be improving,” Kaitlyn said. “I definitely think there’s potential to continue extending our presence in the future and look for new angles—perhaps we’ll lean more into conference facilitation.”

Most important for Fullsight and SAE International is the duty to provide a place for mobility advancements that can safely and accessibly be applied across industry. The SAE standards model of neutral convener creates a unique position as an industry mover to engage with professionals and reach solutions cooperatively.

“The one thing I have found in my seven plus years attending conferences and talking about SAE is this: While our customer base is really wide, it's also very fractured with each individual expert, each person at a company, and all of their specific needs,” Tim said. “We cover the entire mobility discipline, and because of that, each and every customer has a unique need when they come talk to us.”

No matter the industry, one thing is certain: battery technology is developing at an incredibly rapid pace, and the needs of professionals continue to shift in accordance with the technologies they develop. SAE has a responsibility to provide for industry professionals through consistent services, and to meet them where they need us most.

“I think, our ability to be present is one of the core competencies of SAE,” Fabian said.

As SAE continues to tend to those needs, preparations are already underway for our appearance at next year’s Battery Show. Stay updated on developments for the 2024 Battery Show.