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Engineers: Create lasting impact on the mobility industry by participating in SAE standards development committees.

Guest Post by Christian Thiele
Posted: October 6, 2023

Standards advance technology adoption, set expectations for safety, reliability and quality, and support certification. The only thing more important than using a standard is creating one. Their development requires a determined effort from professionals, who bring their expertise in solving problems and moving the industry forward.

At SAE International, the development of engineering standards follows a committee process. Getting involved with a committee provides valuable opportunities to solve day-to-day technical challenges and shore up your long-term business and technical success.

Each committee has an SAE representative assigned to it. Dante Rahdar, an SAE employee and committee manager for the last five years, explains “I have witnessed subject matter experts from around the world come together for a common goal, to develop standards benefiting the industry for all. Representatives from OEMs and tiered suppliers, whether they be competitors or colleagues, all pooling their considerable experience unselfishly is a unique process I couldn’t be prouder to be a part of.”

In addition to expanding professional knowledge and networks, benefits include giving you the opportunity to voice ideas, influence direction, become an industry leader and even a mentor. Leadership roles within a committee offer the experience needed to take on demanding positions within any professional environment.

Bob Galyen, owner of Gaylen Energy, LLC, spent 11 years as the battery standards steering committee chair and considered it a formidable challenge. “The committee supported a new emerging market of electrification with new standards never required in the past,” Galyen says. “This committee was plowing new ground from its inception. Even today it is creating standards for the future never contemplated or needed in the past. It has created both a revolutionary and evolutionary trend simultaneously with advanced technological needs that will endure for decades to come.”

Standards play a vital role in the development of safe, sustainable technology. When you join a committee, you immerse yourself in a variety of opportunities to engage with the engineering community. The ability to shape the future of mobility is in your hands.

Battery technology-related committees accepting new members

The field of Battery Technology is home to a variety of SAE committees— many of which are accepting new members:

The battery standards steering committee chair position was recently filled by Brian Engle after Galyen’s retirement from the position he held for over a decade. Engle is the director of business development – electrification for Amphenol. His experiences with committee involvement have given him a unique perspective, not only for him, but also for his company.

“Despite company affiliation or location, SAE SME’s and volunteers are passionate about improving their work, the industry and providing safe products. The value and return on time invested in SAE work for Amphenol helps us better understand technology trends, market, and network with though leaders throughout the industry. This understanding helps Amphenol craft technology and product plans that support the emerging EV market by better understanding challenges that affect the entire market.”

Join a committee today and influence the industry like never before. Adds Engle, “It is an opportunity to grow professionally and learn from the most knowledgeable industry professionals in the world and work together to attack the challenges that affect the entire industry.”

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