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Diversity, Inclusion, and Innovation: How SAE International’s Tools Are Aiding in Cummins Inc. Success

Posted: November 19, 2021

In our modern workforce, it has become more apparent how integral diversity, equity and inclusion are to cultivating an environment of success where employees can thrive. Savvy employers recognize that celebrating and supporting a host of different backgrounds strengthens their business, making room for growth as these diverse perspectives breed new, innovative ideas—and as forward-thinkers, SAE International and its partners push for this shift across the mobility industry.

Diversity and inclusion are strong core values of Cummins Inc. With resources from SAE International, Cummins can see what other industry leaders are doing around the world through events, papers, and networking. These tools along with the many others SAE produces allow professionals in the mobility industry to engage, interact, learn, and produce tangible results.

Lisa Farrell, director of the accelerated technology center at Cummins, shared that Cummins strongly supports the idea that real innovation is most successful from diverse minds. Having access to the tools provided by SAE International shows that while people from different backgrounds may have different approaches to problem solving, combining these approaches can accomplish amazing things.

Tara Travis, director of technical and environmental integration at Cummins, said, “SAE events are a good place to grow and learn and they are very inclusive. They provide a level playing field for diverse people of similar interests that allows you to build a bigger table for all, instead of erecting higher walls and silos.”

Cummins’ focus on diversity and inclusion begins with live engagement with students before they enter the workforce. Cummins utilizes SAE events to reach students from all over and allows them to harness diversity early as students drive into the professional workforce.

This outreach extends beyond the early professional days of students as SAE International plays a critical role in creating a common platform for multiple perspectives in the mobility market.

Alex Yezerets, executive director of advanced technology in the corporate research and technology organization at Cummins, said, “SAE gives people the opportunity to participate, starting from academia as a bridge into industry, and then to professionally grow and stay focused.”

The tools of SAE International serve to communicate critical information and add significant value to diversity and inclusion programs industry wide.

Joan Wills, executive director of Cummins electronics and SAE International board member said, “As we go through a transformation in our industry, going from primarily gasoline and diesel-powered cars, trucks and aircraft, to more low carbon technologies, SAE enables interaction with people in start-up companies, academia and larger industries in a pre-competitive and open discussion forum that can set standards for how new technologies will be engaged.”

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